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25th season. With jacquie scantlebury. >> Good afternoon, thank you for being with us today. The trucker responsible for the deadly humboldt broncos bus crash. He's been ordered to be deported. It happened at an immigration and refugee board hearing in calgary this morning. And 2018 jaskirat singh sidhu smashed into a bus carrying the humboldt broncos hockey team. 16 people died. 13 others were injured. His lawyer says today's decision was a foregone conclusion. All that this required to deport sidhu was proof he's not a canadian citizen and committed a serious crime. >> There's no negative emotions towards and the you know, I can speak on behalf of anyone else, but I'm hoping not no, from human to human. I do, you know, everything works out they could find happiness. >> There are other legal procedures to calm and the deportation process could take months or years before sidhu's returned to india. Lethbridge's logan boo-lay was one of the 16 who lost their lives. In a statement, logan's father, toby told ctv news, bernadine and I are thankful for the decision today as we continue to believe that mister sidhu should be deported from canada. We are prepared to remain diligent in disbelief, even as mister sidhu may launch further appeals. A high-risk offender who disappeared from a vancouver halfway house last fall's parking a 10 day manhunt has been sentenced to 29 months behind bars and a half. We played guilty last month to 2 counts of breaching his long-term supervision order and one count of failing to attend court. Authorities said hopley cut off his ankle monitor and let his halfway house last november breaching the conditions of his supervision order. 2 days before he was scheduled to stand trial for another breach of those very same conditions. He was placed on long-term supervision after serving his sentence for abducting a three-year-old sparwood boy in 2011. The boy was returned physically unharmed with credit served. Hopley will be released from prison in 18 months. Discontent from shoppers over soaring grocery prices. The parent company of loblaws and sobeys are under investigation by canada's competition bureau for alleged anti-competitive conduct. Ctv's paul hollingsworth has more. >> Canada's grocery giants sobeys and loblaws already facing scrutiny over rising food prices are now on the receiving end of an investigation launched by the competition bureau of canada. Anytime you're being investigated by the competition bureau, something serious is happening because they don't get involved all that often. And in fact, I think is a fairly novel case. Both grocery chains are accused of using property controls to limit competition in the retail grocery sector. A lack of competition is directly linked to the high price of food. When you try to control geography. >> As a retailer well and you're suppressing competition. >> Access access to food, affordable food becomes an issue for a lot of people. Sobeys owner empire called the investigation unlawful law professor wayne mackay says this case will resonate with millions of canadians who are struggling with the high cost of groceries. That's one of the things the competition bureau has to look at. They have to come do it independently. >> They're not be overly influenced by political or public opinion. >> But at the end of the day, they can decide is this, there is, is not proper competitive activity. >> Wayne mackay does not want to predict an outcome, but he does think the competition bureau has enough to pursue this case going forward, which means he says it's possible it could be linked to increased competition in the future. Paul hollingsworth, ctv news, halifax. >> London drugs says cyber criminals have followed through on a threat to release confidential data after it didn't pay a 25 million dollar ransom. The company says the leaked files total more than 300 gigabytes and contain employee information. It's now leaked onto the dark web. The data was stolen during a cyber attack. April 28 that forced london drugs to close all up 79 of its stores. Let's talk about the forecast with tory rossiter. And I know we were initially thinking during that it could get up to 31 or 32 next week. But now a little cooler understand a little cooler. 25 26 is what looks like right now. That's not a bad thing because we want to hold onto this ground moisture as long as we can. >> And the harder that our surface gets, of course, everything evaporates. So I'm, I'm not, I'm happy about that. It's still going to be very, very mild and way above average average being 2017 is our current daytime high got down to 5. We do have some isolated thunder showers out there across the southwest winds at 11 strongest wind speed was 13 kilometres per hour. We are going to see that humidity number rise overnight tonight as we do have some thunderstorms already circling our regional car. Talk about that in a minute. But those

temperatures will rise. Jackie just just not scorching values. Ok, sounds good. Thank you. Torri. The series of protests against the ucp government will be held in 8 cities across the province that includes in lethbridge. >> It's called enough is enough ucp protesters will gather on city hall steps tomorrow at 2:00pm organizers estimate around a crowd of about 300 people in lethbridge. Some of the main issues for protesters, health care, the environment and a lack of government transparency. They hope the province-wide approach will make the ucp listen to their concerns. >> I just want I just want. >> The ucp government 2. >> To defamed at the actions and and sit to the papal. We've got to get its aus and sent thousands of papal not noting lethbridge, but all live for alberta this weekend. Protests from lethbridge and other cities. We'll be live streamed on enough is enough ucp dot ca. Major strike could be coming by 9,000 canadian customs and border agents. The work at border crossings and airports nationwide. >> The union voted overwhelmingly in favour 96%, just ahead of the busy summer season. It would lead to some significant delays to the flow of goods services and people on a whole host of levels. Workers have been without a contract for over 2 years. The key issues, wages and remote work options. No work with labour action could begin, if it does at all. Well, as the warm weather arrives in southern alberta this weekend, lethbridge police service is bringing awareness to motorcycle safety lps is reminding both drivers and motorcycle riders be safe while on the road this summer. O p s says all driver should be aware of their blind spots. The space when travelling behind a motorbike and use turn signals. Officers are also reminding riders to wear helmets, wear reflective gear and watch for vehicles turning in front of them. We want more stuff, not like us. And only paid attention to the roadway or the people on the road, but also the possessions on the sidewalk and bicyclists using the road as well as around those parks. According to the province, 9.5% of all traffic fatalities involved either a motorcycle or scooter in 2021. Special day at lethbridge college has more than 1000 students cross the stage to graduate. The spring convocation feature 2 ceremonies today with more than 1200 students receiving degrees, diplomas or certificates from the college convocation took place in the val madd dot gymnasium with an indigenous honour night. This evening. Students crossing the stage a come across the world, including international students from 12 different countries ceremony featured speeches from this year's valedictorian along with the governor general's academic medal recipient. >> Receiving the covering mister away. It s one of the most wired for things that has ever happened to me. Many heard your body is I feel that fog emotional and mckay. I felt like all the hardships I had was tidy are worthwhile. >> The university of lethbridge is set to host its convocation next thursday and friday. Lethbridge's inaugural aviation day takes flight this weekend. The city has partnered with careers, which is a non-profit. The connects students to work opportunities. Organizers hope aviation, they will consider a career in aviation. This year's theme is women in aviation to help encourage girls to follow their aviation dreams. Currently only 6% of commercial airline pilots are women day will feature a static display, including 18 and stars. Helicopter aviation day runs from 10 until 5 tomorrow. Well, the first ever entertainment and collector expo got underway in lethbridge just a few hours ago. The three-day event at the agri-food have been trade centre will feature a range of events, including cost play, celebrity meeting greets and vendors first expo to be held in lethbridge at this scale. And organizers are expecting a large turnout more than 160 vendors are set up actors that just leslie david baker, who play stanley in the office and charles baker from breaking bad will be in attendance. Organizers say they're thrilled to bring this type of event to the city. We're just trying really hard to. Bring a breath of life to lethbridge. And I think this is something that we've needed for a really long time. And we're >> Excited to bring something of this magnitude to lethbridge. So as of right now, we have about 160 vendors and we're expecting over 8,000 people to be here. >> And that's a lowball. The expo runs until 9 o'clock tonight and again tomorrow and sunday. Tickets are available online or at the door. >> The weekend is finally here. So his story with the forecast right after this break. Plus, we know ultra-processed foods With offices in Edmonton,Calgary, and Red Deer Braithwaite Boyle is the trustedlocal choice after sufferingserious injuries

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