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>>> Closing arguments on donald trump's hush money trial begin this week. This comes after a wave of crucial testimony from key players in the case. Prosecutors and the defence will be given one last chance to sway the jury's opinion. That's before they begin deliberations on the former president. For more, we're joined by jeffrey jacobo -- he joins us this morning from washington. Thank you for taking the time. >> Good morning. >> Marianne: tuesday, all eyes will be on the courthouse in new york. Let's talk about the closing arguments, starting with the prosecution, of course. They've got to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt for the jury. What will that be like for them? >> The prosecution has put on a number of witnesses. The last witness being michael cohn, who is the most controversial, but a lot of testimony has been corroborated by the witnesses. Pepper, the documentation and the issues is whether donald trump knew the payments were being made to stormy daniels and if they were made, were they made to interfere with the election. And the prosecution has put forth significant evidence on this issue. >> Marianne: you mentioned that corroboration, what does that mean then for the defence as it enters its closing arguments? >> The defence will put on two witnesses and their last witness was costello, almost an attorney for mike for mike for thecohen. His testimony did not go well. It's sort of incomprehensive that michael cohen would reach into his pocket and pay stormy daniels all this money just to protect donald trump. And there is evidence that donald trump did know about it and that's what the jury will have to decide. >> Marianne: after the closing arguments, the judge will give the instructions to the jury, the jury will start deliberating. >> It's very difficult to read a jury. And for those who say, oh, I think the jury is leaning this way or that way, I don't see how they do that with merit. But we have two lawyers and an engineer on the jury, who are left on the jury, and it's possible somebody like that could hang up a jury. In other words let's say the jury votes 9-3 for conviction. If something like that happens, the judge in new york will have to decide whether he wants to rebring the case and when he can bring it. And question will be will it be before the elections? But jurors tend to end up with unanimous verdicts. >> Marianne: it's interesting, because this is not only the first prosecution of a U.S. president, donald trump is a presumptive presidential nominee in the upcoming election in november. If convicted, what barriers could there be for him for not only become the party's presidential candidate and ultimately if elected president? >> The felony of the business records and election interference which would be what he would be convicted of if he's convicted does not bar him from running for president. The question is, will he lose votes if he's a convicted felon. And that we're not sure about. There are people on the margin. There are people who will not change no matter what. And first you have to see if he's convicted and then we'll see what the poll says. >> Marianne: how well do you think the justice system has held up the rule of law in this case? There were the violations with the gag order, you know, the fines and the punishment he had to deal with. What is your takeaway looking back? >> I think the justice has done an excellent job here. He had the gag order issued. He balanced a lot of interests. The judge had the option of blocking him out, either just for a few hours, overnight, or for the duration of the trial, but the judge didn't do that. And he knew that it would be very controversial if he did that with the presumptive

republican nominee. It's not clear whether donald trump wanted to be locked up for a few hours or 24 hours and that's nothing he would pitch to his potential voters. But I think overall the judge held firm in the case and did a very good job. >> Marianne: and let's see how things all shake out on tuesday in new york. Thank you so much for your time and insight. Criminal defence trial attorney. Thanks, again. >> Thanks, marianne. [ ] Andrew Chang: It makes sense that they get a larger share, or does it? -Welcome to the Greenbelt. Andrew: All of this, just single detached homes? -Yes. Andrew: What do we know? I think we can explain. Announcer: About That with Andrew Chang. Watch free onCBC Gem. ( ) (Wincing) Get started for free on eharmony. Must be 18 or older to join. Get who gets you. eharmony. Summer starts... now! The new dq Summer Blizzard Menu. New Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Party, New Picnic Peach Cobbler. And more delicious flavors. Start summer now! Only at dq. Happy tastes good. The Jeep No Limits Eventis here.Which means more trailsto blaze. More challenges to meet. And right now enjoyno payments for 90 days. Get into a Jeep Compass. With best-in-class horsepower. Or Jeep Grand Cherokee,the most awarded suv ever. ( ) Jeep No Limits is here. Time to test your limits. Get up to 10% off msrp for up to eighty sevenhundred dollars in discounts. And no payments for 90 days. There's so much pressure these days. Work doesn't seem to stop. And parenting never does. So when my time comes, I want to make things as stress free as possible for my family. Welcome to Seniors Choice. How can I help? I'd like to get a quote please. If you're a Canadian Resident aged 50-80, you can choose the right amount of coverage for you and your family up to $250,000. Okay. You can choose to apply over the phone now in just minutes. With no medicals or blood tests, just a few health and lifestyle questions. It's that easy? Depending on the coverage you choose, it would be as little as $14.88 a month. That's just 49 cents a day. That's cheaper than I thought and this coverage could save my family from having to pay for my funeral when the time comes. There might even be some left over as a gift for them. I'll go ahead. Seniors Choice are the #1 Direct Choice for Canadians Over 50. To get a free, no obligation quote, call one of our trusted insurance advisors today at 1-844-848-8154 or visit Expected to hit the 50° mark in pakistan as the intense heat waves through the country. A number of patients have been admitted with heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Officials are saying the extreme temperatures are due to climate change and that conditions will become more unbearable in the coming months when the humidity increases. It's expected to last until at least next week.

>>> In this country, icebergs could attract crowds to the newfoundland coastline, but this year there are fewer of them and smaller in size. The implications for iceberg seasons. >> Reporter: you can see lots of signs for icebergs in twillingate, but there is one place you can't find the real thing. >> There is no ice right now. >> Reporter: barry rogers is getting ready for his first tour of the season. About half of the customers in iceberg quest are looking for -- well, icebergs. >> It's disappointing. We've been doing this data for a long time. There is no two seasons that are the same to us. >> Reporter: he helps protect icebergs but a warmer ocean meant there was less ice. Sea corp is a non-profit company that tracks icebergs. Data shows that the amount of sea ice has been shrinking. >> We're going to continue to see decreased ice cover, thinner ice, fewer icebergs. And that's something we just have to deal with. >> Reporter: it's not good news for people like peter lemark with one goal from the netherlands. >> 60 years, I haven't seen an iceberg in my life. >> Reporter: for businesses, it means a pivot. Deborah borden runs a pub, a hotel and restaurant. When her guests can't see icebergs icebergs, they encourages them to hike and see the people. >> When many of them leave, I'll be back. >> Reporter: it's still early in the season. A few icebergs may still float by. But for the long-term, all people here can do is hope that the icebergs and the tourists keep coming. >> Marianne: let's bring in rachel from the weather network. Foggy skies. That was my view driving in this morning. >> I know. A lot of the fog has started to burn off. If you looked out the window and thought, oh, it's not going to that nice. Look again. Because now we're starting to see skiez like this. We had a beautiful sunrise over top of lake erie. The fog advisories quickly dropping and get into the afternoon it's going to be baufl. 25 in ottawa. Beautiful day up and down the slaurnz. As we focus in on the next system coming in to ontario, that sparks up the thunderstorm risk this evening. So around 8:00, 9:00 P.M. and that thunderstorm potential will move east through the overnight and fleesh into tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll see widespread rain and we're going to watch east of toronto, cakawarthas, kingston and ottawa, that's a target zone. We're going start off the week with a soggy note. We're going to keep that trend on the west coast as well. >> Marianne: thank you, rachel. [ ] [ ] >> Marianne: the composer behind that classic song, richard sherman has died at the age of 95. He was part of a team with his late brother robert and they brought joy generations. They were uninducted into the song writers hall of fame. Disney said he passed away due to an age-related illness. Here's more of his iconic work. When there is hardly no day hardly no night there's things >> Announcer:Transforming the country into one massive obstacle course. >> Here we go. [screaming] >> I love it. >> Announcer:Canada's Ultimate Challenge, watch free onCBC Gem. Wall paper or paint.We make thousands of financialdecisions every day. Stay on top of it all withalerts and insights from the cibc Smart Account. Canadian summers just hit different with Tims. ("Steal My Sunshine" by Len) Introducing two new Sparkling Quenchers... made with natural flavours and colours. Memories are made with Quenchers. It's time for Tims

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of Canadians for morethan 85 years to protect and celebrate birds. To find out how youcan save bird lives, go to birds dotNature Canada dot ca. [ ] >> Marianne: hello. I'm marianne dimain. You're watching cbc news network. We start in papua new guinea this hour. The number of deaths is growing significantly following a major landslide on friday. Albert delitala joins us now in studio with more on the disaster. You're tracking the numbers. I know you reached out to global affairs canada which we'll get to. Things are changing. >> Reporter: this could be the largest landslide in the history of papua new guinea and that is because of more than 670 people who are feared could be dead in this. The international organization for migration which is a U.N. agency there says the numbers, they're estimating 150 homes, more than that number, were buried by this massive landslide. You can see on the map where this happened. It's nearly 4,000 people live in the remote individual of yambali which is 6,000 kilometres northwest of the capital of port moresby. It buried dozens of homes. The earth and rubble is estimated to be 6 to 8 metres deep. You can see it there. Just a massive landslide compared to other ones they've experienced in that area. And it's also estimated to be between 3-4 soccer fields in size and actually blocked a local highway. Emergency responders have been working to move people to more stable ground, safer ground. And they also have set up evacuation centres on that stable ground and they're trying to bring people to those centres. >> Marianne: in looking at the images, you can see the challenge that rescueers have ahead of them, not just because of the remote area. >> A lot of unstable debris, unstable ground is complicating the efforts. And in addition to that, they've experienced a lot of rain in recent months which is fear of smaller landslides that could happen. On top of that, tribal clashes. They've been common lately in the province. Including one group that blocked an aid convoy that was actually delayed until the military was able to let it through. Here's one journalist who spoke to media. She writes for a newspaper in the country's capital. >> Papua new guinea rescue teams are on its way to the province. The location is hard to access. You can only have helicopters or choppers access the place. >> Reporter: the country's government is reportedly considering whether to request more international help in regards to the situation. The U.S. and australia have said they will assist here. I have reached out to global affairs canada about what aid they will send. Tt a large number of people are feared to have died, but it is feared that number of deaths could rise significantly. >> Marianne: you're going to keep on eye on that. Albert, thank you so much. That's the cbc's albert delitala this morning. >> Marianne: turning now to the war in gaza and a fresh push to get humanitarian aid into the south of the territory from egypt. A convoy of trucks is bringing in supply for the first time since israel stormed rafah this month. Irris makler tells us about the efforts and what went into making the deliveries a reality. >> Reporter: 200 trucks have been going in. They include food trucks and fuel trucks. And we have that from the head of the red crescent. I've seen footage from the egyptian television. The significance of this is these trucks were not getting in through the rafah border crossing. Egypt and israel blaming each other for that, but either way it took an intervention by the U.S. president joe biden. They called the egyptian president and they agreed that some of the trucks could be rerouted to the israeli border crossing and go in that way. That's great news because fresh food on the trucks was rotting. Nothing was getting through.

hundreds of trucks were just standing there. Now we see trucks. But there is a criticism for the U.S. agency on the ground about distribution. We heard from the head of unrwa and he said it's all well that it gets in, but how do we get it to the people who left rafah, the palestinians who fled rafah to avoid the fighting? They're on an area on the coast, sandy area, just tents. How do we get food safely to them for them and us? Any kind of delivery is hard in the war-time. Nevertheless, despite all that, we have to say this is an achievement today for washington and for the palestinian civilians in gaza. >> Marianne: the top court is seeking arrest warrant against benjamin netanyahu at the same time mike johnson is inviting him to speak to congress? >> That's right. What we're seeing is invitation issued friday by the republican U.S. leader in the congress. He has very good relations the number two -- I guess you call him benjamin netanyahu confidante, that is arranged. No date given. That's going to be given this week. And the american media is saying I it has to be before the august recess, so not much time. And there has been criticism inside israel of the timing, saying benjamin netanyahu should be in the country, gallivanting around the world for his own purposes, not enough for israel and other criticisms that he hasn't met the survivors of the october 7 attacks and is going overseas to meet international leaders. This is going to fraught with drama. >> Marianne: hundreds of people have attended the funeral of an israeli hostage whose body was recovered on friday. Michel nisenbaum was killed by hamas on the october 7th attacks and his body was then taken to gaza. He was retrieved with two others. Pressure is mounting on the government of benjamin netanyahu to get the last remaining hostages home. Protests have become commonplace across israel. Demonstrators are calling for new hostage release and fresh elections.

>>> A clock is ticking on the pro-palestinian encampment at the university of toronto. They have 24 hours to leave or potentially face legal action. They are scheduled to meet with administrators later today. >> U of t knows how to bargain. They bargain with unions all the time. We are currently preparing our counter-offer and hopefully we're able to discuss that at the 5:00 P.M. meeting. >> Reporter: the protesters say they won't budge until they get commitment that u of t will end investments with israel. >>> Now to russia's war in ukraine. Ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy is calling on the U.S. and china to join an upcoming peace summit in switzerland. Dominic valitis has the details. >> Reporter: well, marianne, this is highly produced prerecorded video message featuring zelenskyy which was filmed inside the burnt-out remains of a ukrainian printing press. It's a direct appeal, in english, to U.S. president joe biden and china xi jinping to attend next month's up coming peace summit in switzerland, which neither country has agreed yet to attend. But here he is. Take a listen. >> I am appealing to the leaders of the world who are still of the global effort. To president biden, the leader of the united states, and to president xi, the leader of china, we do not want the U.N. charter to be burnt. Burnt down just like these books. And I hope you don't want to either. Please show your leadership in advancing the peace, real peace, not just the force of the strikes. >> Reporter: now the wider context here, the background, of course, is the situation on the ground over the last couple of weeks or so russian forces have been making significant advances on the battlefield, especially of their new offensive north and northeast of kharkiv. In this video address as zelenskyy also claims that russia is now forming another grouping of troops near ukraine's northern border. Presumably preparing for a further offensive action there. Another sign zelenskyy says that putin doesn't want peace. Now russia, of course, hasn't been invited to next month's summit in switzerland and although dozens of other countries, including india will be there, there is still no word if the U.S. or china will attend. Ukraine especially wants china to be there because beijing has a certain amount of influence on moscow. It's also worth mentioning that the address comes just a couple of days after russian sources told the reuters news agency that putin was ready to stop the war in ukraine with a negotiated cease-fire that recognizes the current battlefield lines. But as mentioned earlier, they say that the russian actions on the ground proves he doesn't want police and any cease-fire he is reportedly offering is nothing more than an opportunity for moscow, for russia, to prepare for future offensive operations. Marianne. >> Marianne: in the meantime, what can you tell us about the air strike on kharkiv? >> Reporter: yeah, this is a terrible strike yesterday on a crowded hardware store in kharkiv. The city's mayor says around 120 people were shopping inside when two russian-guided bombs slammed into the building. And this morning ukrainian prosecutors gave an update on casualty figures. They're saying at least 12 people were killed in the strike while 14 others wounded. 16 people are still missing. Ukraine's president volodymyr zelenskyy condemned the attack overnight as another demonstration of russian madness, that someone only as crazy as putin would be able of committing such an act. >> Marianne: cbc's dominic valitis in london. Closing arguments are set to be >> Announcer: News you can trust, delivered when you want, where you want, with localCBC Radio Onelive to connect us closer to home on theCBC Newsapp. Download for free. At Pet Valu, we treat your pet like our pet. Well, Georgie, it's time for adult food. And there's a lot of great options to choo... too choose from. They grow up so fast. I know... I do this like ten times a day. ( )

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