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>>> You often see people rioting them but e-scooters are illegal in toronto with city council voting yesterday to have it remain that way. There seems to be a lack of enforcement though. Is dale manucdoc reports police and the city say they just don't have the resources or time to crackdown on riders. >> Reporter: if you've been to a protest or political event in toronto chances are you've seen lawyer karima said pull-up. She frequents many events that document them and sometimes offer commentary. Her 2 wheeled vehicle helps make it possible. >> First of all it's fun. They are a lot of fun to ride. It folds. It is easily charged. Just plug it into the wall and I have control over my own journey and destination so I'm not stuck waiting for a bus to come on the subway or even an uber driver. >> Reporter: they are often the presence of police but none have ever made an issue of her rioting in e-scooter even though they are prohibited think they cannot be used anywhere in the city of toronto other then private property. No parks or sidewalks. >> Reporter: the mohsin sabir happened is if I forget my helmet there's a bit of chiding and rightfully so. It is important to protect oneself. >> Reporter: she's not the only 1 that started off scott free. There's many people using e-scooters in toronto as few are dinged for an offence. Here's what police told city council thursday when pressed about enforcement. >> I can state some statistics that in 2023 specifically for rioting on sidewalk there were 89 tickets issued. >> Would you consider that a lot >> I would not. >> It can't always be police that are the solution and toronto's problem because we know that something doesn't work in a cost a lot of money. >> Reporter: police said as much the resources or not there and there's other priorities often ahead in the queue. Despite the lack of enforcement council loaded yesterday to keep the micro mobility vehicles legal. None of that has stopped sales of the speed cap demons from skyrocketing. >> Because it's very compact it is lightweight, it folds down see don't need to have parking to have a scooter. You can take it to your apartment speed to for now the ban continues. The city plans to post more signage to remind people of the bin. >> These are traditionally very difficult defences to catch and right a ticket for as people are riding right on the streets they're probably not going to get a ticket for riding in e-scooter. >> Reporter: dale manucdoc cbc news toronto. >> Advanced drawing is officially opened in mississaugas mayoral by-election. We spoke with some voters head into the early polls and the main issues they want mississaugas next mayor to address. >> Less expenses. Less taxes. >> Reduction in taxes would be nice. >> I'm not sure if I was particularly shocked or enthralled with any of them. >> To be honest laurent, less work jobs. Jobs is the main issue we have here right now. >> Reporter: my all candidate to make it was in attendance to cast events about. It's open today and tomorrow mississauga civic centre and on june 1st and second voters can castor advanced ballots at 22 locations from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. A full list of those locations is available on the city's website.

>>> Meanwhile election day in mississauga is just over 2 weeks away on june 10th and 1 of the big topics transit. From transit fares to bike lanes. Candidates have been busy campaigning on the issue trying to drive home their message of how they plan to improve ways to get around the city. Clara pasieka finds out how those ideas are landing with residents. >> Reporter: vicki and her dog are already to china slow role where members of the cycling community taken mississauga trails and bike routes as a group but trying to commute by bike and a city that often feels billed for collar cars can be harrowing. >> I feel I have to mentally prepare myself every day to get on the road. >> Reporter: she says there's 20 many sections of the city that are unsafe for cyclists. Some with no backplane still. >> Pockets of good spots but it depends on where you have to go. >> Reporter: she's looking for a candidate who understands dangers of unsafe roads for cyclists and wants to get more people using 2 wheels. Cyclists are not the only ones looking for better options to get around the city with a car. These university of toronto mississauga students rely on transit to get to class and say my way is barely getting a task. >> The main ones who come to campus are usually full. You have to wait long queue times. It is very takes a long time to get to campus and buses are not as frequent as they should be. >> The my way transit time should be longer because the ttc is looking downtown. Up until 2 or 3:00 am. 11 to 12. >> The people not choose a sustainable way of life if sustainable option is not a viable option. >> Reporter: many students we spoke with say transit is a top issue in the election. Here's what some of the mayoral candidates vying for their votes said they would do. They promised to build east-west connections to the hurontario allergy on dundas street, eglinton avenue interior room. Bring the subway to mississauga catfight the approved bloor street integrated project that takes away car lanes 2 and bike lanes and clean project so don't connect to a network. They want to complete the proposed dundas east lrt that will travel along dundas street and turn north on hurontario to merge with the new hazel mccallion lrt. Component 4 new bus rapid transit lines along derry road, erin mills parkway dixie road and lakeshore road. And advocate for two-way all-day go service service along the milton line. Carolyn paris will create some sort of east-west connection to complement the progress hazel mccallion lrt advocate for all to go service to milton, make safe recycling lanes and have more speed homes installed. Stephen promises to move a motion asking cannes to review the decision around the bloor street into a project, extent subway into mississauga and bring the lakeshore ttc streetcar into a queue. And will increase the capacity and frequency of service on the most used transit lines. None of these proposals are budgeted and several involve other levels of government. Voters have until june 10th to decide who has their vote. Cbc news mississauga.

>>> Ttc workers could be going on strike for the first time in 60 years. The union that represents close to 12,000 ttc employees say they will walk off the job on june 7th if an agreement is reached in the ongoing contract negotiations. Greg ross has the latest. >> Reporter: the strike is still avoidable the president of atu local 113 says they are prepared for the worst. >> We are planning on mobilizing and getting her memories ready. >> Reporter: margaret says while some progress has been made at the bargaining table between the union and ttc management there's been little movement on the biggest issues for workers. >> We ask for job security and benefits, asking for wages, asking for simple dignity when it comes to delivering this reliable transit. >> Reporter: news of potential strike was a surprise to many ttc users we spoke with today. >> That would be a mess. >> I take the streetcar every day down king street to get to work. I'm a 9-5 guy blue-collar so going to be tough for me but other people out there struggling so guy got a strike to get what they need and that's the way it is. >> Now I'm retired so it's not that bad because I'm not working. But when I was working it was really, really bad. >> Reporter: this is the first time the ttc has been in a position to strike since 2011 but the province introduced legislation that prevented them from walking off the job. Last year that was ruled unconstitutional by an ontario superior court judge. The union says they suffered big losses because of that law over the past decade. >> They took advantage of the and ability to strike and greatest crumbs and gave whatever they thought was worthy >> Reporter: news the unione sarda strike date did not come as a surprise to the ttc or the city. >> We understand why but this is the normal cadence bargaining between the union. >> Reporter: city cancel-mac and ttc board chair jamaal myers says his confidence are still plenty of time to get a deal done. >> I think there is a path to a fair deal for all sides. Adjusting it has to come through continuous ongoing effect respectful negotiations. >> Reporter: he says they are prepared to negotiate around the clock that's what it takes. Greg ross cbc news toronto. >> And other beautiful spring day across the gta with temperatures well into the twenties. Coming up which I can Jackpot City is the home of all things Casino. There's just one house rule, to create the perfect online Casino for you. We've built a world class line up of classic Casino games such as roulette and black jack and crafted a virtual range of the best slots including Atlantean Treasures. Everything's online, everything's ready, everything's for you. So whenever your feeling playful, head to Jackpot City and you'll beendlessly entertained. Jackpot City, Casino games perfectly made for you. That grimey film on your teeth... Dr. G? That's actually the buildup of plaque bacteria, which can cause cavities. Unlike other toothpastes, Crest Pro-Health's Antibacterial Fluoride fights bacteria for 12 hours. It stops cavities before they start. Crest. ( ) In here... you can expect to find... crystal clear audio... expansive display space... endless entertainment... and more comfort for everyone... But even with all that... we still left room... for all the unpredictability... spontaneity.. and unexpected things... you'll find out here... Jeep. Grand Cherokee. The most awarded suv ever. [ ] Ever notice some odours don't come out in the wash? Odours from sweat, urine,and other musty odours can get trappedin fabrics. Try DownyRinse & Refresh. It helps remove trapped odours 3-times better than detergent alone. Try Downy Rinse & Refresh. Let's maximize those dreams. That's right. The next lotto max jackpot is an estimated $70 million, plus an estimated 12 maxmillions. A backyard putting green? What about a whole backyard course! Got another dreamer! Get your lotto MAXtickets today! [olg sting] The Jeep No Limits Eventis here.Which means more trailsto blaze. More challenges to meet. And right now enjoyno payments for 90 days. Get into a Jeep Compass. With best-in-class horsepower. Or Jeep Grand Cherokee,the most awarded suv ever. ( ) Jeep No Limits is here. Time to test your limits. Get up to 10% off msrp for up to eighty sevenhundred dollars in discounts. And no payments for 90 days. It's Leon's Storewide Super Sale! Save up to 50% on furniture. Save up to 50% on mattresses. Plus, get an l2 washer and dryer set for only $998 including a 2 year warranty! Ends Wednesday! Let's maximize those dreams. That's right. The next lotto max

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