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today, the town's water was shut off for repairs to a broken water main. It has since been turned back on. Property tax notices have been sent out to edmonton. Homeowners city council passed approved an 8.9% property tax increase last month. People with online accounts can access their noses immediately. Notice by mail should arrive by the end of the month. Property owners must pay their taxes in full by june 30th to avoid late payment penalties. There's also a monthly payment plan people can sign up for. The alberta aviation museum is trying to take control of its future. The longtime occupant of edmonton's historic hangar. 14 trying to buy it from the city nav sangha reports. >> The alberta aviation museum is working to land a new deal with the city of edmonton. This is a good thing being in control of your own home. The city currently owns 84,000 square-foot hangar 14, but it's been the home of the alberta aviation museum for more than decades. The property was put up for sale last october after the city decided it should not spend the approximately 41 million dollars needed in renovations, recognizing how many renewable days we just wasn't useful for us to commit those dollars. >> The city received 3 formal submissions, but in the end decided to negotiate with the museum for it to take ownership. >> We have the potential we are going to be taking this on. Is a lot of weight being lifted off our shoulders. >> It was sold to a 3rd party, the museum's executive director says rent would have skyrocketed to at least $800,000. When you're looking at the institution that has a 1.1 1.2 million dollars overall operating budget. >> That's all of it gone basically. So that would not work that that would decimate us. >> It would have forced the museum to relocate the more than 30 historical aircraft. It maintains there's not a lot of buildings like that in the city of edmonton, that we could just >> Quickly move in and be easy. So it would be detrimental. The museum's executive director says it's too early to tell how the transfer of ownership will look, but she's glad that the museum and hangar for teens history will continue to fly on. >> What's history has been removed or or taken away. It's gone. >> Nav sangha, ctv news, edmonton. >> City council has agreed to transit fares to make up for some of the money that's being lost. A report to councillors yesterday showed the service is bringing in less money, even though ridership is nearly back up to pre-covid levels, councillors are also moving forward with an online store to sell edmonton transit, merch and souvenirs. They've asked administration to report back on the best way to do that. The city is bringing back movies on the square over the next 4 weeks. You can see a number of family-friendly movies on the big screen. The city will also have free pree movie activities and food trucks on site. The first movie a sonic the hedgehog 2, it will run tuesday evening, starting at 7 o'clock. The pre show fun starts around 5. Well, canada will head into the paralympics this summer, ranked number one in sitting volleyball. Our national team is in edmonton working to spread the word about the sport by warming up at the highest profile event and the country. David ewasuk has more. >> In the world of canadian volleyball, it doesn't get bigger than this nationals teams from across the country battling each other at the edmonton expo centre. But one group is using the competition to warm up for something even bigger and 2 point dies toward their sport. >> Setting is still a new our sport and we want to shut a lot more light and bring more awareness to our team has grown exponentially over the last few years. >> This is sitting volleyball. >> And our women's national team is headed to the paralympics in paris this august to take on the world. Alison lang is number 17. She's from edmonton. And she tells us that sitting volleyball is just like any other game of volleyball players are just closer to the floor. >> Ellison was born without the lower portion of her left leg and played other sports. But never this one. Now she's a fierce advocate for the game. And for people just like her. >> I really struggled with my disability identity when I was growing up, I was severely severely bullied both emotionally and physically in elementary school. And it actually maybe hide my disability for a majority of my life. And then I found the sport and just meeting other people from all walks of life like me, almost set me free in a way. >> Canada's team is the reigning world silver medallists come august in paris, though, they'll be ranked even higher. >> Right now, ranked number one in the world. So we're heading into the paralympics to as the favourite. >> Favourite for gold, but with a rivalry already set. Team usa has won it all the last 2 paralympics. >> Are really not focusing on that. We're excited. We looked at our pull off one game at a time. Focus on the process, play our style of play and the

results will come. >> They hope this style of all the ball and such a high-profile event will result in more teams coming forward to compete with more young women with disabilities. Thinking about a sport and more people with passion in the stands, cheering them on. David ewasuk, ctv news, edmonton. >> Still ahead, a cfl team looking to attract more women to their games. Just what their game plan is in a few minutes. >> Our fan base, it's largely older, white males. We've been working really hard to bring a different demographic, expand the demographic. Your man stadium among our fan base. >> That evening folks. Temperatures staying below average through this weekend with daytime highs in the mid to maybe upper teens. But there is a big warm-up on the way for ea Elite Promotional Marketingis the solution to your brandedmerchandise needs! Shop our large selectionof Stormtech, featuring Stormtechsportswear and accessories. With promotional expertsto assist you, and in house productionfor a quick turn around. Visit us at elitepromo marketing dot com Sinec 1971 Edmontonians have trusted Doug's Place for their vehicle repair needs And today, our dedicated team of experts are committed to protecting your investment to the highest possibel standards with compassionate service and quality workmanship. Doug's Place. YOur vehicle. Your choice. Here at Western rv Country, sales are up compared to last year, and we are loading up on fresh inventory. Travel trailers, fifth wheels, and destination trailers arriving daily. Visit and discover your dream rv. It takes seconds for an accident to happen. And your life is changed forever. Getting the compensation you deserve is not a favour. It's a right. Call us today for a free consultation. And get Canada's largest personal injury firm... Man:Fighting for you. ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours at johnson's sewing centre,serving northern albertafor over 50 years.your one latest innovations in sewing,serging and embroidery. You will be amazed when you seewhat's new. Stop in today or .... Closed captioning of this program is brought to you in part by ATCO-energy . Electricity and natural gas for your home >> Head of the summer travel season, the union representing canadian border agents say the strike could be coming. The union represents around 9,000 customs and border agents who work at crossings and airports nationwide. 96% of its membership has voted in favour of a strike mandate. It would lead to significant delays to the flow of goods services and people. Workers have been without a contract for over 2 years. Strike action could start as early as june. Several rallies are planned this weekend to protest the provincial government protest will take place in 8 cities and towns. Edmonton, calgary, red deer, medicine hat, lethbridge grande prairie, sylvan lake and for million. The organizers of enough is enough ucp say their mission is to address the policies and actions of the party. So the policies at issue are bill 20 alberta pension plan and coal mining in the rockies. Organizers say they want to keep these protests peaceful. Well expressing their discontent. The provincial government. Amazon has expanded its for footprint in alberta, hoping its highest volume film and centre in the country today. The company's newest, a building calgary features robotics tech knowledge e. That means the storage and retrieval of orders are done automatically still have. A zahn says the warehouse will create jobs for albertans 1500 hires are expected to staff the almost 3 million square foot facility. It is incredible to have a facility like this where people can look for work. >> Not to mention the fact that people who are entrepreneurs and wanting to start up businesses where they need to get their products out to market this now gives them the opportunity and there is a reskilling component to the work that amazon is doing. >> The new fulfillment centre is the company's 5th build in alberta. The first in a series of spring festivals and night markets has kicked off at westmount shopping centre earlier today. Organizers say tonight's market of the first debate following the success of similar event last year b includes 65 vendors and food trucks, live entertainment and family friendly activities. The festivals are free. Well, football season is almost here. And one of alberta cfl teams is trying to expand its fan base. >> Ctv's alesia fieldberg with more on the calgary stampeders campaign aimed specifically at women. >> With calgary stampeders

season set to kick off. There's a push to get more fans at the stadium, including a campaign targeting women. >> You know, when you look at our, our fan base, it's largely older, white males, we've been working really hard to bring a different demographic, expand the demographic. Your man stadium among our fan base. >> The stamps are offering a discount, unseating the group altogether. My section 6 and t the sunnyside, tony ion brown doesn't need convincing. She's been a ticket holder since 1992. I've been in the same section for over 25 years or so. It's like a football family. It's included 5 generations of her actual family, longtime friends and other season ticket holders. She's looking forward to welcoming 200 more, including ellen parker. Such a wonderful way to build camaraderie to support local athletes and to come together with family and friends along with a discounted rate. The stamps are offering unique benefits, including a speaker series 2 sidelines experiences and the possibility of flying with the team charter for an away game. Sports marketing experts say it's important to take a holistic approach when targeting females. You want to look at everything kind of from tip to talk with a talk to when they buy tickets, who they see on the sidelines decide light entertainment. They want to see a diverse sport experience and they want to see that you actually support women in the organization as well. >> Just as taylor swift's recent football fixation has been linked to a boost in female eyes on the nfl. We think our game is better than that. The game to the south of us. >> The stamps are counting on 200 local ladies instead to help champion the cfl and the home team. Stampeders new football fans season football fans bringing people together, supporting our community. >> Alesia fieldberg, ctv news. Calgary. Still to come, thousands of albertans are expected to hit the streets this weekend for the calgary marathon. >> So we're going to have 14 guys linked together are tethered together, one metre >> Attempting to run under one 20 for this half marathon. >> A lot of sports fans will be keeping tabs on the weather tomorrow with the oilers outdoor watch parties and a pre-season elks game. The forecast after the break. Traveland rv trusted since 1977. All of the new inventory from both trailblazer rv and Outback rv. Absolutely must go during our grand opening inventory liquidation event. Come meet our experienced team of product specialists and they'll find you the rv of your dreams from kz, Venture, Rockwood nuCamp, Northern Light and save over 50% off list on select 2022's and 23's. Plus, see the all new luxury big wheels and travel trailers. Traveland rv simply unbeatable. [basketball game crowd noise] Gimme that ooey gooey, crispy, crunchy mouthwaterin' Gimme that creamy, dreamy, meaty,toppin' pepperoni poppin' Gimme that crispy, cuppy 'roni Papa Johns Better get you some Try the trio before its gone - From rinkboards... surfboards. Scoring goals to scoring deals. - nuuuuuge! - Yay! - Penalties to pints. From breakaways to getaways. There's a shot! Ryan Nugent-Hopkins! - Childhood dreams to making dreams come true. - My wem, my way. The next lotto 6/49 Gold Ball jackpot is a massive $54 million! Imagine the possibilities Plus, the Classic $5 million jackpot. Two chances tofind your possible. Travel back to the Mesozoic Era and experience a close encounter with the most extraordinary creatures ever to walk the Earth in "Dinosaurs - The Exhibition." Tickets at Hey everybody. It's Kim, McCord and the ram Street team. It is garden season time to throw on some flowers, some dirt, get dirty, and we're going to surprise somebody here in the community by sprucing up their garden. McCord: I need a little bit of help with this. I'm not a green thumb, but we do. If you are a green thumb, three $100 gift cards Stick around to find out how you can win one from Kuhlmanns To see more, watch the videoonline right now. Get 20% off in msrp on a 2023 ram 1500 Classic That's up to 14,200 in discounts. See your ram dealer today. I can't believeall this was five bucks.I can't believe you brought mehe ( ) Right now,get a Chicken McMuffin with a hash brown and a small premium roastcoffee for five bucks. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses.

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