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>> Reporter: thousands of runners are braving the less-than-ideal weather conditions to be a part of a celebration: 60 years of the calgary marathon. >> I'm from spokane, washington, and I'm here to run the 60 calgary marathon. >> This is the longest-running marathon in canada steeped in so much traditional and -- tradition and yet feels new and fresh because there's so many people here. >> It's a good challenge, especially for someone who's thought that a mayorathon distance is kind of a distant goal or dream. >> Running is good exercise. It gives us something to train for, and we also raise money for a cancer foundation, so it's good there. >> Running is prayer, running is connection, and running is spiritual. It's important that we establish that connection if you're the mother. >> Reporter: there really are 13,600 reasons, one for every participant. This is the first time that the marathon has sold out since 2014. >> Alicia: to the ice now, and the edmonton oilers are returning home after dropping the second game of the western conference finals 3-1. That series with the dallas stars tied up at one game apiece. >> We're happy with the split. Obviously, you'd rather take two but going into good teams building, it's going to be hard fought. I thought they had a push back last night that we expected. >> Gives us an opportunity to make the most of our home games. Yeah, two very tight games. It's going to be a tight series just like the last one. >> February, 1-1 coming into this building, we would have been happy. You win one, you always want to win another. We're going to go back to edmonton where it's part of our crowd, at home, and it's going to be tough no matter whatether it's at home or on the road. >> Alicia: limited tickets are still available through ticketmaster and other event retailers, and the usual watch parties will be happening around the ice district. The puck drops after 6:30.

>>> MAY IS ASIAN HERITAGE MONTH, AND ONE FESTIVAL IS AIMING TO SHOWCASE CHINESE ARTS AND CULTURE. FROM TEA CEREMONIES TO CALLIGRAPHY TO LION DANCING, AND TODAY, WE STOPPED BUY TO WATCH ONE OF THE WORLD'S LARGEST LION DANCE CHAINS. >> [indiscernible] THIS IS NOT A VERY NICE MONSTER. IN FACT, IT WILL DEVOUR SOME OF THE VILLAGERS IF YOU DON'T RUN AWAY FAST ENOUGH. THERE'S FIRECRACKERS GOING ON BECAUSE IT SCARED AWAY THE LION, AND THAT'S ONE OF THE STORIES BEHIND THE LION DANCE. >> YOU HAVE YOUR HORSE ASSISTANCE,STANCE, WHICH IS THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR STANCE. WITHOUT A STRONG FOUNDATION, YOUR OPPONENT CAN JUST PUSH YOU OVER, AND SAME THING WITH LION DANCES, IF YOU'RE COMPETING AND DOING TRICKS, YOU WANT A STRONG FOUNDATION SO YOU DON'T FALL FLAT ON YOUR FACE. >> I'M A THIRD GENERATION CANADIAN, BUT SEEING THAT WE'RE ABLE TO CARRY Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Owning an NHL team. Penguins head office went through your offer and it looks good. Wow. [he chuckles] Get me on the phone with Copps Coliseum, tell them I want to buy it. [upbeat rock] Ram Power Days are here.The power to choose fromthe most awarded truck brand over the last five years. Like Ram Classic.As versatile as it is capable. Ram 1500, voted bestlarge pickup in Canada. Or Ram Heavy Dutywith a no-charge Cummins. And you don't pay for 90 days. The power is yours.The time is now. Get 20% off MSRP on Ram Classic for up to $14,200 in discounts. Plus get 4.99% financing. What does Joy mean to you? Winning $1,000,000 dream home? A new adventure-ready luxury motor home? Maybe it means going on a once in a lifetime trip every year, for ten years? Or maybe it means giving southern Alberta's tiniest patients a healthy start to their lives. With the children's hospital lottery, It's all possible. Get your tickets and add a little joy to your life while making a big difference for kids and families at the Alberta Children's Hospital. You've been waiting to get outand drive a New Nissan,great offersare ready So, check out all the latesttech, features and thrills - it's all happening right now. Now, at Nissan, lease select models from as low as 2.99% for 24 months. ( ) ( ) ( ) Stop dreaming. Start shopping. Red Tag Days are on at Toyota, with great offers on select models. Find yours today, at I can't believeall this was five bucks.I can't believe you brought mehe ( ) Right now,get a Chicken McMuffin with a hash brown and a small premium roastcoffee for five bucks. The Jeep No Limits Eventis here.Which means more trailsto blaze. More challenges to meet. And right now enjoyno payments for 90 days. Get into a Jeep Compass. With best-in-class horsepower. Or Jeep Grand Cherokee,the most awarded SUV ever. ( ) Jeep No Limits is here. Time to test your limits. Get up to 10% off MSRP for up to eighty sevenhundred dollars in discounts. And no payments for 90 days. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an L2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! Abel: Hi, I'm Abel. Mom: I often forget to mention that he's an amputee because Abel will try any activity he can. Abel: My arm helps me with basically everything! Mom: He doesn't see what he can't do, he sees what he can do. Abel: Yeah, this is helping. Mom: The War Amps has just given him the ability to do all the activities every kid can do. Abel: When youdonate to The War Amps, you help kidslike me. Thank you!

[ ] >> Alicia: a new brunswick woman is going public after her facebook account was hacked while the social media did nothing to stop it, and that scam is still making the rounds today. >> Reporter: these former neighbours were reunited after being sucked into a facebook scam that's designed to play on the goodwill of friends. Here's what happened. A broadster packed lisa lowry's account, they posted an ad claiming she was selling her things after her dad moved into long-term care. >> I thought it was lisa,n't like lisa, who's the most honest and trustworthy friend I know. >> Reporter: they notified the company, who did nothing to stop it. Last year, canadians lost a reported $174 million in social media scams according to the canadian antifraud centre. And there's more. Go public found more examples of the photos running rampant, so we asked facebook why it's continuing to allow a scam to run that they know is false? Meta made about $185 million in revenue last year. The cybercrime expert says it's time the company is held accountable. "marketplace" posed as one of the buyers. When we called them out and asked if facebook ever shut them down, they didn't seem worried. The two women say they've lost trust in social media but they're grateful they have someone they can trust back in their lives. >> We will not go so long without our next visit together. >> Reporter: rosa marcatelli, cbc news, calgary. >> Alicia: time is running out for the pro-palestinian encampment at the university of toronto. Toronto police have told the individuals to clear the area, and if not, they're going to be cleared out. >> Reporter: the protesters are demanding items that the university is willing to make, including cutting ties with companies in israel. The university said it will consider looking at a working group to consider divesting. >> We don't have time to do this only to be told no. >> The people of gaza don't have time. >> Reporter: students could be suspended or expelled, faculty and staff be suspended or fired. In an open letter to the university, the O.F.L. says you decide to move against the students, you'll have to go through the workers first. >> It is a very good feel, and it reflects what the people have been asking for. Our asks are grounded in national and international law. >> Reporter: the union representing several jewish groups groups in ontario say it's past time. >> This is something that's been allowed to continue for far too long. >> Reporter: this week, the university of waterloo put their protesters on notice. Two universities in quebec have gone to court to clear out encampments, and earlier this month, protesters were forcefully removed in alberta. >> Alicia: speaking of universities, a cbc news investigation shows that most canadian institutions do not track suicides.

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