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and I suggested it is not a reward hamas who has no interest in 2 states, has no interest in. >> The continuation of israel's existence. It's, it's a reward to moderates in the palestinian authority. >> The move comes after 143 countries voted in support of palestinian membership at the united nations. Something only states are granted. Canada abstained from that vote. Canada has maintained its support for a two-state solution where the palestinian state is only recognized as part of a long-term political solution. >> Canada's long-standing position has seen 2 sports to call for a two-state. >> Solution. That's the path to lasting peace in the middle east. The recognition by the 3 european countries is historic, but largely symbolic. Their formal declarations will happen next tuesday. >> Annie bergeron-oliver, ctv news, ottawa. >> Sarnia transit is considering a transition to electric buses. The transit service is getting about $190,000 to study electrifying the fleet. Most of that is coming from ottawa. The rest covered by the municipality. It's a collaborative project with the canadian urban transit research and innovation consortium man to develop a plan for 0 emission public transit. Labour leaders have joined with the provincial opposition preparing legislation meant to protect workers from heat stress. As siobhan morris reports, those job risks are expected to become more severe in the years ahead. >> Not quite summer, but already the sun is baking ontario. Making for some sometime sizzling working conditions on the street and off. >> We need better protection for workers from heat stress. As ontario faces more climate change driven extreme heat events. >> New democrats, the ontario federation of labour and workers want the government to do more to make sure workers are kept cool. The time for action is now whether they earn their pay checks in schools. The heat during some of their energy making tasks such as cleaning, lifting and moving equipment. >> Even more exhausting. >> Or work in the shop. I'm wearing heavy leathers, a mask gloves and sometimes I can only stand there for maybe 10 minutes and I have to stop and peel that off. All that gear can speed up the effects of heat stress on the body. Critics say that cranking up the ac if you have it is not an adequate plan. You'd be amazed at how many times I've heard from schools that not only is a sweltering, sweltering, really hot. >> But the water fountains are also turned off because they didn't pass the water testing. The ndp will look at what other jurisdictions have done to inform a bill they'll present this fall, making sure that there's cold water available for more breaks for shade. >> And where frankly, brought an indoor space and you can air condition and making sure you have an engineering firm lucian that. Reduces or eliminates risk. There's an acknowledgement the solutions will cost more. There also is a cost when workers cannot work when workers are needing to go home. We've seen lives lost. A spokesperson for the minister of labour says employers have a duty to keep work environment safe, including in high heat. >> She says the ministry does thousands of proactive inspections each year, but that workers should report something if they think rules are being broken at queens park. Siobhan morris, ctv news. >> A local teenager has been invited to train with a high profile stun program in china. As reta ismail reports, the program was founded by one of film's most famous action stars. >> Kyle sampson has been practising karate for 9 years. And in the last 5 years, she's been training in movie stance. I joined a demo team out of toronto. >> And we went to perform at an event called movie expo, where you can be seen be heard by all different types of people in the industry. And through that, I discovered the start world firsthand. And I was really when I decide that was something I want to do. >> That passion for karate instance that has her packing her bags to head to beijing, china this june. The 14 year-old black bout has been invited to train at the one of a kind training camps called jackie chan stunned camp, where she will get to work with some of the world's most renowned experts. I was shocked. And then after that, I was just absolutely ecstatic like it's just such an amazing opportunities. So I was, I was over the mood. The head instructor at family karate where samson trains says he's not surprised she was chosen. After all, she has a great work ethic. She is constantly working, whether she >> Has a slight injury, whether she's not feeling the best. She is always ready to give 110%, no matter what challenge or obstacle is in front of her. Sampson says with the support

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airlines. >> They say would bring down prices for flyers, but as kathy le reports, it won't change how much it costs to actually fly the plane. >> The high cost of flying in canada isn't sitting well with passengers. Same hit since a westjet says it's trying to make it more affordable, announcing future plans to add more seats in the back of some of its bigger to pencil in the country. The half 174 at seats. So we'll take this to 180. They have to have. >> The space that you can now take a little bit away and you know, come to that with the most seats and then sit at I'm a big guy. So anything about smaller seats is not very appealing to me for me like that when you mentioned the problem. But westjet claims more seats means cheaper airfare want chief flight comes that sacrifice of some comfort. The airline's strategy is just one of the measures to address high airline tickets. The company is also asking the federal government to review the current way. Airport maintenance and projects are paid for. >> Which is by the passengers through fees, then tacked onto airfares. Westjet wants a freeze to the fees until the review is complete. That fees that are being talked to the passenger side committee for the ticket. >> That are. >> Not just paying the interest talks about that. Also funding the federal budget. Well, this aviation expert believes the user pay model should be overhauled. Somebody is going to pay for the year this summer is going to pay for the runway, someone to pay for parking lots and expansion of the terminal o ace for that canadian airports also pay about half a billion dollars in rent to transport canada every year. A bill westjet says should stop and be redirected. >> Everything to get the debt down under control sustainability. There's quality improvements like the list goes on and on as to how to change the user pay model. >> Westjet says there are many options, but doesn't have concrete ideas yet, but says it has to work for canadians. Kathy le ctv news, calgary. >> Yet a few isolated thunderstorms in southern ontario through the evening with the passage of a cold front. But clearing out overnight and lots of sunshine for your thursday. Thanks carla. For this photo of juillet. She says julep absolutely loves going out on their boat. And if they don't take her with her, then she barks from the shoreline. So they take are with her and when they're they put her into this little inflatable and she just pokes around lots of sunshine for your thursday morning. 15 to 16 degrees still going to be hot for your thursday, but the air will be a bit drier, so less humid. Stay with us. Your local weather is coming up. >> I'm reta ismail. Listen to the latest episode of my podcast where I'm joined by as we discussed a contribution to the sport of tennis in the sullivan's crossing new episode on ctv crave, The most talked about... Sounds intense. ... most anticipated shows... You step out of line even once. ... All right here. Subscribe now atCRAVE.CA. ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours today, at How is that tub of yours? Do you even use it? And how about your parents bathtub? Is it safe enough? You may be craving a spa like ambiance with a gorgeous, modern shower stall instead of that old tub space. is safety concern for you or your loved ones. We can install a shower That's safe, beautiful. And a breeze to take care of This is what we do. We can easily install a well-designed tub of shower conversion that enhances you and your family's wellbeing and provide you with a stunning showcase. Visit any of our three showrooms. We promise you'll be impressed. Bath fitter. At Meridian Active Joint Physiotherapy, our Physiotherapists empower people to be pain free and live an active life. From mens suits and dress shirts, to casual wear, shoes and accessories The Mens Shoppe offers personalized service and real value in a friendly, comfortable setting. Welcome to the Shops on Sydenham! A newly renovated shopping mall in downtown Strathroy! For more information, visit! Discover the possibilities in Downtown Strathroy! [muffled noise] ( ) When my hearing changed, HearingLife understood. ( ) I don't just want to keep hearing my customers. I want to keep being me. Book a free hearing test with one of our hearing professionals and see how our personalized care can help you - keep being you. Love your ears at HearingLife.

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