These Celebrities' Kids Just Recreated Their Parents' Iconic 'Got Milk' Ads

Celebrities' Kids Recreate Iconic 'Got Milk' AdsSilk

A new ad campaign popping up everywhere is about to serve you a glass of déjà vu. Plant-based milk brand Silk has officially launched a new campaign for their latest oat and plant-based line of milk products. And the campaign is drawing some serious inspiration from the iconic “Got Milk?” ads of decades past.

As People reported today, the brand is ushering in its new plant-based milk line Nextmilk with a series of ads starring Brooklyn Beckham, Ella Travolta, Myles O’Neal, and Sailor Brinkley-Cook. The campaign will immediately conjure up memories of “Got Milk” ads, with Beckham, Travolta, O’Neal, and Brinkley-Cook all depicted with a thick white milk mustache and a glass of Nextmilk in hand.

Of course, this call-back is no coincidence. All four of the starlets’ parents were previously featured in “Got Milk” ads, marking Nextmilk’s debut as the unofficial go-to for the next generation of drink milkers. David Beckham, Christie Brinkley, Shaquille O'Neal, and the late Kelly Preston all did ads for "Got Milk?" in the '90s and '00s.

silk ad
Brooklyn Beckham and Sailor Brinkley Cook for Silk.Silk

"I think those [Got Milk?] ads are so iconic, and bringing that into this new world of being plant-based and having these amazing alternatives is so fun," Brinkley-Cook told People, referencing her equally “iconic” mother Christie Brinkley’s “Got Milk” ad.

In a press release, Beckham shared that Nextmilk is especially helpful for cooking plant-based meals with his wife Nicola Peltz.

silk ad
Ella Travolta and Myles O’Neal for Silk.Silk

Nextmilk will be available in whole fat and reduced fat options, containing 25 percent less calories and 75 percent less sugar than dairy milk. As of today, fans can also sport their own plant-based milk mustache and be entered to win a years’ worth of Nextmilk (and a billboard on Times Square) by using Silk’s TikTok filter.

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