CFL player goes viral for dunking an Oreo while doing a backflip

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Shai Ross showed off his athleticism in a creative, delicious way. (@USAToday/Twitter)
Shai Ross of the Edmonton Elks showed off his athleticism in a creative, delicious way. (@USAToday/Twitter)

Never in my life have I dunked an Oreo the way Edmonton Elks wide receiver Shai Ross did.

Maybe that’s because I’ve eaten too many Oreos.

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This past week, the CFL player went viral for dunking an Oreo into a glass of milk while doing an absolutely insane gymnastics trick.

I like to leave my cookie in the milk a little bit longer, but I can understand why Ross was in such a rush.

This isn’t the first time Ross has made headlines for his acrobatic abilities. Last year, with the CFL shut down due to COVID-19, the 27-year-old made this unbelievable catch while simultaneously pulling off a backflip.

The wide receiver picked up these impressive gymnastic skills from his family, as all three of his aunts were high-level instructors.

I’ve got a feeling Ross and Oreo may strike a partnership sometime in the not-so-distant future.

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