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this is family here. We want to hear their stories. We want to let them know that they're family. You appreciate the people who love what they're doing. It's been an inspiration to me. I have the greatest job in the world because I get to use all parts of my brain I get to use the science part and figure out what the forecast is going to be I get to use the art part and build all the weather graphics I get to use the teacher part because everybody in my family is a teacher except me and I get to teach grade five kids about the weather so I get to use every single part of my brain every day It is the greatest job in the world Announcer: Trust Josh Classen to give you the edge The Weather Edge weeknights at CTV News at 6 What does it take to be aleader in electric vehicles? At Hyundai, it takes acommitment to quality a desire to innovate and show the worldthe way forward. But don't takeour word for it. Take it fromeveryone else. So, what does it take to makeCanada's most awarded fullyelectric vehicle l WAH is whatit takes. [Hyundai sting]

female ANNOUNCER:Jamie Oliver returnswith the first partof his seasonal cook Might just put a little bitof spring in your step. ANNOUNCER:Jamie Oliver Seasons. Spring starts Monday June 3rdon ctv Life. >> Good morning, canada. >> Kelsey: I love that so much. Caitlyn and greg, I hope you are watching this morning. >> Lindsey: cute. >> Kelsey: they are friends of ours. Some of the first friends we made when we came to ontario. >> Lindsey: I had no idea that campbell ford had a giant toonie. Uncle joe lives there. Hello, uncle joe. I didn't know there was a large toonie there. >> Kelsey: thank you for sending that in. There's the qr code. If you would like to send a cool landmark that is in your community, record that and share it on the show. >> Akshay: there is some exciting news in sports. The city will be awarded a wnba team today. The toronto franchise will start playing in 2026. A group led by larry tanenbaum will own the team. Toronto's wnba team will mostly play out of coca-cola coliseum. The team will also have home games in montréal and vancouver as well. The announcement is happening at 9 a.m. You can watch it live on ctv news channel. >> The city of toronto is looking to take a new approach to its strategy when it comes to deal with homeless encampments. >> The clearing is not a strategy that works. Removes people from one place to go where? >> Akshay: the new report recommends a housing first human rights approach shifting away from enforcement. The city says with a lack of mental healthcare services, more people are experiencing homelessness. The goal is to use more outreach workers and compassion. A toronto shelter support worker says what these really need is a coordinated regional response and regional reception centre. The city will present the report next week. >> Overseas now. Taiwan is responding to military exercises by china. Its new president visited an army camp this morning promising to defend the island against threats from china. Beijing says it's punishment for taiwan. The drills simulate a full scale attack on taiwan as opposed to past exercises. China this morning also issued a warning for the U.S. to stop supporting taiwan. >> Nikki haley has shared who she will support in this fall's presidential election >> Biden has been a catastrophe. I will be voting for trump. >> Lindsey: it's not a surprise the former south carolina governor did say donald trump hasn't been perfect either. The endorsement of her former rival came during nikki haley's public speech. She says that donald trump's last major rival in the presidential race.

>>> The U.S. department of justice could file a lawsuit against the owner of ticketmaster as soon as today. They have been investigating whether life nation is blocking competition. Ticketmaster has been facing immense scrutiny in recent months especially since millions of people tryed and failed to buy tickets for taylor swift's eras tour. >> The canadian food inspection agency is recalling mehta brand enoki mushrooms. The mushrooms are mostly sold in ontario. But canadian food inspection agency says they could have been sold in other provinces and territories. >> You could live in an island paradise right here in canada. Check out this private island in nova scotia's south shore. It sits on almost 10 acres of land. The three-storey home features a rustic bar and large dining room and kitchen. It is 9500 square feet. It costs $15.8 million. >> Kelsey: I could either buy an entire island in nova scotia or I could live ten minutes away from work. Those are my two choices for that amount of money. >> Akshay: that's if you want to live on bridal bath. Everything is not $15 million in toronto. >> Kelsey: I cannot buy a nice house for 3 or $4 million. Wishful thinking. One day. >> Lindsey: I went and looked at all of the pictures. Really stunning. Different locations. >> Kelsey: there's one house near us on a gigantic lot and it went up for sale. It was the best because we finally got to see inside. It was a swanky house. >> Akshay: how much was it for? >> Kelsey: 4.5 million. It took a while to find a good buyer. >> Akshay: if I had 15.8, I would never invest it on an island like that. You make money with money. Buy a house for 5 million and then use the rest of the money to make money. >> Kelsey: we are going to switch over to weather this morning. Coming up in ten minutes, I have your full national forecast. There are heavy rainfall warnings. Elsewhere today, it is less humid. We will talk about that forecast coming up. Morning thunderstorms tracking into atlantic canada and then in western communities, below average temperatures for the next couple of days. When will it finally warm up? I will have those details up. Stay with us. >> Kelsey: the world's first national indigenous broadcaster is getting an update this september. The crtc has granted aptn to streamline its programming to two channels. It will feature programming exclusively in indigenous languages. The changes come as the network celebrates its 25th anniversary. Monika ille is the ceo, aptn. She joins us from montréal. Great to have you this morning. >> Thank you so much for having me. >> Kelsey: I could see you nodding along with a giant smile on your face. How are you feeling about this upcoming change? >> Excited. Nervous. Anxious a bit as well.

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