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>> The loudist I've ever measured a cicada chorus is 96 decibels. To put into perspective, when jets are flying into chicago o'hare, the cicadas will drown out the jets. >> Reporter: there are apps to track them and zoo animals find they're a tasty snack. Even humans like to fry up a little crunchy cicada cuisine. >> I like to tell people if it's coming from a new orleans kitchen, even if it's bizarre, it's going to be tasty. >> Reporter: so enjoy the spectacle. Above ground the bug's life isn't long and a double brood won't be back until 2037. Joy malbon, ctv news, washington. >> Heather: a spectacle indeed. That's our newscast for this friday. For all of us at "ctv national news," thank you for watching. I'm heather butts. Goodnight and I'll see you again tomorrow. [ ] [ ] crave, The most talked about... Sounds intense. ... most anticipated shows... You step out of line even once. ... All right here. Subscribe now atCRAVE.CA.

campus controversy. It's dangerous, it's antisemitic. Its hateful professor speaks out after he says protesters. So reta and him potholes creating havoc for calgary drivers. >> Just a matter time before this causes an injury accident or or worse yet, a fatality. >> The craters big enough to cause major damage. Going the distance. Thousands of runners pounding the pavement for charity. >> With camilla di giuseppe. >> Good evening. I'm out. Her university professor is calling out the post-secondary institution for what he describes as turning a blind eye toward antisemitic behaviour. It comes after months of frustration after an incident on campus, which ended in a criminal charge against a protester. Mark villani has more on the aftermath and how the university leadership is responding. >> Kelly sundberg describes himself as a proud jewish community member. But now after 17 years of teaching at mount royal university, he's beginning to feel unsafe. >> There was a group of students in early december. Who went looking for jewish professors. Now we jewish faculty who are scared of going to campus and we jewish students who are are terrified of attending campus. >> On december first, police charged one woman was causing a disturbance at the university's faculty of arts building. One was very aggressive. >> I'm making allegations of anyone who supports the state of israel is a baby killer in these sort of things. Sundberg says anti-semitism on campuses increasing since the october 7th. Hamas attacks on israel. >> And followed in gaza. He claims university administration has done nothing to reprimand students who promote hate of any kind and that the school's mandatory equity diversity and inclusion training ignores anti-semitism entirely. We're starting to see criminal activity as a result of this. I I do point my finger directly at mount royal university >> For allowing the atmosphere to to exist. >> The university says it's aware of the december incidents and cooperating with police, adding that since then mru has had no further reports of similar behaviour and that campus security services is actively monitoring the environment in an effort to keep our campus safe and welcoming for all. But in the wake of protests at universities across the country, some call on academic leaders to take a direct a stand against hate. >> It is such a scary time for jews around the world. A local rabbi, mark glickman says peaceful protest rights must be protected by universities. >> All while facilitating civil conversations to mitigate safety issues. It is going to be very important for us to continue. >> Those kinds of contacts and to allow them to grow and flourish. So that healing between the communities can take place. >> As for sundberg, he fears no reprisal for his criticism. >> I'm not going to sit by and be silent. Mark delaney, ctv news, calgary. >> As ctv news received a statement from the mount royal students for palestine this evening. >> It can be found on our website. >> The decision has been made in the case that sent shockwaves throughout the country. Count the driver who caused the humboldt broncos bus crash is set to be deported to india. Ctv's stacey hein reports. >> Jaskirat singh sidhu is set to be deported to india following the decision from an immigration and refugee board hearing to a hearing like >> They have really limited discussion. They have to determine if the person is a citizen or not. And if they've been convicted of a serious crime. Sidhu became a permanent resident a month before the humboldt broncos bus crash that left 16 dead. >> And 13 others injured. He was a rookie truck driver from calgary who drove through a stop sign and into the path of the junior hockey's bus in april of 2018. While some family members did not want to comment on sidhu's deportation. The father of crash victim logan boo-lay says quote, bernadine and I are thankful for the decision today as we continue to believe mister sidhu should be deported from canada. We're prepared to remain diligent in this belief, even as mister sidhu may launch further appeals crash, victim ryan straznynski says he wishes to do you happiness. >> You know, I can speak on behalf of anyone else, but I'm hoping not no, from human to human. I hope, you know, everything works out they could find happiness. >> In 2019 sidhu pleaded guilty to dangerous driving offences and was sentenced to 8 years in prison. He got full parole last year since sidhu was a permanent resident and not yet a canadian citizen. The canada border services agency recommended deportation is a wife and child were both canadian citizens. >> We're probably cannot go back to india, so it would be

extremely destructive to his life. >> Sidhu's lawyer says he won't be taken into custody immediately and can reapply for permanent resident status on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. He says that process to take a few months or a few years. Stacey hein, ctv news, saskatoon. >> Throughout the city of calgary potholes are causing issues for drivers and one of them has forced a few people to pay thousands of dollars in damage. But there is one in our city that is almost impossible to avoid. And it in numerous vehicles this week, just off sarcee trail and 16th avenue northwest power. Barrow reports. >> His pothole along sarcee and 16th avenue has been a source of problems for drivers throughout the spring. On thursday, emily randall's victim to it. >> Iran is bent in. >> Fortunately for me, it was like it was minor compared to everyone else's. >> Suzanne harvey was another driver. The pothole claimed all in she's paying over $1250 for a new front tire. Whelan steering alignment, a tow truck and an uber home from the area. >> I think what's most frustrating we took some video and you'll see in the video that it looks like this was actually already repaired. >> There's a good chance it was because back in march, another driver says at the same spot, his tire blew up with both from one topic to be replaced. >> Citizens up in your face to expect service >> And they don't deserve to go sit in their car, drove their of spending. >> Dollars has been a busy spring for the city, fixing potholes to date over 8800 alone up and filled in april alone. More than 4,000 repairs were completed, which is significantly higher than last year. The city points to the increase due to more days during the winter above 0 degrees as puddles. Typically 4 to freeze and thaw cycles. The increase felt here at auto sergeant o so far. Well, maybe 8 to 10 people just come in. And just because of pothole damage. >> Which could cause people 4 to $5,000. However, for some, it's not a cause that is consuming them, but rather my fear is the possible that we hit the so dangerous. >> That is just a matter time before this causes an injury accident or or worse yet, a fatality. Tyler barrow, ctv news, calgary. >> And if you come across a pothole in the city, you are encouraged to reported 2, 3-1-1, >> The weekend is here and and some sunshine by think we're still in for the rain. Yeah, we should get a tad more sunshine tomorrow compared to state stay. We had some sunny breaks. We have some cloudy periods and of course, we had the cloud cover and some instability with some thunderstorms in calgary and much of southern alberta. We're looking at similar conditions for tomorrow. So expect fog patches in the early morning hours. Expect cloudy periods and a sunny breaks through later in the morning and early afternoon by about 4 in the afternoon in calgary. We get into that potential, these pop-up showers and a risk of thunderstorms. Well, but temperatures will be a couple degrees warmer. 15 for tomorrow. Talk about your full weekend forecast. And when it will get into the 20's, that's all coming up and yelled. Thank you so very much growing uncertainty tonight about an upcoming show in calgary featuring the works re now street artist banksy. >> Ticket holders for the calgary show were notified by email in april that the banksy art pieces were stuck in u.s.. Customs and were forced to postpone the exhibit to june, 7th, 8th and 9th secret location has not yet been revealed either a former employee of studio, the portland based company behind the show says he and other workers were let go and still owed money or wolf says the venue was never booked for calgary's april show and believes the company might have run into financial problems and fears the show will not go ahead. One ticket holder who tried to negotiate a refund from louis of studio was instead offered a $20 gift card. >> I said that's not what I want. I want to read from please. And thank you. And I haven't heard from them. I have sent in a choir. So them again, I haven't heard back as recently as today. >> A lot of people spent a lot of money and I've been looking forward to this until my termination. I realize if you can't pay me, he's not. But on the show. >> We reached out to louis of studio to ask about wolf claims our e-mail did bounce back. We also tried calling the company's o kelly sadler. We have yet to hear back from him either. And if you try to buy a ticket online for an upcoming show, they are no longer listed. And we are also aware of one other show in honolulu, hawaii. That's also been postponed to september.

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