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>>> A vancouver woman was recognized I walk for alzheimer's today for the endless hours of unpaid care she provides to her husband living with dementia, as we report, she said support programs for early onset dementia are not good enough and family members are often left to care for their loved ones. >> Three, two, one! >> Reporter: she hopes that families and packets by dementia are not alone. Her husband was early onset dementia, at the age of 62. >> One day I woke in the bedroom, my husband was on the floor sobbing and he says to me I don't like how I feel. >> Reporter: more than 50,000 caregivers in bc providing treatment, and unpaired caregiving supports to people living with dementia. On the sunday she was honoured for the countless hours with a specialized care for her husband husband. >> She understands the benefit and importance of sharing her story and other people who may be in that same space where they can come forward but it resonates with them to be one of my sister has early onset alzheimer's, we are all walking with her and in the support of her. >> It's a good cause we're walking for today. To find a cure with our donations, that would be amazing amazing. >> Reporter: showing some of the struggles following her husband's diagnosis, when her family was reference to the program. >> Every program is designed for somebody else. >> Reporter: the home support a respite care available did not meet her husband's needs to be one of they are not used to her dealing with an active man wants to kick a ball and that's what they will do. Every step along the way, has been so eye-opening to me, so much more has to change. Healthcare options, it is not a fit for people who are younger. It's one of the most challenging things for diagnosis. >> Reporter: currently there is 85,000 people in bc affected by dementia, that number is expected to increase to a quarter of a million by 2015. She says she would like to see more emphasis on early diagnosis and dementia training for support staff, and more programs aimed at helping early anza dementia and the family. Cbc news, wing commander. >> Janella: south of nanaimo, a group are working to preserve beloved local trailer at risk of development. The cable bays trails about two kilometres long, it is a popular place for dog walks and orca spotting and is chris palmer tells us, committee members are looking to keep it that way. >> It's a busy sunday at the trailhead, not unusual for the area. The trail popular with tourists, at risk of being developed. >> And the trail will for me anyway it means a lot. It is a place where walk almost every day. I come here after work to let everything go and with the surroundings, big trees. It leads the ocean. >> Reporter: land to the west is owned by products limited coups proposing industrial law, want to the east also privately owned is eyeing a subdivision. The fight for the trail started in 2007 when the golf resort and spa was proposed, and this past december with another proposal. >> If you think about losing 400 acres of intact, or relatively intact forest and small community, it is a lot in people may not even realize what the invocations are. >> Reporter: she said developing the land but the delegate ecosystem address,. It is something the nanaimo aerial antitrust is keeping an eye on. >> We have so little of those left, dissolution really is conservation. And over that we have certainly an affordable housing crisis, but we also have a climate and a biodiversity crisis. This place that is one of those last large pieces of intact forest in the ecosystems, it is not a place we will realize a horrible housing. >> Reporter: the land trust is best-known raising funds for turning into public parts per mike chapman says they are open to doing the same for cable bay. >> It is such an important area where these high conservation priorities and recreation come together, it seems a good natural place for us to consider something other than ploughing it. >> Reporter: exporting the economic importance of the air this month, but the presentation to the officials expressing concern with the cost of

protecting the lane. Chapman says the land is a high-priority for the organization and supporters agree. As of sunday more than 22,000 people have signed a petition calling for the area to become a park. Cbc news, nanaimo. >> Janella: the festival returned to vancouver fishermen's north today. >> Our fisheries one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world that are recommended, and it's important for us to ensure that it is available for the future and future generations and for our future fishermen. >> Janella: the vessel celebrates bc's largest from, the season in bc only last a few weeks but is a highlight on the culinary calendar. You can find fresh spawns in local bc restaurants and kitchens during the fishing season, the festival is raising money to support education and sustainability initiatives. [ ] >>> A long fall political battle with policing in surrey may be coming to an end. The mayor not admitting defeat, breaks down questions about what she does in her efforts to keep the Hi, I'm Mae Martinand I cannot tell youhow stoked I am to get a bunch of selfies with celebs at theCanadian Screen Awards. [beep] I mean, I can't tell you how excited I am to host the awards. That is the main and most important thing. (Beach background sounds) Enjoy your trip no matter what with bcaa Travel Insurance. Get 24/7 Virtual Care and more from BC's top choice. ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours today, at (ball thuds) (children laughing) (door thuds) - Miss? (student sighs) (slams desk) - Just one second. - [Narrator] Helping kids find their way is what teachers do. - Deep breath. - [Teacher] It's okay if I join you? - [Narrator] But with more complex needs and less classroom support... - I'm gonna need you to cover two classes. (colleague sighs) - [Narrator] There's just not enough of us. It's time for bc to hire more teachers. - Are you okay? - [Narrator] So we can help more kids. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! Recycle your electric outdoor power equipment for free with the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada. With over 220 locations across bc, we make it easy to recycle your old outdoor electric power equipment. Opeic. Powering Good. [muffled noise] ( ) When my hearing changed, HearingLife understood. ( ) I don't just want to keep hearing my customers. I want to keep being me. Book a free hearing test with one of our hearing professionals and see how our personalized care can help you - keep being you. Love your ears at HearingLife. (Wind) Ready to build some money muscle? At Coast Capital, we're finding ways to help you get paid more! Our new Elevate Checking account has the banking features you want... comes with free access to Coursera's online training, that could help advance your career. Ash is studying negotiation. ( ) And Cody's... coding. The potential outcome? More income! Switch to Elevate Chequing today C'mon team, feel the earn! Michael j. Fox:When we see Team Canada on the world stage, we're witnessing pure greatness. What we don't see is their struggle. We don't see Maggie Mac Neil navigating her anxiety. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander getting cut from his high school team. Or Ellie Black hearing she's just too old to compete. What we don't see makes us who we are. We're all bravely facing the odds in our lives. Now bravery is our victory. - -[crowd cheers] [ ] >> Janella: now that the court has had over the province and the surrey policing saga, the question is what is next for mayor brenda locke's mission to keep the rcmp.

>>> We take a look. >> Reporter: of the losses for surrey mayor brenda locke continued to mount with yet another this week over policing, the courts outside of the public safety minister mike form words and upheld the provincial legislation to force a police transition in surrey. Brenda locke not admitting defeat about says she still in the fight to deliver on her 2022 campaign promise to keep taxes low over policing and keep the rcmp. >> The tax burden facing city residents is the reason why the majority of the members of this council and I have fought so very hard to put an end to this transition. >> Reporter: that majority is a slow morning, just one counter. Hot was strongest her mandate to keep the rcmp maxim but she argues she has from the 22 election, but a look back does a different story. The vast majority of eligible surrey voters did not have that I do not cast abroad toward what years ago only 32 percent of residents going to the polls, in the more ural rays, brenda locke received 28 percent of the vote, a narrow 1 percent of more than pro- putman espoo mayor doug mccollum. There was also another candidate who split votes, some say it is a stretch for brenda locke to invite a good claim city residents want to retain the mounties. >> It is hard to make that claim, you can make a claim to legitimacy or a democratic mandate claim, that this is something overwhelmingly wanted by people. >> Reporter: at the provincial prognosticators are still awaiting the judicial one, and appealing to fatigue over the issue in surrey. >> This is obviously a huge relief to the people of surrey who just want this done. I want this done, everybody wants is done to one the people of syria want this over and they want the transition going forward and that's what will happen. It'll be great if the city is there. >> Reporter: it will the city beat arcamac brenda lucki has not yet announced him next move but with many pressing issues facing the city other than policing, her 19 month fight may be coming to an end up. The surrey police services such take over the rcmp in november. >> Janella: cbc's chief political correspondent rosemary barton spoke with at bc public safety minister mike farnworth about the possibility of it the surrey we're taking the issue policing to higher court. Take a lesson soon what do you say to surrey -- surrey mayor, my dissensions considering whether they take this to higher court but as you know one of her primary arguments now is this is a far too costly. A document that says it will cost 75 millions more than the rcmp and you have to raise taxes and the surrey to cover the costs. >> Again, the mayor is just wrong on front, what she's talking about is the scenario, that is not -- and hundred seneca police officers and only 725 rcmp officers, when the plan that is being implemented which is in fact based on surrey's own plan over the next five years which is to go about 835 rcmp officers, the administrator in place in terms of the police board, the plans that they are operating, it's exactly the same number as [ Inaudible ] offices be mockingly caused issues that difference between the salary costs of an rcmp officer raises a he caused the police service officer and the contracts have been coming closer and closer together, and contract negotiations. And the province put forward the $150 million over five years to make up that difference which is estimated about 30 million. And her jacket decreased over time with the contract is coming closer together. [ ] >> Janella: alive a shot at georgia street p [dramatic] This is the CFPC's largest detachment. Congratulations on making the cut. -We're coming for you and everyone like you. -This job has one rule: follow orders. [rock] we're legendary Man: You don't scare me. Look out! [explosion] Ain't nobody gonna stop me. Stadium announcer: We have a new world record. Arena announcer: She scores! Both: Oh my God. Woman: We're a team. [woman yells indiscernibly] we're legendary We fight the best we can. Stadium announcer: Unbelievable. [muffled noise] ( ) When my hearing changed, HearingLife understood. ( ) I don't just want to keep hearing my friends. ( )

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