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issued for the truck driver involved in the humboldt broncos bus crash. And team canada sitting volleyball team making a stop in edmonton. >> B, 4 paris for the paralympics. What a way to begin the western conference final, a double overtime winner from captain connor in enemy territory. As the oilers start the 3rd round in dallas. Some fans are doing their best to bring a bit of edmonton flavour to those away games. Jeremy thompson spoke with one super fan who's been to all 3 opposing cities in these playoffs. He's doing it in style. >> The couple of diehard oilers fans lounge on a lawn in spruce grove family. They've been waiting a while for stanley cup passing the time by putting up an oil derrick logos and even fans from this year's playoff opponents, an effort that's delighting the neighbourhood when they take your 2 grandsons pass this display. They call it the oilers. Funny, scary and they love it. So thanks to the neighbours who did this. While most fans support the orange and blue from home, some are able to travel. They'll style has taken his brand of oilers. Funny scary to la vancouver and now the lone star state. Now fans around us really welcoming yes, assaults, little little little off. >> For the vancouver was, that's for sure. Known for his bombastic face paint and had to there's paraphernalia style learned a lot by how he's received an opposing arenas. We only have half of the state >> You can have the lights on the tap where you had to camps like this fun police down. Now and tampa bay, you can't buy a beer faces and it was full star themed face paint for game one at american airlines arena. >> A double overtime marathon style feels lucky to have witnessed. Yeah, the boys are buzzing last. I like I was pretty mike dowse, I'm not scared of dallas anymore. The big that stars a it was a strong outing, especially for the oilers red hot penalty kill brushing off a double minor is ot began with mcdavid in the box for 4 agonizing minutes long. Really long, really, really I hated every second of it. But you know, the guys did an amazing job after missing an ear open net in overtime. One captain connor would not be denied in ot to. Game 2 goes saturday night in dallas. You can watch for style in the crowd. Jeremy thompson, ctv news, edmonton. >> Saturday night's game starts at 6 o'clock. The watch party inside rogers place is sold out. If you want to watch with thousands of other fans, the ice district plaza opens up at 4.30 sand particles opens at that time. Both venues close one hour after the game ends. An autopsy has confirmed the 15 year-old boy killed earlier this week died of a stab wound on tuesday. Officers found the teen injured in the area of one 37th avenue and one 84 street. He died there. His best friend says brodin radomski was walking his dog with his mother when the stabbing happened. Police have charged 40 year-old keith james landry with second degree murder. They believe landry knew the victim. The trucker involved in the humboldt broncos crash has been issued a deportation order. Jaskirat singh sidhu was driving the truck that collided with the humboldt broncos hockey team bus in 2018. 16 people were killed, 13 were injured. Sidhu was granted parole after being sentenced to 8 years for dangerous driving. He is from india and has permanent residency in canada. One survivor of the deadly crash says he holds no ill will towards to do. >> There's no negative emotions jimenez you know, I can speak on behalf of anyone else, but I'm hoping not, you know, from human, the human you know, everything works out they could find happiness. >> There are other legal procedures to come. The deportation process could take months or years. A former edmonton sold are found guilty of trying to kill her 3 children has been denied an appeal of her conviction. We can to identify the woman to protect her children. She was found guilty of 3 counts of attempted murder and 2 counts of arson for 2015 fire. She said at her home at cfb edmonton. The appeal argued the trial judge wrongly assessed her credibility and made certain in france's a 3 judge panel dismissed the appeal. They found the judge relied on reason and common sense in assessing the woman's credibility. Or did painting company has been fined after a workplace death earlier this

week. Sonic coating solutions pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the health and safety of a worker. And october 2021. The worker was killed when they and 3 others were trapped ring pipe to a paint shop. The pipe hit the worker. The company has been fined $350,000. It appears sonic coating solutions no longer exists at the address associated with the company. Alberta's premier says changes to bill 20 are expected to be widely accepted by municipalities, despite local leaders saying the opposite. >> We have an early indication that the approach that we're taking is one that will be widely accepted by the, by the municipalities. The same disappointment have from the get-go. >> Is, you know, we're not sure the spirit and intent of 2 key pieces of bill 20. >> When asked about bill 20 amendments this week, alberta's premier said she heard loud and clear from municipalities and is changing legislation. Cabinet can now remove councillors by ordering a vote if they are unwilling or unable or refusing to do their job or of cabinet considers it to be in the public interest bylaws can also be repealed by cabinet if they exceed the scope of council conflict with the municipal government act, provincial policy or are unconstitutional leaders of municipal groups across alberta called the criteria vague, gives cabinet too much authority over local government. Political scientist jared wesley says anger specifically from rural alberta could cost the ucp. >> Politicians in alberta that go against the public will don't last very long. And I think that this premier's office is may be forgotten. >> Leslie is also concerned the legislation's ban of vouching for people without id will prevent roughly 50,000 albertans from voting in the next election. He says this allows the ucp to silence voters. The bill is expected to pass next week. The first in a series of spring festivals and night markets is happening now at westmount shopping centre. Organizers say tonight's market will be the first of 8 following the success of similar event last year. B includes 65 vendors and food trucks, live entertainment and family friendly activities. The free festival runs until 10 tonight. Speaking of festivals, josh klassen joining us now live from downtown edmonton, where a dance party for downtown spark is getting underway. Josh. >> Yeah, we did a little dance party going on right now that lots of stuff going on downtown as part of downtown spark out with the downtown business association of tracy high with the tracy, doing little creepy as they would say no, are kind of dance and and and moving and that's what we want people to do down here. Right? 90's dance party. Yeah, it's a 90 stance party. So kind of takes me video dance party to get the videos up their takes me back to my into high school. Yeah, exactly. A back street brittany and good music as well. So don't worry about that. The music and good music as tell me about downtown it lots art installations. What else is going on? You get the big and and the outdoor patio going on. Downtown spark, we've got 5 locations where you can see fantastic large-scale art that's been brought in from all around the world. So over at churchill square, we've got lost dogs, disco. That is the first time in north america that it's been shown in at atb place. We've got flowers as well we've got an amazing block party happening on june first on rice howard, way. And that's actually the first day we're kicking off the entertainment district. So you can buy a drink from any of the businesses on rice howard way and then walk out onto the street and enjoy the music. And during q jakes, okay. If you want to find out more, just search downtown spark in the can get all the details they want on that. Yeah. Edmonton, downtown dot com. Fantastic. Tracy, thank you so much. We're gonna let tracy do a little more dancing. And in the sunshine, actually for the first time in a couple of days. Let's talk weather, though. Temperatures today hit 15 degrees for a daytime high. And right now in downtown edmonton, we're sitting at 14 degrees. 14 says well off to the south of the west of the city, the male elk island little cooler in the 12 13 degree range 5 degrees this morning. 15 for a high today, that a lot warmer than the 11 that we had yesterday. However, that's still 4 degrees cooler than average. And I think as we head through the weekend, we're still not back to average still about 15 to 18 range for highs, saturday, sunday, all the showers and thunderstorms today popped up in southern and western parts of the province. Not expecting any rain tonight for any outdoor activities going on around the city tomorrow. Out through the day, it's going to be dry 5 degrees in the morning. 16, maybe 17 for a daytime high will get some increasing cloud cover, though in the afternoon.

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