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busy spring for the city, fixing potholes today over 8800 alone up and filled in april alone. More than 4,000 repairs were completed, which is significantly higher than last year. The city points to the increase due to more days during the winter above 0 degrees as puddles typically formed during the freeze and thaw cycles. The increase felt here at auto sergeant so far. >> About maybe 8 to 10 people just come in. And just because of pothole damage, which could cause people 4 to $5,000. However, for some, it's not a cause that is consuming them, but rather my fear is the possible that we hit the so dangerous. >> That is just a matter time before this causes an injury accident or or worse yet, a fatality. Tyler barrow, ctv news, calgary. >> If you come across a pothole, you are encouraged to report it. The 3-1-1, >> Let's go outside to daniel tonight, heading into our weekend. How's the evening and the next few days ahead looking daniel. What I would say that the next couple days look, actually pretty similar to what we had today so today we had some cloud cover. We had some sunshine, we had some showers and yet some thunderstorms in calgary and that's the potential for the next 24 hours as well. Again as we head through the evening hours, couple has that pockets of showers still possible, even and non severe thunderstorm. 13 degrees is our daytime high in our current temperature winds relatively calm, but it picked up to about 20 kilometres per hour overnight, fog patches will develop. There's still the potential for a few showers as well. This leaves the some cloud cover for the morning hours again, some fog patches that will mix out in the morning and then some sunny breaks. But then by the time we get to about 3 in the afternoon, we get into the potential again of these pop-up showers and thunderstorms will talk more about the entire weekend in just a little bit tap. Thank you. Daniel. One of the biggest companies in the world has opened its largest canadian facility in calgary, a new amazon warehouse threw open its doors today and the massive bill does set to bring jobs and innovation to our city. >> Timm bruch has more on what that will mean for calgary and some of the challenges it could introduce. >> Situated in the e shepard industrial area. It's a massive facility. 2.8 million square feet to be exact. You might recognize the logo. Amazon's new as warehouses focused in on robotics. That means storage and retrieval of orders are done automatically. But don't worry, that hasn't completely cut out humans and our board all were all of the have grown from about 4,000 employees of which were with amazon in 2019 to about 6,000 people quarantine flight. >> Amazon reps say that 6,000 person workforce will soon become 7500 once this warehouse is full. We have had no issues so far in getting those we're all politicians in canada's fastest growing city have some work to do. I think the most important things that council has to keep its eye on right now is housing. >> Public safety and public transit infrastructure supports and services will need to keep up with a booming workforce. They're getting need. Schools are going to need health care and that's going to require all orders of government working together. The online retail giant promises it's calgary employees will be compensated fairly and be given growth opportunities. Both the mayor and the premier say they're already looking forward to it. >> Businesses can grow and thrive. >> Timm joins us from the amazon warehouse tonight at him. All this growth has led to kind of interesting contradiction in our labour market. Well, that's right, tara, that in flocks really lead to right now, a record level of employment in calgary, but also, if you can believe that a rising unemployment rate right now, we have more people working in our city, then ever before. But thanks to all the newcomers, we also have more people in our city looking for work, which means that unemployment rate is rising. Now, that's an extremely rare situation to be in. But it's entirely possible tariff. Our city continues to see 6% population growth. It's a situation we could find ourselves in once again. The next time stats canada releases its labour reports. Interesting. Okay, tim, thank you. Just ahead on ctv news, the province and municipalities continue to bicker over bill 20. >> The premier says they listen to the base coach ages a local leaders still are not impressed. And 60 years for the calgary marathon. But this event is so much more than just to run. Stay with us fo Pace Kids programs every child deserves to thrive. Looking for a natural health product to reduce your joint pain. Try Genacol® Pain Relief. This clinically proven joint care formula contains AminoLock® Collagen and Eggshell Membrane These two ingredients help reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

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dipped down to 9 degrees. Says some of these little showers and thunderstorms zip through here. And then we went back up to 13. So that's our daytime high normal daytime highs. 18. So we're below normal. But this is an improvement of a couple degrees compared to yesterday medicine hat sitting at 13 lethbridge. I'm brooks into those mid teens as well as bounce and up to rocky mountain house. All right, we've had some activity, absolutely. Today, just in calgary alone, we saw some showers. We saw some non severe thunderstorms and really what developed along the foothills tracked off. And then you can see we had a lot of activity to the southeast part of this province. And just to zoom in, I do want to show you that a lot of this activity is really starting to die down for the evening. Near foremost, there's the south. But again, this is weakening as well. Still coming with a good downpour, but it's non severe. And you can see further to the southeast, just starting to move out. There's a sound there. But again, these are non severe. These are not as intense as they were earlier, but there are still pockets of showers and non-severe thunderstorms that are developing in tracking down. So we have the potential of seeing a little bit of that activity for these next couple hours before it's fully out of the way for today, even as we go for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a similar day was just should see a tad more sunshine for tomorrow. Here's a look at 7.30 in the morning. And you can see we will get some sunny breaks out there. Also some cloud appearance by the time we get to about 4:00pm, we get back into the chance in calgary, getting into the showers and thunderstorms. And as you can see, many communities have that possibility later in the day tomorrow, once again sunday should remain mainly dry and sunny for the morning. But there's a system that the court it will be just off to the north infectious a little bit. We may even see a couple raindrops, most likely by 1:00pm and through parts of the afternoon, but less likely to see rain on sunday compared to saturday, especially later in the day. Highs of 15 for the next couple of days. And if you like the 20's and you like a little more sunshine, that's on tap for monday and tuesday of next week. That's your capital chef 5 day forecast. >> I couldn't yell a high-risk offender who disappeared from a vancouver halfway house last fall, sparking a 10 day manhunt has been sentenced to 29 months behind bars. Randal hopley pleaded guilty last month to 2 counts of breaching his long-term supervision order and one count of failing to attend court. Authorities said hopley cut off his ankle monitor and fled his halfway house in november. He was placed on long-term supervision after serving his sentence, projecting a 3 year-old boy in sparwood in 2011. The boy was returned physically unharmed with credit for time served. Hopley will be released from prison in 18 months. One week after a calgary halal business was told to close by alberta health services. The agency has allowed it to reopen. Ahs says all to how long the heat in the city's northeast was able to provide documentation that all of its food product came from approved. Sources officials say the butcher also provided a written summary of all the cleaning procedures. Business was ordered to close on may 17th after a health inspector question. The validity of its inspection stamps, which ahs said will blurred. Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker morgan spurlock has died. >> Double quarter pounder with cheese >> I think I mean, I have to go super site. >> Spurlock shot to stardom in 2004 with the release of his feature film super size me. I saw him conduct an experiment where he only ate food from mcdonald's for a month. Well, documenting the impact on his health. Yeah, dozens of other titles under his belt over the years. Family members say he passed away yesterday in new york from complications of cancer. Morgan spurlock was just 53. It is the longest-running marathon in canada. Calgary's run is this sunday. It's more than a workout for many, though. We'll explain. I'm watching. Birds has become a popular activity in the calgary area, but there are a few ruffled feathers about some change sponsored by Thethe The Alberta by the Alberta Teachers Association. Great things are happening in Albertas public schools. ( ) ( ) ( ) Nutty...and sweet. Latte macchiato. ( ) This one is for the prize? Intenso. No, cool. Definitely iced. ( ) Sweet. Bye. Nespresso, what else? When you live with diabetes,confidence comes from knowing your glucose levels and where they're headed. Manage your diabeteswith confidence with Dexcom g7. ( ) Make room for more fresh ingredients.

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