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>> Tonight, recognizing a palestinian state. >> Todd: three countries in europe say the time is now amid the war in gaza. >> It is the right thing to do. >> Todd: why ireland, spain, norway could encourage others and will canada follow suit? >> We are prepared to recognize the state of palestine at the right time. >> Todd, plus the surge of murders in montreal. >> The whole place was red. I never seen so much blood. >> A crime wave hits the city. Seven people killed in the past ten days. >>> Also, major retailer london drugs says no way to ransom demands. >> This retailer in canada was up against one of the most sophisticated criminal gangs. >> Todd: and the barbie treatment for canada's top soccer player. >> Holy moley that's me. >> Super star christine sinclair, honoured and immortalized. >> Hopefully can inspire next generation of young canadians. >> Announcer: "ctv national news" with omar sachedina. Reporting tonight, todd van der heyden. >> Todd: good evening. A bold move by spain, ireland, and norway. The three say the time has come to it officially recognize a palestinian state arguing the war in gaza has convinced them that a two-state solution is the only answer and the time for waiting is over. It could prompt other countries to follow suit, although likely not canada any time soon. An increasingly isolated israel immediately condemning the decisions. It comes as the deepening humanitarian crisis in gaza is verging on a famine. Ctv's annie bergeron-oliver reports. >> A dire warning, supplies and personnel are running so low in gaza the U.N. agency for palestinian refugees has suspended food aid operations in rafah. >> Right now we are reaching really a tipping point in terms of what the U.N. can do on the ground. We're not getting enough via the crossings because most of them are closed. >> Worsening humanitarian crisis comes more than seven months since the war began after hamas attacked israel, taking more than 200 hostages. Today a heartbreaking new video showing five young women being taken hostage from their military post. Her 19-year-old daughter is one of them. >> It's not very easy things to see, to see your daughter this terrified look. >> The ongoing conflict and the devastation it has caused prompted spain, norway and ireland to recognize the palestinian state. >> Our decision should not have to wait indefinitely. Especially when it is the right thing to do. >> Reporter: the historic but largely symbolic move comes after 143 countries voted in support of palestinian membership at the united nations, something only states are granted. >> It's a recognition that while we have been talking about two states for 20 years and it's all part of our policy, that very, very little has been done over that time. >> Reporter: canada abstained from that U.N. vote. Today the prime minister reiterated canada's position that a palestinian state will only be recognized as a result of a negotiated two-state solution. >> Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau: we are prepared to recognize the state of palestine at the right time. Not necessarily as the last step along the path. >> Israel responded to the declaration by ireland, norway and spain by immediately recalling all of its ambassadors from those countries. >> Ctv's annie bergeron-oliver.

>>> To montreal where we are seeing a dramatic spike in the number of murders. Canada's second largest city is no stranger to gangs and organized crime, but with these latest deaths including a 15-year-old boy police say there are none of those connections. Our quebec bureau chief genevieve beauchemin has more. >> From montreal balconies several neighbours witnessed three killings over a few moments, murders they fear are a sign of escalating violence. >> I never seen so much blood. >> Mohammad was looking down from the sixth floor. >> Everybody was running in some directions. So I went inside to call 911. >> Reporter: the brawl involving about 15 people broke out early tuesday evening. When it ended three young men had been stabbed to death, including a 15-year-old boy. A classmate said the school principal broke the news to students. He told us he had been killed in a fight she says. Many of us burst into tears. Police say the victims are not members of organized crime, and they suspect the motive is a personal conflict. One of the victims, 25-year-old grew up in the building overlooking the crime scene. His father says it is incomprehensible that three families have now lost a son. Now police are trying to determine exactly what happened. They have a lot of surveillance video good quality ones to go through to determine exactly what happened. There were so many witnesses here. In the past ten days montreal police responded to seven homicides. One victim was killed with a firearm, another was beaten, the five others were stabbed. >> Organized crime take more firearms. >> Montreal has a low murder rate compared to other big cities throughout canada can and north america. In 2022 montreal had fewer murders per 100,000 inhabitants in vancouver, winnipeg, and halifax and toronto. Montreal police cracked down on gun crime. Most often related to turf wars over the control of the drug trade. Some of the most recent murders appear to be based on personal conflict including the one last night that ended three he young lives. Genevieve beauchemin, "ctv news," montreal.

>>> An update on medical condition of one of canada's most notorious killers robert pickton. Currently on life support pickton will be kept in a medically induced coma for a few more days to see if he recovers. The 74-year-old was attacked by another inmate on sunday at a maximum security prison located in a remote part of quebec. Pickton originally from british columbia was convicted of killing six women in 2007 but also charged in the murders of 21 other women. >>> Retailer london drugs says it will not pay a $25 million ransom to cyber criminals who stole confidential data. The chain operates close to 80 stores across western canada, all of them closed for ten days in late april after a cyber attack. Now london drugs rejecting a deadline set by the hackers themselves. Ctv's andrew johnson has this from vancouver. >> Reporter: despite a steady stream of shoppers at london drugs today it's anything but business as usual. >> I feel bad for london drugs because as far as I'm concerned decent organization. >> Reporter: retailer is being held ransom by cyber criminals. The ask, $25 million by thursday afternoon or ransomware hackers lock bit will leak stolen information on to the dark web. >> There are criminals. Tried to bluff their way through some like evil bond villain in a poker game. >> One of the world's most sophisticated criminal gangs believed to have extorted more than $100 million from thousands of victims. They often target schools and hospitals. In february lock bit was dealt a blow by a rare international law enforcement operation that included canada. >> Unfortunately proven cockroach resilience and still operating. >> London drugs says unwilling and unable to pay the ransom. Forced the week-long closure of 79 stores across western canada. >> That is 100% the right move. If nobody paid ransom would be no more ransomware. >> Not paying and calling lock bit's bluff comes with uncertainty and risk. >> The problem is personal data releaed under the dark web like radioactive material. Got a life half life that will outlive the employee. >> London drugs is offering employees two years of identity theft protection. The data leak is not believed to include customer information. But todd, experts say until the hackers reveal their cards, and release what they have stolen, it's hard to be sure what's in their hands. >> Todd: ctv's andrew johnson.

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