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prestigious. (Chuckling) >> That's funny, George. You're very quick. >> Oh, well. >> I feel like I don't, I don't have to explain every little thing to you. You understand everything immediately. >> I enjoy understanding. (Audience laughter) >> I want you to have this job. Of course-- >> Mr. Zimmer's on line 2. >> Great, thanks. I've got to take this call. Listen, I'm really glad that you came in. >> "I want you to have this job. Of course..." >> Yeah? >> That's it. >> What do you mean that's it? >> He never finished the sentence. He got a call, that was the end of the interview. >> "Of course" was the last thing he said? >> Maybe he was going to say "Of course I have to check with my associates." >> "I want you to have this job, of course the Board of Directors is under indictment and will be serving time." >> "I want you to have this job, of course sodomy is a prerequisite." >> Alright. >> Why don't you go ahead and call him? >> Because he made a big deal about how I understand everything immediately. That's what impressed him. >> So if you call to ask if you have the job, you might lose the job. >> And if I don't call-- >> You might have the job but you'll never know it. What kind of company is it? >> Rest stop supplies. >> Oh. Good for you. (Audience laughter) >> Yeah, yeah, yeah. >> Hey. >> Hey. >> Hey. >> Shower? >> Haircut. I'm very happy with this. >> Who'd you use? Gino? >> Oh course. I wouldn't let that other butcher cut my hair. >> What butcher? >> The uncle, Enzo. That's the guy Jerry uses. >> I've been going with him for 12 years. I can't switch. I'd hurt his feelings. >> You never get good haircuts. >> You can get a good one today. It's Enzo's day off. Gino's there all by himself. >> Really? >> Yeah. You know what? You should go over there and get one to look good for my bachelor auction. >> What bachelor auction? >> It's this thing where they auction off dates with bachelors for charity. >> And you didn't ask me to do it? I could raise enough money to cure polio. >> I believe they've had a cure for polio for quite some time. >> Polio? (Audience laughter) >> Will you go ahead? You need a haircut. >> Okay. >> Yeah. What are you all dressed up for? >> I had a job interview. >> Yeah. How'd it go? >> Good. Of course... (Audience laughter) (Gentle symphonic music) (Door creaking) >> Ah, Jerry. >> Oh, hi, Enzo. >> Oh, you've come for the haircut. >> No, actually I was just-- >> It's my day off but I take care of you anyway because you're my favourite customer. You've been with me for so long. You're so loyal. >> Well, if it's your day off, I really-- >> Eh, what's the difference? It takes 10 minutes. (Audience laughter) Jerry, today I'm going to do something special for you. >> I don't want to take too much off. >> Hey, who's your barber, eh? You tell the joke, I cut the hair. (Audience laughter) >> Gino, you've outdone yourself this time. This is the best haircut I've ever had. (Audience laughter) (Audience laughter) >> He massacred you. >> I know. >> You look like you're 5 years old. (Audience laughter) >> What if I shampoo? Sometimes a shampoo helps. >> You've got to start seeing somebody else. Get out of this relationship. >> I can't. He loves me. He says I'm his most loyal customer. Plus he's right there on the corner. I'd have to pass him every day when I go by. >> You got to do it. >> I can't, I can't. I'd break his heart. (Shuddering) (Audience laughter) >> No way my Gino did that. It's an Enzo. >> He was in the shop. I thought you told me he wasn't going to be there. >> So what? >> I didn't want to hurt his feelings. >>Hisfeelings? You can't continue seeing him! You're destroying yourself! >> Yeah, but-- >> Ah!! I'm not going to let you. Now, if you don't call him, I will. >> No, Kramer. I don't want you to do that. You can't do that. >> I'm going to call Gino, you're going to see him and we're going to get that haircut fixed up. >> I don't want you to call him. >> Alright. Gee. You're crazy. (Audience laughter) >> So I still haven't heard about that job. >> Yeah, that's a tough one. What are you going to do about that? >> I have an idea. >> Yeah? >> I show up. (Audience laughter) >> What do you mean you show up? >> I show up. I pretend I have the job. The guy's on vacation. If I have the job, it's fine. If I don't have the job, by the time he comes back, I'm ensconced. (Audience laughter) >> Hmm. Not bad. >> What's the worst thing that could happen? >> Well, you'd be embarrassed and humiliated in front of a large group of people and have to walk out in shame with your tail between your legs. >> Yeah, so? (Audience laughter) >> Yeah, see what you mean. I forgot who I was dealing with for a second. (Audience laughter) >> Geroge: Good morning. >> Man: Morning.

>> Good morning. (Audience laughter) Morning. Hi, nice to see you. How are you? Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. >> How can I help you? >> The name's George Constanza. I'm starting work here today. I was wondering if you could tell me where my office is. >> I wasn't aware that-- Mike, this is George Constanza. He's starting here today. >> Welcome aboard. >> Thanks, Mike. Nice to be aboard. >> I didn't even know Mr. Tuttle was finished interviewing. >> Oh, well, he was probably just getting anxious to start his vacation. (Laughter) >> He wants to know where his office is. >> Oh. Well, let's see. We've got two. There's the big one down the hall there and a small one over here. You know, I should ask Jack. >> Oh, leave Jack alone. Jack's got enough problems. (Chuckling) I'll just take the small office. >> Really? >> Yes. I like to feel cozy. I have a very small apartment. I like to feel tucked in, nestled in. Love to be nestled. >> Alright, alright. It's 808, right down there. Meanwhile, I'll get you the Pensky file, you can start working on that. >> Yes, yes of course, the Pensky file. Ho, ho, can't wait to sink my teeth into that. Wow that Pensky. Well, we'll straighten him out. (Chuckling) (Flicking) (Thud) (Audience laughter) (Ticking) (Sighing) (Audience laughter) (Whistling) (Audience laughter) >> So what did you do there all day? >> They gave me the Pensky file. (Audience laughter) >> So it's a nice place to work? >> You know, I'm enjoying it very much. I think my coworkers are really taking to me. We're like a family. In fact, yesterday was Grace's birthday. She's such a sweet woman. So we had a little party with cake and champagne. I made a toast. (Audience laughter) >> What about your boss, the guy who you interviewed you? >> He'll be back on Monday. >> Hi. >> Hey. >> Hi. >> Hey. How come you're wearing a hat? >> I got a haircut. >> Oh yeah? Can I see it? >> There's nothing to see. >> Come on, let me see it. >> Forget it. >> Come on. >> Alright. (Audience laughter) (Laughing) (Banging) All right. (Laughter continues) That's very good. Thank you. >> I'm sorry! I'm sorry! (Audience laughter) >> Yeah, well, I'll tell you this. You can forget about me going to that bachelor auction. >> What? No Jerry, you have to go. >> You know, Elaine, I'd do it but I'm working that day. >> Yeah, too bad. (Audience laughter) (Symphonic music) >> This is the worst haircut Jerry's ever had. You got to fix it. >> Sure, I fix it. But you got to make sure you no tell anybody. He's a little crazy. I don't know what he'd do, he found out I touch Jerry's hair. >> Yeah, yeah. >> So I love that Edward Scissorhands. That's the best movie I've ever seen. >> Ah, again with the Edward Scissorhands. How can you have hand like scissors, huh? Show me one person who's got a hand like scissors. >> Hey, it's a beautiful dream. I'd love to be this man. >> Did you ever think about what you're going to do on the toilet? What are you going to do on the toilet?! (Audience laughter) >> I'd like to have shoehorn hands. >> Hey. >> Hey. >> Hey. >> Okay, listen to me. I talked to Gino, he's going to fix the haircut. >> Oh great. Then you can go to the bachelor auction. >> Yeah, but-- >> No buts. His apartment tonight, 8:00. >> Can he fix it? >> I don't know. (Audience laughter) >> Boy, you got a beautiful head of hair. (Audience laughter) >> Thank you. >> I bet uncle Enzo, he tell you that all the time. >> Well, actually Enzo hasn't said that to me in a while. (Audience laughter) >> I don't think uncle Enzo realize what a lucky barber he is. >> That's nice of you to say. (Audience laughter) (Buzzing) >> Oh. Just a second.

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