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AND THE ONLY REASON I LIKED IT THEN WAS BECAUSE IT MADE ME FEEL NEEDED. I HOPE I'VE DONE THE RIGHT THING. IT'S TIME TO LET SOME LIGHT IN ON THIS HOUSE MR. BEECHER, IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. OHHH! HELP! MR. BEECHER! HELP! AHHH! OH MY! THANK YOU BOY. HOW DID YOU KNOW TO DO THAT? [Mary]>> WELL TOM, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF IT? [Tom]>> IT'S A WONDER, MARY! REAL PRETTY. I'LL GET A BETTER LOOK AT IT LATER. RIGHT NOW I'M A HUNGRY MAN! [Mary]>> WELL ABOUT SUPPER, THERE WAS SO MUCH TO DO HERE. [Tom]>> YOU DIDN'T MAKE SUPPER? [Mary]>> I MADE SUPPER. HAM SANDWICHES AND SALAD. [Tom]>> WOMAN, I'M A FARMER, I WORK HARD. I NEED A HOT MEAL! STEAK, POTATOES, PIE! IF MA EVER PUT SANDWICHES ON THE TABLE FOR SUPPER-- [Mary]>> I'M NOT YOUR MA! [Tom]>> THAT'S WHAT I GET FOR PUTTING AN AD IN A BLASTED MAGAZINE. A PRISSY FEMALE DOESN'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COW'S UDDER AND A ROOSTER'S COMB! I KNEW THIS WOULD BE A BAD DAY! Did you know the most car accident claims for pain and suffering have a deductible of over $44,000. Even if it wasn't your fault. What? It's true. And that's real money out of your pocket. Let us help get you the compensation you deserve. Because what you don't know can really cost you. Call Preszler Law now. 1-800-justice, and you don't pay unless you win. Let's talk about what we do. What really makes bath fitter different. One thing for sure is our seamless bath walls. This means no seams and no caulking in the corners, providing you a strong and completely sealed tub surround. you like the look of tile? We have so many beautiful options for bright, shiny and stunning bath walls also, Bath Fitter will inspect and Clean your tub area, making any necessary repairs before installing our products to ensure a perfect watertight fit. You'll be impressed by the quality, durability, and absolute beauty of our seamless wall surrounds. Call Bath Fitter today for your free consultation. Fjords has been crafting beautifully designed functional furniture since 1941. Every aspect of Fjords furniture has been carefully engineered to create a higher level of relaxation. Right now at Jennings Furniture purchase any Fjords furniture and receive up to 20% off. All models, all sizes, all colors. Experience the unmatched relaxation you can only achieve in Fjords furniture. Relaxation made beautiful. Jennings Furniture is located in downtown St. Thomas or online at Visit Poag Jewellers and experience our wide variety of services and selection. From custom jewellery and on-site repairs, to clocks and estate pieces. Strathroy Monuments. A family business serving Strathroy and area since 1872. Specializing in quality traditional and non-traditional cemetery memorials. Violets is a womans boutique nestled in the heart of Strathroy. Embrace your personal style with our curated selection of high-end womens fashions. Discover the possibilities in Downtown Strathroy!Let's fly.(Driving dynamic music) Male Narrator: Star TrekDiscovery. New episodes Thursdays on CTV Sci-Fi.

[rooster crows] [Mary]>> Good morning. [Tom]>> Morning! What is all this? [Mary]>> A man needs a proper breakfast to do a day's work. [Tom]>> Dear lord, thank you for the food on this table and for the guiding hand of the woman and the preparation of it. Amen. This is really fine mary! [Mary]>> Thank you, tom. Would a cold lunch be acceptable? [Tom]>> That would be just right. I'm way behind in my corn cutting for the market and I'd just as soon eat in the fields. [Mary]>> I have it all packed and ready. [Tom]>> That's fine. My truck is almost all prepared. It's best that I get the barnyard chores done before anything else. [Mary]>> Could I help you with any of that? [Tom]>> There's chickens to be fed, cows to be milked. I've got to harness that old mule. It's just as well that you learn how to do those things mary. [Mary]>> I said I was going to do this and I'm going to. [Tom]>> That was mighty thoughtful of mary to have you bring out my lunch. I plum forgot it this morning. I would have had to go all the way back to the house. You saved me a lot of time. [Mary]>> Hello there. Well, thank you. Imagine that. With all the work he has to do, he takes the time to send me a flower. I know what we'll do. We'll go out to the field and have lunch with him. [Tom]>> This is one of my favourite spots. [Mary]>> It's very pretty. [Tom]>> Thanks for sending fella along with my lunch. I plum forgot it this morning. [Mary]>> But I didn't... Oh yes. And I wanted to thank you for sending that pretty flower. [Tom]>> What in blue blazes is this? [Mary]>> It's a sandwich. [Tom]>> For what, a chipmunk? Where's your head at woman? This ain't enough to feed a sparrow let alone a grown man. [Mary]>> If you aren't the most ungrateful, disagreeable, uncouth man it has ever been my misfortune to meet! [Tom]>> And you are the most infernal citified woman I ever met! [Mary]>> How the same man could have written those literate, charming letters... [Tom]>> I didn't write them. The schoolmaster wrote them. I told him them words were too blamed flowery. [Mary]>> Then all you wrote about needing someone to share your life, to care for you, all those words of love and tenderness, you didn't mean all those words? [Tom]>> Yeah, I meant them. I need someone to care for me, to do the cooking and share the chores. [Mary]>> That's what you meant? [Tom]>> What do you think I meant? [Mary]>> I thought you wanted me for myself. You don't want a wife, you want a servant. [Tom]>> I do want a wife, just like my daddy had! [Mary]>> Then advertise for one in the farmer's almanac! [Tom]>> Yeah I know, I should be going after her.

(barking) oh! You can't help me, fella! I'm pinned under the tractor. Go for help! Hurry! Ah! Ah mary. Mary. [Mary]>> No! I know he sent you but I'm not going back! It wouldn't work out, so... That's my purse! It's got my money in it. Something's wrong isn't it? Tom! Tom, what's happened? Tom, what happened? [Tom]>> My foot, it's pinned under the tractor. There's nothing you can do. The tractor must be shifted a little so I can pull free. Get the tractor chain and attach it to the truck. [Mary]>> But I don't know how to drive! [Tom]>> Oh mary, I'm so tired. My head... [Mary]>> Hold on! (mule braying) [Tom]>> The mule! He can pull the weight. Get the tractor chain. It's right behind this tire. Attach it to the harness. Mary? [Mary]>> I've got it! [Tom]>> Good mary! [Mary]>> Here girl. Come on! Pull! Come on, pull! [Mary]>> Oh thank heavens! [Tom]>> You did it! You did it! [Mary]>> We did it! All three of us. At Diversified Dynamic Care,

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