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cloud mix with some isolated showers. And then we're seeing in 2 alberta, 14 at edmonton, 9 in calgary. We're seeing those pockets of instability, but the northern sectors picked up a lot of sunshine this afternoon, all the way up into the high level area. 13 degrees in prince george. As I said, the central and southern interior looking at a lot of sunshine today, but the coastal areas still picking up some rain shower activity. But all of those areas looking at improvement as far as getting more sunshine as they get into the weekend. East kootenay overnight tonight, you're looking at mainly cloudy skies. There's about a 30% chance of a shower tonight and again tomorrow and tomorrow. You'll have mainly cloudy skies throughout the day. 14 degrees for a high process pass looking at partly cloudy skies tonight, also with a 30% chance of showers tonight and again tomorrow. 15 degrees for a daytime high in a west wind at about 30 kilometres per hour. Medicine have partly cloudy tonight in the sun and cloud mix tomorrow, both tonight and tomorrow. You have about a 30% chance of seeing some showers, but of course, you already have that afternoon thunder shower activity and then for us, we are looking at some evening showers, 4 degrees for a low. We do have a chance of frost in the mix as well, mainly sunny for the bulk of the day tomorrow, we'll get to 18 degrees. We'll get down to 8 degrees overnight last night art or night rather, it's going to be a little breezy as we get into the afternoon hours, but we will have sunshine and but just not as hot a temperature as we will when we get back into like tuesday and wednesday of next week. Narcissus loot. Keep in mind, he is 6 years old. He organizes activities for the kids in the neighbourhood and helps fix their toys. He brings us a little repair kit with him. He's I now I'm back to jackie little bit later. French fries, cookies, doughnuts are all super tasty and part of a group known as ultra-processed foods eating a lot of these foods can be bad news for your waistline. Now research says they may also be bad for your brain. Ctv's heather wright has more. They are quick, convenient and hard to avoid. >> Ultra-processed foods, things like chips, cookies popping soup are everywhere. And according to a new study, there's a direct link between how much you eat and your brain health. The study looked at 30,000 people in the united states and found those who consumed just 10% more. Ultra-processed foods increase their risk of stroke by 9% and cognitive impairment by 12%. The downside is, is really coming into focus. >> I'm not on with our study, but with all the others is that there is a cost associated with that. >> This is just the latest study to look at the dangers of ultra-processed foods, which experts say can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and early death. Food is considered ultra-processed when it goes through multiple processing steps when nutrients are removed to make it last longer. And ingredients like sugar, salt and chemicals are added in my 20's. I was classified as morbidly obese at my diet was primarily ultra-processed foods. Sandra lee associate as a way to self sooth. >> She's now a food addiction counsellor helping people find better balance in their diets. >> This is about you, the whole natural foods to protect our cognitive abilities and our brain health. >> It can be hard and expensive to remove ultra-processed foods from our diets. The lead author of the study says making even small changes can have a big impact. >> It's about gradually guiding and nudging yourself. Torre towards healthier choices over time. >> Experts say when it comes to processed and packaged foods, it really is a spectrum, some better, some worse than others. That's why they say it's important to read the labels to understand the ingredients and as often as possible to cook at home. Heather wright, ctv news, toronto. >> Let's pitch ball's hit the field for their season opener this weekend. And so does the battle of the badges. We've got real life romance farming for love on ctv - From rinkboards... surfboards. Scoring goals to scoring deals. - nuuuuuge! - Yay! - Penalties to pints. From breakaways to getaways. There's a shot! Ryan Nugent-Hopkins! - Childhood dreams to making dreams come true. - My wem, my way. Get ready to transform your smile! With Advanced Technique denture and implant solutions! Where innovation meets craftsmanship, for the ultimate pairing in denture excellence. Our state of the art 3d printing and milling technology, with the artistic finesse of our skilled sculpting denturists, create dentures that are as unique as you are. Discover the future of personalized dentures, and let us redefine your smile at Advanced Technique denture and implant solutions.

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