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I love you and here we are. >> Stick around, we'll have much more on gaga's concert special later in the show. For now, let's turn to the sympathizer which wraps on sunday. After seven rivetting episodes, it's earning rave reviews for how it approaches what many of us know as the vietnam war. >> I was a man with two faces. >> Welcome to the world of spy craft. >> Captain while suave, strategic and sarcastic. >> You're very blunt. >> I'm an american. >> Is a double agent who yes with the ideological power struggle that comes with fleeing your homeland to survive and the sympathize ups the suspense and emotions by centering the fall of saigon from the vietnamese standpoint. Robert downtowny junior said that the two of you were going to, quote, screw this project up together. Robert downey junior. >> That was what happened on the first day when I met him. Said that to me. Made me feel like I was a part of this on the same level that he was. And sandra was. >> You do see the captain unravel as is inevitable. That's a real strength to the piece. >> A lot of actors, a lot of them went through the escape from vietnam. I really hope that these moments in the show really start a conversation for them to open up and start healing. >> The general, we see him struggling with the loss of that power an then consequently his confidence. >> Felt the same way when I came here, when I was 15. 1975. I felt like I lost everything and developed depression. Watching my parents, how they deal with the loss and starting all over again. >> M'hmm. >> I drew a lot from that. >> I was the very first vietnamese refugee in canada. In toronto. >> You were? >> On april 30th, 1975. >> Wow. >> Run. Run. Run. Let's go. I can not take anything except my handbag with my passport. >> S was the first -- >> The first. >> Vietnamese immigrant that came to toronto. >> How exciting was it -- >> After the war. >> After the war. >> A refugee. >> That has to be powerful to know there's somebody, part of th project, who has such a personal connection. >> Yes. Yes. >> Her story reaches the project that you can't buy. But it wasn't just her. Actors who plays the general, he came over to the same refugee camp that we were -- re-creating. Stories like that and that experience, you just -- so invaluable. >> Gives me goose bumps. >> Incredibly moving just to experience. >> Up next, lenny kravitz opens up about his love life. Is he looking for something special? The answer's next. [ ] . Messi magic Oh Canada!! The stage is set She'll never bend the knee. The greens are coming for you, Rhaenyra, and for your children. (Dramatic music) Otto: It is your great privilege to witness this, a new day for our realm! (Cheering) (Roar) Rhaenyra: We don't choose our destiny. It chooses us. Power outages can be unpredictable, inconvenient, and disruptive to your life, posing a real threat to your family's comfort and safety. When the power goes out, you have no lights, no refrigeration, no heating or air conditioning. The winds are notletting up at all here. We're going to seesome power outages. Number one thing to preparefor is extended power outages. Are you prepared? You can be with a GeneracHome Standby Generator. When a power outage occurs, your Generac Home StandbyGenerator automatically powers up, using your home's existingnatural gas or propane, so your life goes on,without disruption. You and your family arecomfortable, safe, and secure. Stay tuned, to get overa $700 value free, on the most popular homestandby generator in the world. With the Generac,we don't have to worry about whetherwe lose power or not. If the utility company does not come through,our Generac does. Having the Generac generator, I felt secure thatif there was a power outage, I didn't have to worryabout it, that there would be heatin the home. There wouldn't bebusted pipes. After the hurricane happened, we just want to beprepared for anything. Generac generatorsare designed, engineered and built for the purposeof generating power. 8 out of 10 homegenerators are Generac, and have thousandsof satisfied customers. How many timeshave you heard people say, I never want to gothrough that again? Well, the next timeyou go through it, don't make itso hard on yourself.

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myself sound happy in a song and I'd go wait a second, this is completely incongruent yet came from me. How did that happen? [ ] [ ] people aed me all the time when chromatica was all about. Battle for your life in babylon. Anybody in a tough spot, it was created in the spirit of that battle, to win yourself back. There's no greater prize than you. >> Self-acceptance is the through line in gaga discography and it is taped in front of 52,000 people, a personal triumph over depression, trauma and the debilitating fibe mile. >> She works through on the album. >> I feel more clear than I have in a long time and more pain-free. Being free of pain on stage is a real healing experience because I'm able to dance and sing and enjoy the audience and enjoy the show and be clear. Called it the chromatica ball, not the chromatica tour, the ball. I'll see you on the dance floor. >> I will be dancing in my living room all weekend. If you're looking for something less physical, dune part two makes its way to crave. Lainey sits down with zendaya, austin butler and timothée chalamet to talk about making this epic adventure film. >> So kind and welcoming and -- >> We bullied him for the first week. >> Yes. >> Had to break him in. >> Exactly. Hazing ritual. [ Laughter ] >> It's austin as we have never seen him before. Bad, black teeth and a killer. >> You've called him seductively sick I think you said. You did say that. However, you don't get to ride the sand worm. >> I know. >> You have fomo? >> I'll never forgive myself not -- [ Indiscernible Interjections ] >> Not missing zendaya as chany. >> Re-load. >> I needed more of you from the first movie and you came through. What were the parts of this love story that really moved you the most? >> I think for me, it was that it wasn't given and that they had to earn it and so for me, it was fun to dig out because it's conflicting for her. Constantly two voices coming from her mind and heart trying to figure out what to do. >> Timothy, hearing that, your character sees everything. Chany sees paul as he is in the moment without the mythology, without the hype. >> I'm here. >> I'm here. >> I think at first it helps him a lot and I think she sees him for who he is, not for who he's supposed to be. I feel he has to choose between responsibility in one sense, fate and sort of fantasy, beautiful love life he's embarked on. >> Dive in. >> Yes. >> I don't believe you. >> I will say that the mr. Speakertation over sand walking moves is adorable. >> We can relate to that. >> Everyone can. >> I went bk to my hotel room and tried to sand walk. I wonder if it would become a TikTok dance crave. We'll see. >> Who knows what the kids will do. >> Is lenny kravitz looking for love? >> Do you have partner, love in your -- >> Right now I'm open. It's hard not to look. When you desire something, you look for it. But I find when you don't look, is when you find it. >> Lenny kravitz sits down with cbs's morning where he's looking for love. >> This is a bat signal. He should be careful what he says. Believe it or not, the music legend turns 60 this weekend but tells gayle king he's never felt more ready for love than he does now. That bat signal is going on. >> I wonder how she felt? He continues to get introspective about people pleasing, setting boundaries and his daughter zoe and how he help him to grow. >> I learned learned from my daughter. She's so good at creating her boundaries and boundaries are althy but that generation, you know they have time to play. >> That's the coolest dad daughter combination with the exception of you an and your daughter. Lennie'slenny's laying it all on the line with his new album. >> It's his first since 2018. >> Long overdue. We have to take a break. We'll be back real soon.

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