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Man: FBI! Stay where you are! [ Indistinct yelling ] Like you said, some jobs -- you just have to do them yourself. How could you? What kind of man turns his back on his ownfamilia? You were taking Violeta,hermana. What did you expect me to do? Ramona Sanchez, you are under arrest for the first-degree murder of Nadia Morales. Guess you should have thought twice before dumping her on my doorstep. So we did it. Yes. Looks like we did. I know how hard it was for you. I owe so much to her, but now I see who she really is. So, what happens now? Well, the cartel is still loyal to me. So you don't have to worry if that's what you're thinking. Thank you. And since I'll be running things now, there's a place for you if you want. You know, Arman told me once that being in this life gave him the power to protect the ones he loved. Ramona used to say the same thing. And she used her power to control and hurt people. That's not the life I want. What do you want? I want to do things my way. Alright. Who wants to go first? Let's do "Dancing Queen" altogether! Yes! How about a love song for you and Camila, Chris? Hey, how about you shut up? [ Laughs ] JD: Hey, Luca! Let's do some Beyoncé. Come on, man. -Okay. Oh, don't do that. He can't keep a beat. Luca: Come on. How's your arm? Should I change the Band-Aid? Oh, I can do that. Sorry, if that's okay with you. Sí, sí. Oh, yeah. [ Indistinct conversations ] Alright. So that...should do it. Good? Perfecto. Yeah. Perfecto. [ Both laughing ] We should, uh... probably... go back, right? Sí. Chris, Camila's mom is here. [ Screams with joy ] Mi amor! [ Speaking Spanish ] Here. What's that, my love? It's a gift. For me? I found it at the back door. Uh... What does it say? Uh, "Thony, I have a job for you. Derek." [ Cellphone ringing ] What are you gonna do? [ Ringing continues ] Not this time. [ Ringing continues ]

>> Ctv news with carlyle fiset. >> Good evening, thanks for joining us. We begin tonight at city hall, where local leaders are acknowledging london's homeless plan may have been overly ambitious. Darryl newcomb has more on the evolving expectations. >> We need leadership to what seems to be a sputtering vision for the homeless. Meanwhile, we ourselves have turned the page on how to use and are pursuing these other uses. The owner of 7.43 wellington road pulled the planning committee. His proposal to open a service hub for homeless londoners on the site was derailed by delays rolling out the application process. I just want to give you a bit of reality. The london development institute, a lobbying organization for local developers, then admitted that there's a lack of interest by most property owners to host a hub division was. >> Up to 15 knots. That's not ever going to happen. I think we're in realistic terms. We're hoping that the city can get to a lot to get to 5. >> The whole of community response to homelessness set a goal of eventually opening 600 highly supportive housing units and up to 15 low barrier service hubs where people can stabilize today, just 2 hubs and about 100 housing units of open. We're finding it hard to find suitable >> We can see that today. And quite frankly, I think we're finding it hard to find suitable operators, operators with the expertise. Several committee members expressed concern that the emergency care establishment zoning required for a hub location may not actually be appropriate given how hubs are probably going to operate. Initially, the official zoning description of an emergency care establishment specifies that people are just a they're generally less than 6 weeks. But for now and in the near future, people entering a hub may have to stay there until highly supportive housing units become available. There's only so much through put the you can have from a hub. >> If you don't have housing units available for people to move into. The deputy mayor believes the city might have to develop a special zoning descriptions specifically for hubs. What we're really trying to do is kind of lb a square peg into a round hole with some zoning around emergency care facilities. In the meantime, expectations are being revised for the homelessness strategy. We were never going to have 15 hubs. 15 hubs was the cadillac grandiose plan. Daryl newcombe, ctv news. London city council is considering a 6:00pm curfew for gas powered lawn equipment. >> Within the >> So by law, there is no differentiation on the power source. >> The current by-law only permits motorized lawn equipment used between 7:00am and 10:00pm. The proposed change would keep those hours for electric equipment, but reduce hours for gas powered mowers. Trimmers in leaf blowers to 8:00am and 6:00pm the civic works committee backed a proposal to hold a public meeting about a possible change in july. >> The long-term goal is for people slowly phase out it at the end of the lifecycle of their lawn equipment replacing it was electric option or again, perhaps this is an extra nudge that somebody needed decide to naturalize their lawn. >> There's a new boss running things at london health sciences centre has sean irvine reports. He's been brought in from outside amid reported dysfunction in turnover within hospital leadership. >> Outside and inside of lhsc, there is relief and some anxiety is a new era begins. David musyj takes over thursday. He contends he is not walking in the door with a game plan already drawn up. So I'm not coming in with a pre. >> Written agenda with pre written instructions on a road map to. >> A deal with day-to-day issues. Musyj arrives in london after a long term at windsor regional hospital. He contends his strong leadership skills were sought directly by the board of directors of lhsc. And they reached out to my possibly interested in doing this >> To london health sciences centre and create some stability. I'm moving forward. >> Lhsc has gone through several years of turmoil in its executive leadership, its last permanent leader took a leave of absence shortly after a london free press story raised questions about executive travel spending. She had replaced another leader who left after travelling outside of canada during the pandemic. Musyj responds to lhsc is past with a comparison to other centres. The issues london health sciences centre. >> Some of the issues, the bigger issues be it health, human resources b, it even executive leadership. They're

not alone with respect to that. >> She acknowledges he is a leader who gets things done. He contends he will not act without input from all levels. He tells ctv news london. He has set up over 100 meetings among those invited doctors, nurses, unions, community groups and patients. We'll have the same 5 questions for all of them. >> What is london health sciences centre do? Well. What doesn't? It do? Well, what should start doing what you did stop doing and any general advice they have for me. >> And to back up his plan, musyj intends to bring a rare trait in executive leadership along with him to ensure >> Accountability. Every single patient had my phone number. There is no timeline for musyj stay in london, but he confirms he will not accept the top hospital job at lhsc permanently. Some here. >> I plan on staying here for as long as I'm needed and when I'm no longer needed on leave. In london, sean irvine, ctv news. >> There are warnings tonight about canada's food bank system. It's a critical part of our country's social safety net. But as heather wright reports without intervention, it's at risk of collapse. >> Poverty and food insecurity in canada are worse today than they were a year ago. According to this report, which handed out report cards to provinces, territories and the federal government grading how the different jurisdictions are tackling poverty. Most provincial governments received grades in the deranged will 7 out of 10 got a d minus for what the report called an insufficient approach to poverty reduction. We're not doing enough as a country to make sure people are able to make ends meet right now. >> Nearly half of those surveyed feel they are doing worse financially compared to last year, while one in 4 people say they are experiencing food insecurity, a lack of affordable housing in stubbornly high food prices have created a perfect storm of need in many parts of the country. And there are concerns the system simply can't keep up the word. I threw the most often when I talked to the bankers is that it's unsustainable that they cannot continue to meet the growing demands with the amount of food and donations are coming through the doors. And even then, no system is designed you know, growth that like we've seen. The report says some provinces like pei and nova scotia are making legislative progress. >> But it criticizes what it calls an overall lack of urgency at all levels of government. >> In tackling poverty. Heather wright, ctv news. Members of an organization called western faculty for palestine say they support an on campus student encampment. >> 10 17 set up in front of the university's community centre for 2 weeks now, 5 faculty members of issued a statement supporting the protest. They also support calls for the university to divest from businesses or organizations involved in israel's ongoing military actions in gaza. Meanwhile, 3 european countries say they will recognize a palestinian state. Ireland, norway and spain announced the decision today, which is seen as mostly symbolic at this point as annie bergeron-oliver reports, the situation for palestinian civilians, he's only getting more urgent. >> Humanitarian aid groups in gaza are issuing a dire warning. Supplies and personnel are running so low. The un agency for palestinian refugees has suspended food aid operations in the situation is absolutely catastrophic. Children who were. >> At the very brink of famine are no closer than they probably ever been to this catastrophic situation. Worsening humanitarian crisis in gaza comes more than 7 months since the war began after hamas attacked israel, taking more than 200 hostages today are heartbreaking. New video shows the moments after 5 young women were taken hostage or legal boas. 19 year-old daughter daniela is one of them. >> It's not a things, too, to see to seal mine. The said terrified too. >> The ongoing conflict in the devastation it's caused has prompted spain, norway and ireland to recognize a palestinian state. Our decision to recognize palestine should not have to wait indefinitely. >> Especially when you see the right thing to do. >> Already do the decision has sparked swift condemnation from israel, which has ordered the immediate recalled its ambassadors from those 3 countries. Israel claims that this is a reward to hamas. And I suggested it is not a reward hamas who has no interest in 2 states, has no interest in. >> The continuation of israel's existence. It's, it's a reward to moderates in the palestinian authority. >> The move comes after 143 countries voted in support of palestinian membership at the united nations. Something only

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