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entitled to dictate what their neighbours do with their property. This is a compromise that is part of what it means to live in a city and enjoy the benefits of highly developed infrastructure, nearby culture and amenities. Idea that these concerns should be put above the needs of the city, especially in the urban core of all places, is absurd and irresponsible. >> Tom: changes would allow around 200,000 housing units across the region. Halifax got nearly $80 million for the accelerator fund. Council will make the final decision tomorrow. >> Amy: local libraries in cape breton expanded a programme to help people learn english and people are not only learning about language, but also about learning the local culture. >> Reporter: public libraries are often seen as gathering spaces, and now they have become a home for newcomers wanting to learn english. A year ago, cam sun came to cape breton to study at cbu. >> I think it helps a lot. At first I didn't want to speak with people, even I know a lot of words, I couldn't organise them together. >> Reporter: sun says when he first arrived he spoke little english, had few friends and was feeling alone. Now he's feeling a connection to cape breton and hopes to stay after his studies. >> If there is some resource that people can help you to improve, I think it is -- it is very good to help you settle in canada. >> Reporter: some newcomers say learning english is one thing but understanding fast talking locals and accents is another. >> When you say english and not just saying like the formal one, you know, like the academic or the business english, but it's important -- I think it is important for us as a newcomer or as immigrant to learn like the daily stuff. >> Reporter: some of the daily stuff means ordering a pizza, understanding unique phrases such as clear as mud, or finding items at the nearby grocery store. The programme's coordinator says through these groups, immigrants are able to build connections in their new communities. >> When they first come here, they may have their friend here and there but that's it, and they get to meet other families, they get to discuss things, what, you know, where do you shop, things like that. >> Reporter: conversation groups are staffed mostly by volunteers, many of whom are retirees. >> So it really builds a sense of community and I think it's important to provide this because otherwise they are very isolated. >> Reporter: caser says the programme started six years ago with as few as ten people attending. It has since grown to 30 people in sydney and spread to other communities like north sydney, glace bay and new waterford. Cbc news, sydney. >> Tom: first of its kind report tracks the economic prosperity of nova scotia's black community has been released. Index was presented at the halifax regional library. The index detailed data on african nova scotians and black immigrants in the province. Co-chair of the youth council and eighth generation african nova scotian. Says the most important aspect of data collection for black communities is self-determination. >> I have a parent that's an immigrant but the other side, eighth generation african nova scotian. If I were counted in the census, I would not be counted as third generation or more, I would be considered second generation. So exactly, that's the type of thing that really make you wonder, what is this actually represent and how do we represent our data collection method so we can more accurately reflect the reality. >> Tom: the group behind the index hope to compile such data every three years. >> Amy: a number of countries plan to officially recognise a palestinian state, saying it's critical to achieving peace in the region. >> Tom: hrm councillor is calling for review of the ferry service after repeated cancellations of crossings. Calling for the service to be improved. >> Amy: and jay is back next with his weather forecast. We'll see you after the break. ( ) At Enterprise Mobility, we never stop looking for new mobility solutions. Because sometimes the best road forward, is the one you didn't expect. ( ) To give your teeth a dentist clean feeling... start with a round brush head... add power... and you've got Oral-B. Round cleans better by surrounding each tooth... to remove 100% more plaque... for that just-left-the-dentist clean feeling. Oral-B

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showers, and isolated thunderstorms into the evening hours as we look to your friday, could see some more moderate pockets of rain friday morning. It's not a widespread rain and the sky begins to clear out from west to east into the afternoon. So still some sun into the friday forecast. I would like to see more cloud and more widespread rain drops. A much more beneficial thing heading into the weekend. Certainly a start on the gardening. A look at the overnight conditions, north of halifax as we look to the truro area, up north, showers possible tonight into tomorrow morning. You'll want to keep an ear to the sky but isolated showers better chance later in the day tomorrow. Temperatures into the low teens through the overnight hours, fairly mild. As we look to tomorrow afternoon, again, we are seeing temperatures up in the mid to upper high 20s inland, the wind off the water, southerly breeze could keep temperatures below 20° for parts of the halifax area and near the coast. Inland, though, seeing more of the yellow and the oranges, the warmer temperatures away from the marine influence. And we have a chance of showers for northern and eastern areas, lingering into the early afternoon before clearing and then late afternoon and evening the chance will return again. Otherwise, fairly mild, a mix of sun and cloud for most areas. Morning fog patches and drizzle. Thursday night into friday, we do see some periods of rain. There is isolated thunderstorm risk but the showers begin to clear out as we edge into friday afternoon. Saturday sunny and fairly mild. We see temperatures start to cool off into next week, and keeping an eye and fingers crossed for this one as well early next week for tuesday. Tom, amy. >> Tom: thank you so much, jay. >> Amy: thanks, jay. >> Tom: up next, I'll talk with sam austin about the review of the halifax dartmouth ferry service he has been calling for. That's our newsmaker. >> Amy: stay with us. You are watching cbc n Announcer:Can heartbreak help break records? You want to be great, you need to sacrifice. Announcer:Do bigger fans have higher blood pressure? How's your heart rate? Announcer:Why do we love rooting for underdogs? Gotta support the home team. Announcer:When you get curious, you getCBC. Announcer:News you can trust,when you want,where you want. Download the freeCBC Newsapp. I heard it wanders the streets at night in search of food. I hear it can carry two kayaks right on its back. You know how nobody can find parking on gameday? It found a way. The new Subaru Crosstrek. The true Urban Legend. Depend offers all day protection. So you can say "yes" to alll-most anything. Yes! Yes! Yes! No! Depend. The only thing stronger than us, is you. Sometimes the difference between a summer road trip and the road trip of the summer is an ice cold drink from McDonald's. Like a Small McCafe Iced Coffee or a refreshing Coca Cola for $1 plus tax. Step up your summer today. Jackpot City is the home of all things Casino. There's just one house rule, to create the perfect online Casino for you. We've built a world class line up of classic Casino games such as roulette and black jack and crafted a virtual range of the best slots including Atlantean Treasures. Everything's online, everything's ready, everything's for you. So whenever your feeling playful, head to Jackpot City and you'll beendlessly entertained. Jackpot City, Casino games perfectly made for you. ( ) In here... you can expect to find... crystal clear audio... expansive display space... endless entertainment... and more comfort for everyone... But even with all that... we still left room... for all the unpredictability... spontaneity.. and unexpected things... you'll find out here... Jeep. Grand Cherokee. The most awarded suv ever. My life is full of questions... How do I clean an aioli stain? Use Tide. Do I need to pretreat guacamole? -Not with Tide. -Why do we even buy napkins? Thankfully, Tide's the answer to almost all of them. -Do crabs have eyebrows? -Except that one. For all of life's laundry questions, it's got to be Tide. The qeii Home Lottery final deadline is midnight Friday! Live lakeside in Glen Arbour with the 1.8 million dollar Grand Prize Showhome awarded with $50,000! Absolute final deadline midnight Friday! Leon's Spring it on event ends Wednesday! Get incredible deals on furniture. Save up to 50% on select clearance mattresses. Save up to $1,000 on select Appliance and tv packages.

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