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why not gi give the a shot. >> Reporter: all races will start at ottawa city hall, and finish here at queen elizabeth highway. As for the courses this year, there are some changes to the routes. In the past, runners would pass into gatineau, but this time it is all staying on our side of the river. >> Thi year it looked like it may not work out, and we wanted to be sure we weren't closing too many bridges for people who aren't participating in the marathon. >> Reporter: the race draws in roughly 2,000 spectators, and it is a milestone for the running organization. >> It is the 50th anniversary, done every marathon, so this year I'm looking forward to doing the 50th. >> Reporter: with thousands of runners taking over the city this weekend, expect a few disruptions to ottawa's major roads. Saturday's closures stick to centre town and the rideau canal. And on laurier avenue, and elgin, oak o'connor and wellington are also expected. Roads are expected to reopen at 6:00 P.M. on sunday. >> That means if you're heading out this weekend, plan ahead and leave extra room for travel. Celeste decaire, cbc ottawa. >> Robyn: and coming up later in the show, we'll have an interview with another runner participating in race weekend. Jessica foley was seven months pregnant and had a two-year-old at hom when her husband passed away while running the marathon. She will share her story in just a few minutes. >>> Taking a look at the forecast now: clear tonight with a chilly low of 8°. And then sunny to start the day tomorrow. There will be increasing cloudiness as we move throughout the day tomorrow, with a chance of showers late in the afternoon and again in the evening. Sunday also start out sunny with a mix of sun and clouds later and the day and a high of 25°. So a warm day for the marathon and half marathon. So keep that in mind if you're racing. And grab your raingear for the start of next week because we have more rain on the way.

>>> Canada's military history seen through the eyes of women artists is the subject of a new exhibition at the canadian war museum. It features works from artists who used paint, canvas, cameras who used art to describe life during war time. Sandra adma has more. >> Reporter: from women who served during the second world war to those who did their part on the homefront, outside the line spans war and conflict through the ages, from the viewpoint of 52 canadian women artists, employing a variety of media. The work reflects a range of emotions. Some were official war artists, such as gertrude, who journeyed to afghanistan with canadian soldiers. >> Having the female perspective really makes a difference because it shows a different side of war, and it tells different stories than I think we normally would hear. >> Reporter: at first glance, you wouldn't expect these pink creations were modeled on deadly instruments of war. Barb hunt knitted this collection of exact replicas of anti-personnel landmines. >> I wanted to make them more closer to the human body, and our human body is soft and fragile. My mother was a nurse, and that gave me this idea of the vulnerability of the human body. >> Reporter: artists rosalee went to the far north to highlight the service of the canadian rangers, many of whom are indigenous. The artist says she is moved by the range of expression in this exhibition. >> Women who were involved in so many different ways and then made different art practices, the photography, of course, I'm drawn to, painting, sculpture, video -- it's really very touching. >> Reporter: outside the lines, women artists in war runs until next january. Sandra adma, cbc news ottawa. >> Robyn: coming up interview with a mother and widow running in ottawa race weekend. Jessica foley lost her husband five years ago when he collapsed while running the half marathon. This year she'll be on the Jackpot City is the home of all things Casino. There's just one house rule, to create the perfect online Casino for you. We've built a world class line up of classic Casino games such as roulette and black jack and crafted a virtual range of the best slots including Atlantean Treasures. Everything's online, everything's ready, everything's for you. So whenever your feeling playful, head to Jackpot City and you'll beendlessly entertained. Jackpot City, Casino games perfectly made for you. That grimey film on your teeth... Dr. G? That's actually the buildup of plaque bacteria, which can cause cavities. Unlike other toothpastes, Crest Pro-Health's Antibacterial Fluoride fights bacteria for 12 hours. It stops cavities before they start. Crest. ( ) In here... you can expect to find... crystal clear audio... expansive display space... endless entertainment... and more comfort for everyone... But even with all that... we still left room... for all the unpredictability... spontaneity.. and unexpected things... you'll find out here... Jeep. Grand Cherokee. The most awarded suv ever. [ ] Ever notice some odours don't come out in the wash? Odours from sweat, urine,and other musty odours can get trappedin fabrics. Try DownyRinse & Refresh. It helps remove trapped odours 3-times better than detergent alone. Try Downy Rinse & Refresh. Let's maximize those dreams. That's right. The next lotto max jackpot is an estimated $70 million, plus an estimated 12 maxmillions. A backyard putting green? What about a whole backyard course! Got another dreamer! Get your lotto MAXtickets today! [olg sting] The Jeep No Limits Eventis here.Which means more trailsto blaze. More challenges to meet. And right now enjoyno payments for 90 days. Get into a Jeep Compass. With best-in-class horsepower. Or Jeep Grand Cherokee,the most awarded suv ever. ( ) Jeep No Limits is here. Time to test your limits. Get up to 10% off msrp for up to eighty sevenhundred dollars in discounts. And no payments for 90 days. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture.

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