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people are going to ignore it. They'll get up and walk anyway to use the restroom. You can expect the seat belt sign won't be on more than likely when you encounter this unexpected turbulence. >> Linda: if you can't see it coming, clear turbulence as a pilot, what can you do beyond quickly turning that seat belt light on? >> Well, by then it's too late. We have speeds called turbulence penetration speeds. If we had anticipated the turbulence, we could have slowed the airplane to that particular speed. Because there's no warning, we can't do anything. Once the turbulence occurs, turn on the seat belt sign on it's really too late. Folks don't have time to fasten their belts to get to their seats. >> Linda: we had a pretty similar incident even more severe earlier this week. A man dying of suspected heart attack, dozens injured in a flight to singapore. Given that these incidents happened just days apart and we heard of recent incidents that are similar as well. How do you think this is affecting the public's perception about flight safety? >> Well, you're going to incur a certain amount of turbulence as well as normal turbulence. If you fasten your seat belt, it's probably not going to bother you. It's the folks that didn't do that that got injured. It's easy to prevent injury. That's the main takeaway. Passengers have to be prepared at any time to anticipate some turbulence. >> Linda: that's aviation expert and former airline pilot keith mackey. For the first time in months, hamas has hit central israel with rocket attacks. Militant group says it launched a barrage of projectile from rafah in southern gaza. Journalist irris makler is in jerusalem and has the details. >> Reporter: what we know is that the barrage of something like eight rockets, crossed into israeli airspace. Most of them were intercepted. There was minor injuries, minor damage. Very few injuries to people. Nevertheless, most of that was injuries from shrapnel. Israelis in the centre of the country were running to the bomb shelters. Airport was closed. It did have an impact on israel. What hamas said it's interesting. It's been four months since the last barrage to central israel. Hamas claimed responsibility. Pretty smartly. They said they were doing it in retaliation to israel's massacre. What israel says is this. They are firing from rafah. That's also significant. They are firing from rafah as israeli troops advance. They know once those rockets and weapons are located, they will destroy them. They are using it before they can be destroyed. Nevertheless, they have given some ammunition to right wing politicians in israel who say how can you stop fighting in rafah when there's still sufficient weapons there to be fired into central israel? >> Linda: this latest escalation came after eight trucks came through israel to bypass the rafah crossing through egypt. What can you tell us about that? >> Reporter: hundreds of trucks were lined outside the rafah crossing since israel took that crossing on may 6th. It's not far, 5 kilometres down the road to an israeli border crossing. They are going in from there. Some 200 trucks ready to go in. Much of the food has already spoiled. We have heard from palestinian sources inside the gaza strip that eight trucks had gone in with fuel and cooking gas. That is significant. What's coming in from the other pier that the U.S. set up is a smaller amount of aid. It's more expensive to get in. It doesn't come in the same quantity. Everybody is advocating for aid to come in by land through the old system through these border crossings. However, the problem is distribution. What we're hearing from the owner of the U.N. refugee agency, once it gets in it's hard to get it out. Especially to the something like 900,000 palestinians estimated to be on the coast having fled rafah. How do you get them to the coastal area. There's nothing there but the but the tents that they put up. There's no infrastructure. All of those issues, has to be said the fact that some aid is going in.

>> Linda: that's irris makler in jerusalem. Representatives from dozens of countries are in brussels to talk about the future of the palestinian authority. The meeting comes just days before three european countries are set to recognise a palestinian state. >> The palestinian government calls on all states that have not yet recognised the state of palestine to take this principle decision as soon as possible. >> Linda: that was palestinian prime minster today thanking spain, norway and ireland for their decision to officially recognise the palestinian state later this week. He calls on the international community to pressure israel for a cease-fire. Today's meeting in brussels is a chance for countries to exchange views about the plans and priorities of the palestinian authority which currently controls the west bank. Several european countries say that the palestinian authority should take over the control of gaza from hamas. Meanwhile, at the university of toronto, organizers from a pro-palestinian encampment have released a counter proposal they plan to present to school officials later today. >> This process is slow. Bureaucratic and archaic. We reject playing a game that will go nowhere. Our counteroffer is built on the fact that the office of the president has the ability to create new processes and make decisions on divestments. >> Linda: they want the university of toronto to divest fully from israel and suspend any ties to the country. The counterproposal will be handed to school officials ought 5:00 P.M. eastern time. Protesters have been issued a trespass notice and told to leave by 8:00 tomorrow morning. U of t presented an a ever last week that the school says claims has investment in weapons manufacturing companies in israel has no bases in fact. Also in toronto, police are searching for multiple suspects who fired gunshots at a jewish girl elementary school. >> Suspects arrived at the school in a vehicle. Dark coloured vehicle. They exited the vehicle and opened fire at the school causing damage to the front of the school. The suspect then got back in the vehicle and left the area. There were no reported sound of gunshots at the time. There was no reported injuries. >> Linda: the force hate crime unit is helping with the investigation and police are increasing their presence in the local community. Prime minster justin trudeau and ontario premier doug ford have taken to social media to condemn the shooting and call it an act of anti-semitism. The prime minster will attend ceremonies marking the 80th verse of the d-day landing in france next month. It will be the first time justin trudeau has attended the event since the 75th anniversary in 2019. More than 14,000 canadian soldiers landed or parachuted into france on june 6, 1944. Suffering more than a thousand casualties that day including 359 killed. The battle of normandy saw 5000 canadian troops lose their lives. Thousands more wounded. We're back in just a moment. Announcer:Closed captioning forthis program is brought to youin part byTour Watch all three episodesofCome and Say G'Day, a paid content series byTourism Australia,onCBC gem. Parrots are incredible animals. [Parrot] Another overdue bill! Yeah. They're also extremely intelligent. [Parrot] Forgot to pay again! They also repeat things they hear a lot. The new bmo eclipse rise Visa card rewards you with points for paying your bill on time every month to help build a routine. [Parrot] Rewards you with points! And you get 5x the points on things like groceries, dining and recurring bill payments. [Parrot] For paying your bill! —But also you can... — [Parrot] Every month! —And just remember. —[Parrot] Build a routine! [Parrot squawking] He is a talker. When a bank helps you make real financial progress. That's the bmo Effect. Bmo a new arrival alarms the brotherhood of muscle. Muscular features signal power and performance. Attributes they've never seen in this build. ( ) Behold a new breed. Ready to swarm, ready to sting, ready to electrify. ( ) The defiant power packed hybrid electric Dodge Hornet r/t. Performance electrified. [Song playing - Here Comes theHotstepper by Ini Kamoze] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups] [people shaking the ice in their cups]

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the school claims it has investment in western manufacturing companies in israel has no bases in fact. A major union is encouraging its members to join student at the site tomorrow in a show of support. Cbc's lisa shing reports from the encampment. >> Reporter: the encampment here at the university of toronto has been going on for three weeks now. Time is ticking. The university has given protesters a notice of trespass meaning they could face legal penalties if they don't clear the encampment by monday morning. They also told students that they could face suspension if they don't clear the encampment and faculty and staff could be fired as well. For three weeks now, hundreds of protesters have been sleeping in tents here on campus in a bid to get the school to restructure its finances as well as its academic relationships to sanctions israel AMIDst the gar in gaza. The university said the protest must end. It has put stress on the entire community. University president had outlined an offer to the students saying, it would consider strike up a committee including students to consider divesting from israel over the next few months. Protesters here say that's not good enough. Here's what they said earlier today about their counteroffer. >> We're interested in committees. We're interested in commitments. We're getting the university of toronto to divest from weapon manufacturing. The proposal they put forward is the processes for divestment. We know that these processes are not a guarantee. >> Reporter: meanwhile, the ontario federation of labour, which represented about million workers in the province, have thrown its support behind the students and staff protesting here, saying the university has to bargain in good faith without the threat of police interference. Its organizing a rally here monday morning as a show of support behind the protesters as well, there are negotiations tonight at 5:00 P.M. between the university as well as protest organizers. Lisa king, cbc news, toronto. >> Linda: for more on this, we're joined by a first year master student at the university of toronto, an encampment spokesperson. Thanks for joining us. It's been more than three weeks you rejected an offer from the university of toronto and have received a trespass notice. Now you put together this counteroffer. What are you hoping for at this meeting at 5:00 p.m.? >> We rejected that the first written offer is the final offer. They know that the first offer cannot be the final offer. Yet, here we are with a trespass notice and injunction. We're trying to negotiate in good faith as we have been trying to do since day one. As you mentioned, we get present our counteroffer earlier at the press conference and we will be presenting the same offer to them at the 5:00 P.M. meeting. >> Linda: okay. We've also heard there the o.f.l., ontario federation of labour saying if you move against the students, you'll have to go through workers first. How does this change your strategy going into this meeting? >> We are beyond faithful to the solidarity of the workers. Over a million people are represented by the O.F.L. over 54 unions. It does add layer of protection we know that university of toronto wants to shift the blame calling police on student, staff and faculty. We know that community will mobilize and protect us. That is what keep us safe. >> Linda: when it of cos comes to what you're asking for. U of t saying that has investments in weapon manufacturing companies such claim have no bases in fact, according to a statement they released today. What is your understanding what investments the university has and what do you specifically need them to divest from in order to remove your encampment? >> That is untrue. We know from publicly available disclosure reports that 17 out of the 44 managers over see investments in at least 55 weapons. Most have direct relationship with the israeli defence forces. These managers have investments in at least 34 companies that have directly profited off israel's genocidal campaign. Finally, at least 12 out of 44 manager have direct investment in companies listed under U.N.

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