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>> Lindsey: alana glazer co-wrote and stars in the film. Which tackling pregnancy and childbirth. I am joined by ilana glazer. You co-wrote the script when you were anyly pregnant. I love how your character says she feels amazing. We watch her journey. Hilarious changes. How much did you draw on your own experience? >> I was pregnant at the time. Partnered with my husband for many years. And very different from my character. The movie is "babes" is about two best friends who are in two very different places in their lives. My character is single and free spirited and has no idea how incredibly hard it is to make a human and raise a human while her best friend played by michelle is married and has two kids and when my character gets pregnant from a one night stand, she decides to keep the baby and it tests their friendship. The first scene that you rolled, that was my character eden needing her best friend dawn. >> Lindsey: when you sent the script off to shop around, what was the response like? >> People either got this movie or they didn't. They never had seen a story about a woman choosing to be pregnant. Choosing to have a baby that was a hard comedy in this way. The people who didn't get it was like this is gross. >> Lindsey: were they men? It is so real to me. The conversations that you have. >> Exactly. I think that this story could seem blue or gross because it is coming from women and it's being spoken by women. To me, this is real. >> Lindsey: it's real, 100%. That plays so well. Michelle, speaking of playing well. Michelle plays your best friend. The two of you, the chemistry is wild. Did you have a long history with her? >> Michelle has been doing comedy for 23 years and I have been doing it for 18 years in new york. We have been friends for almost 20 years. She is so delightful and so funny. And we really share the same values in comedy. We don't have to make fun of somebody to be funny. We have been friends for so long. Making a movie together could go one way or the other. >> Lindsey: it's a good way. Even that opening sequence which is a good way to start the movie, I laughed so hard. She is the one in labour. You are at the movie. It is hysterical and it is so real. >> Thank you. >> Lindsey: I remember when I had my first baby, my husband still can't talk about it. He wanted to be uptown and the doctor had him downtown. He was like, I didn't want to be downtown. Like your character, there's a lot going on. And maybe some things were unexpected. You think you can plan for something, but not necessarily. >> My character thinks she will be cool with this birth, but she is horrified. >> Lindsey: this movie is hysterical. Ilana glazer, thank you so much for being here. >> Babes is in theatres across canada starting friday. >> Lindsey: thank you so much. Coming up everybody, the gift of walking one step at a time. We have your "good news!" stories after the break. Stay tuned. The memorial cup, presented by dow only.on tsn [ ] Ever notice some odours don't come out in the wash? Odours like those from sweat,urine, and other musty odours can get trappedin fabrics. Try Downy Rinse & Refresh. Just add to the fabric softener drawer. It's formulated withodour-releasing technology to helpremove odours 3 times betterthan detergent alone. Plus, it's gentle on sensitiveskin and on all fabrics. Release trapped odours the first time with Downy Rinse & Refresh also available in fragrance-free. Brand Power, helping you buy better. Me and my husband farm here for 23 years. We farm just outside of Olds. We raise broiler chickens, and we have a crop farm as well. We farm together with our three kids, They all really love

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