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one actually is helped by the fact that you operate under broader company marsh mclennan. >> Yeah, exactly. And I'll just specify. We've actually won the award 4 times serves fire the year and we won partner of the year 2 times and marsh is part of a broader group or parent company. Marsh mclennan. And that's the one of the big benefits of working with our other sister companies such as mercer provide health and benefits to our clients. Marsh provides insurance and risk solutions to our clients. It's been a tremendous asset to us working with our clients. >> Now that is a benefit. The fact that this is a one-stop shop for your mind. >> Yes, absolutely. You know, more specifically. There's a number of companies out there that can different products and services insurance so we products like, of course, the contruction insurance liability insurance deposit development, bonds. But really what separates what differentiates our team is that we get extremely involved within the industry. And we tried to understand the seismic shifts and the challenges that they face, how we work together with them to provide solutions around insurance products that can help them with their business. >> And that's wonderful to hear. Thank you so much. Greater. Thank you. Now for more information on where canada you can always visit their website march dot ca. But for a full list of this year's guild award winners, you can visit selfie our dot com. >> Well, as rain continues to fall, there is hope that it will be enough to address drought concerns. Mason with those details in a moment. But first, let's talk about that rainfall and how long it will continue. Can we are looking at a little more today and in parts of the province are also seeing it to the west. And we know that that makes a big difference. We are a little. >> Our temperatures not bad right now. We're sitting at 6 degrees at the airport and we have a little bit of a reprieve from that rain at the airport and north northwest winds of kilometres per hour, only going to see around 11 degrees do not is below seasonal. Have those details coming up in just a moment. >> They showed us have a look at traffic. Calgary transit reporting the red line is back to normal. Trains are now running between tuscany and somerset stations. As for construction centre street tween 36 and 43rd avenue is reduced to one lane in each direction from 9:00am to 3:00pm and 11 street and gladstone road northwest is closed for construction. The city is asking drivers to avoid the area or expect major delays. Here is a live shot of the 4th avenue flyover has, of course, down to one lane for construction, causing slight delays on westbound memorial. The may showers the city's been getting is paying off when it comes to drought concerns, at least in the short term. Mason depatie joins us now. Mason talk with the impacts >> Jefferson just a month ago, the city was saying calgarians could see water restrictions as early as may. That's no longer the case with all this rain. But the city does say it's still early on in the season. Moderate to extreme drought is predicted for southern alberta. Well, precipitous precipitation is helping told those levels down slightly right now. More moisture will still be needed to get the province to the summer environment canada says these may showers might improve the situation by a category that would move us up to normally dry. But we're still looking at significant potential for drought. As of right now, this rain is creating high soil moisture, which is good news for dryland farmers. River water use for cities in irrigation is has improved as well since the mountains happened. Getting precipitation too, that's taking concerningly low snowpack levels up to about average overall, not out of the woods yet, but moisture levels are trending in the right direction. >> We've seen measurable precipitation 16 at those 22 days so far this month, which is astounding, really when you consider how dry it was earlier in the year. It's helping to move us in a good direction. >> And jefferson as that snow starts to melt in the mountains. The city during the river for conditions. There is no high risk of flooding right now, but it really comes down to these large rainstorms that happen in the next month or so in those are hard to predict, right? Okay, thanks mason. >> Police are asking for help to identify a suspect in a hit and run. It's believed he was driving a minivan, which ran over a pedestrian in bridgeland last month. Investigators say the victim was likely impaired fell and was lying on the pavement. The driver of the minivan had just backed out of a parking stall and was pulling forward when the pedestrian was run over. Police would like to hear from anyone who recognizes the suspect. A calgary man has been charged after exposing himself to a teen at a recreation centre. Police say the victim was in the men's change room at the thornhill aquatic centre in may, when he was approached

by a stranger who made comments and exposed himself to the victim. The victim fled and told his mother who contacted police. 64 year-old calvin edwin old way is facing charges and is banned from the wreck centre. He is expected to appear in court on july 19th. Anyone with information can contact police or crime stoppers. Fire crews were called to kingsland for a detached garage fire. 68th avenue southwest. >> Flames work their way to the roof and damage was visible. No word on what sparked the fire or if there were any. >> Latest figures from statscan show calgary's population is surging. Jacqueline wilson is in this morning with more jacqueline. >> Yes, jefferson. The population estimate for july 1st last year for the calgary census metropolitan area was nearly 1.7 million people. That is according to statistics canada. That's up 6% from the year before the biggest one-year increase of this century. Now edmonton's populist estimate was nearly 1.6 million. So that's a jump of 4.2%. The majority of the population growth in both cities was from permanent immigrants and from temporary international residents about a quarter of the growth was from people moving from other provinces and alberta actually overtook bc as the region recording the biggest gains from inter provincial moves in jefferson. This population church certainly has ripple effects, creating higher demands it for the city's housing schools, hospitals, jobs, that's just to name a few. Okay. Thanks, jacqueline. Calgary's housing situation continues to get worse. Is this to a city starts implement dozens of actions from its housing strategy. >> An update revealed the uphill battle the city is facing as housing costs climb. Here's jordan county. The city of calgary says 80% of its efforts to combat the housing crisis will be started by the end of this year. But the housing situation. >> Isn't getting any better. Costs are up since the city passed its plan to tackle affordability councillors say a fix takes time. >> Have to always be self-aware about the time it takes to create a problem is almost the equivalent of time it will take to solve it. So it's going to it's going to take some time to get their. According to an update wednesday, home prices in calgary are up 11% since september. >> Average rent has jumped 12%. Some councillors question whether the right strategy is being prioritized. Lake the blanket pups on it. You seem to be. >> Accelerating growth and building. Multiplexes in their established communities was the same time. So walking, maybe more affordable homes that we could building in our outlying communities. >> A new way to city is trying to increase supply was endorsed by committee wednesday. If passed by council, the secondary suite incentive program, but allow people to be reimbursed up to $10,000 for safety items, including separate heat or air conditioning units or connected smoke alarms, missing middle housing and secondary streets are part of the equation. And the people off to say, well. >> Okay, that goes, I may be needed. The mortgage shoppers a secondary street. The program will be capped at 3,000 suites in the first 12 months. >> It could be launched as early as next month. It's already have that. >> So this incentive is key because this incentive means that since we know what's happening, we'll have more safe units for those people to live. >> Jordan kanygin, ctv news, calgary. Council has committed 225 million dollars to the housing strategy for this budget cycle. With ottawa pledging 228 million alberta's finance minister says they will keep exploring an alberta pension plan despite positive returns from the cpp. The canada pension plan investment board earned an 8% return last year. Federal finance minister chrystia freeland has asked the chief actuary to provide an estimate on how much alberta would be owed if it left the cpp. Alberta finance minister nate horner says the province is still waiting for the number and will gauge public interest wants to get it. Researchers in britain found fish oil supplements may actually increase the risk of stroke and heart issues for people who had been healthy. The study examined more than 400,000 people between the ages of 40 69. It found for people without heart issues. Regular use of fish oil supplements led to a 13% higher risk of heart issues and a 5% higher risk of stroke. However, those who had heart issues had a 15% lower chance of atrial fibrillation and a 9% lower risk of death. Food inflation has been steadily cooling, but it appears many canadians haven't noticed any improvement. New leger poll found almost two-thirds of respondents feel inflation at the grocery store is getting worse. 29% blame an attempt by grocery chains to increase their profit margins. 26% believe things like supply chain issues are responsible. And 20% say the federal government is to blame more than 1500 canadians were surveyed from may. 17 to 19. Well, doctors are optimistic. A new type of electric therapy will help patients with spinal injuries. The device sends electric pulses into the patient's body and has been

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