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we spoke -- media spoke with one -- a woman who lives in the area who describes some of the situation. >> Animals, the livestock, buried. Everything was buried. They're appealing to our government, the NGOs, for food and shelter, temporarily. And then they also making -- they're trying to retrieve the bodies they are digging up. >> Reporter: one factor that is complicating the rescue efforts is that tribal warfare in the area. One aid convoy was reportedly delayed by one group. There is also an incident apparently unrelated to this, but caused some issues. 30 homes burned. Eight deaths because of a clash between rival clans. Emergency responders have been working to remove survivors to evacuation centres they set up on either side of that debris field. They've also been -- the government also has been considering whether to ask for international aid to assist with their efforts here. The U.S. and australia have already said they are willing to offer their support. I have reached out to global affairs canada to see where canada might stand on this, also to see how many canadians might be in papua new guinea. In terms of the number of missing, they are expecting -- they are expecting to update those figures as time goes along. So that number of dead could change in the hours and days ahead. >> Marianne: looking at the images, seeing the local residents scrambling to get the help to the victims. Thanks for the update, albert. >>> The findings are out in examination of the delay in an emergency alert in the deadly floods in nova scotia. We'll hear what went wrong ahead here on cbc news network. [ ] [dynamic]Andrew:Where we're all aboutexplaining and expanding. Financial goals. At Fidelity, we know that everyone's got them. And they're all different. But the one thing we share? We all want to get to them sooner. ( ) ( ) ( ) Power through your to-do list... ( ) ( ) and create a space that makes a splash. Find stihl tools, starting at $179.99. Shop local. Buy stihl. Find yours at (Opening Mnemonic) (music throughout) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Parrots are incredible animals. [Parrot] Another overdue bill! Yeah. They're also extremely intelligent. [Parrot] Forgot to pay again! They also repeat things they hear a lot. The new bmo eclipse rise Visa card rewards you with points for paying your bill on time every month to help build a routine. [Parrot] Rewards you with points! And you get 5x the points on things like groceries, dining and recurring bill payments. [Parrot] For paying your bill! —But also you can... — [Parrot] Every month! —And just remember. —[Parrot] Build a routine! [Parrot squawking] He is a talker. When a bank helps you make real financial progress. That's the bmo Effect. Bmo Rosemary:Every week the issues that matter to Canadians. -These are acts of desperation. Rosemary:Connecting politics to people. -We will always protect and defend all nato allies. -Some people have lost everything. Rosemary:Sundays, join me for Rosemary Barton live. Amusement park in western india has killed at least 27 people. Officials say some of the bodies have been burned beyond recognition. And that the fire has claimed the lives of "many children". The search continues for at least one missing person. Police have promised a swift response to the incident and have taken two people into custody for questioning.

>>> Another fire in india has claimed the lives of at least six newborn babies after a blaze broke out at a baby care hospital. The fire department did manage to rescue six children from the flames. They have been taken to another hospital, including one newborn on a ventilator. The owner of the baby hospital has fled, but legal action is being taken against the unidentified person. >>> A recent outline reports the failures that occurred during the flash flood in nova scotia year. The alerts that were meant to warn people exacerbated the situation. Kayla hounsell has more on the tragedy. >> Reporter: six-year-old colton was fast asleep when floodwaters began to fill his home. His dad tried to get him out of the area. >> The water had a strong current. I didn't know where it went. >> Reporter: colton was one of four people who died after being swept away in two separate vehicles last july. Now a new report says an emergency alert telling people to shelter in place was delayed. >> We had emergency alert put out for west hants. But it comes again and again. At 2:28. Colton's mom gets wind of the attempts and calls to wake his dad. And finally, nearly two hours after it was first requested, the alert is issued. >> By the time the alert was issued, colton was dead. >> What do you think went wrong? >> I don't think anything went wrong per se. It was an unprecedented storm. >> Reporter: the report says part of the problem was poor cell service. There was also no access to flood mapping. Though this after-action report has just been released, the intact centre on climate adaptation at the university of waterloo released a report in 2020 prior to the nova scotia floods raising similar concerns. >>, quite frankly, the more lethal outcome associated with the event could have been avoided. Tt >> Reporter: the municipality has created templates to alert faster and increase the number of people who can authorize them. >> I'm so disappointed. >> The ciscos want someone with an ability to do the alert on call 24-7. >> I don't think I could just stop knowing that a whole generation is going to have to face this. >> Reporter: she says her family's tragedy should remind her that the time for action on climate change is now. >> Marianne: violent storms and tornadoes are sweeping through the central united states and disrupting the memorial day weekend for millions of people. The extreme weather has damaged homes, overturned vehicles and knocked down trees and pour lines. It's unclear how many people have been injured, but hail, winds and possible tornadoes are also in the forecast for the region today.

>>> A LOOK AT MONTREAL THIS SUNDAY MORNING. IT IS A NICE DAY SHAPING UP THERE RIGHT NOW. WE'LL HAVE THE FULL NATIONAL FORECAST. >> What assurances can you give to Canadians watching this at home? Is that everything you needed to do, or everything you wereableto do? >> We're not going to make a decision on a budget we haven't seen yet. >> Let Canadians decide. >> Announcer: David Cochrane forPower & Politics, weekdays at 5:00 p.m. Eastern onCBC News Network. Ram Power Days are here.The power to choose fromthe most awarded truck brand over the last five years. Like Ram Classic.As versatile as it is capable. Ram 1500, voted bestlarge pickup in Canada. Or Ram Heavy Dutywith a no-charge Cummins. And you don't pay for 90 days. The power is yours.The time is now. Get 20% off MSRP on Ram Classic for up to $14,200 in discounts. Plus get 4.99% financing. Let's go for a skate, and a little chat. Because retirement today is not what it used to be. The good news is we're living longer and more active lives, but planning for that longevitycan come with some challenges. Thankfully as a Canadian homeowner aged 55 and better, you have options. The CHIP Program allows you to access the value of your home without selling it. So you can live retirement on your terms. If you're 55 or older call now for your free no obligation CHIP Reverse Mortgage Guide. With CHIP you get up to 55% of your home's value in tax free cash take only what you need in a lump sum or over time with no monthly mortgage payments required. Call (number on screen) Maybe it's time for you to consider CHIP too! Call now for your free no obligation guide. Call (number on screen) or visit CHIP dot ca. Call CHIP today and live retirement your way. Inu Nagamu is one of Canada's largest Indigenous and alcohol-free music festival. In the heart of the Cote Nord region in Mani-Utenam, Inu Nagamu Festival proudly celebrates its 40th edition to the rhythm of Indigenous artists from near and far, in addition to presenting world-class performances in a family-friendly atmosphere. We look forward to see you in Mani-Utenam from July 30th to August 4th, 2024. NOW. THE EDMONTON OILERS FACED THE DALLAS STARS IN GAME 2 OF THE NHL WESTERN CONFERENCE FINAL LAST NIGHT. >> SKINNER HOLDS. SCORES! TIPPED IN FRONT. >> Marianne: THE STARS WERE ABLE TO PULL AHEAD IN THE THIRD PERIOD AS MARCHMENT GOT IT PAST THE GOALIE. GAME 3 TAKES PLACE IN EDMONTON TOMORROW NIGHT.

>>> It was a disappointing outing for soccer fans in vancouver. Not only did the whitecaps lose 2-1 to intermiex, but the record-breaking crowd missed out on seeing lionel messi, the 8-time winner didn't travel with the team. Canadian fans hope to see membershipslionel messi in action in atlanticta. I keep talking about the rain and umbrellas, but there is sun? >> You got it. We're dealing with fog across southern ontario. Fog advisories still in place. But we will have to nice sunny day as we go into the afternoon. Beautiful conditions near chapleau, sudbury, you can see windsor with the thunderstorm icon. That's hinting at the next system. That thunderstorm risk will rise tonight and then especially tomorrow for ontario. As we focus on québec, beautiful day today as well. Any tourists in montreal, 25° with the sunshine. You picked a perfect day to go. Québec city at 21. Really comfortable conditions here. Now here's the thunderstorm risk I was talking about. This comes back into play sort of after dinner-time tonight. And then we'll see that thunderstorm risk grow as we go into monday. That's because the colorado low will be moving in across ontario and into québec. So along that 401 corridor out toward ottawa, this is where we have ripe conditions into monday afternoon to see large hail, damaging winds, some big thunderstorms. So monday will be a rainy day. You can bank on using the umbrella. Sort of getting in and out of the house quickly. Some downpours are quite possible and heavy rain within the north of ontario, too, toward chapleau and timmins. We're also tracking the west. This trough from fort nelson, b.c., all the way to regina and assiniboia, you'll be looking at showers. Winnipeg looking at showers tonight and into monday morning. >> Marianne: with over 60 days to go to the olympics in paris, we're getting a preview of top surfers. It decade in the 2021 and is confirmed for the next games in los angeles as well. The tahiti pro is being held in the same spot that many will be return to in >> Andrew Chang: May is Asian Heritage Month. Join us in celebrating the many contributions that Asian Canadians make to Canada. Savings is the name of the game for us when we shop. I thought we were playing charades? So, we use Rakuten to get Cha-Ching. While we're gaming? Go. We get Cash Back at hundreds of stores. Cha-Ching! Health and beauty, clothes, electronics... No, no. Office supplies? Uh huh! Shoes, Home and Garden... Travel! On all of that and more. [buzzer] So, even when we're losing game night, we're winning. Gulliver's Travels. So close. When you back hurts, life hurts. Robax dual action formula relieves pain and relaxes tight muscles. Take back your back with Robax. ( ) ( ) The infiniti qx60 exemplifies modern luxury. With powerful suv performance, three rows of comfort, and a sleek-yet-daring design. ( ) Lease a 2024 qx60 from 0.99% apr for up to 24 months. Visit ( ) Parrots are incredible animals. [Parrot] Another overdue bill! Yeah. They're also extremely intelligent. [Parrot] Forgot to pay again! They also repeat things they hear a lot. The new bmo eclipse rise Visa card rewards you with points for paying your bill on time every month to help build a routine. [Parrot] Rewards you with points! And you get 5x the points on things like groceries, dining and recurring bill payments. [Parrot] For paying your bill! —But also you can... — [Parrot] Every month! —And just remember. —[Parrot] Build a routine! [Parrot squawking] He is a talker. When a bank helps you make real financial progress. That's the bmo Effect. Bmo Physical activity helps you feel younger. So you can age better. ( ) Everything gets betterwhen you get active. ( ) [rock] go hard go wild Woman: And the crowd goes wild! you fear the blood the sweat the tears

We fight the best we can. Man: We build our own legacy. Arena announcer: She scores! [ ] >> Marianne: hello. I'm marianne dimain. You're watching cbc news network. We start in papua new guinea this hour. The number of deaths is growing significantly following a major landslide on friday. Albert delitala joins us now in studio with more on the disaster. You're tracking the numbers. I know you reached out to global affairs canada which we'll get to. Things are changing. >> Reporter: this could be the largest landslide in the history of papua new guinea and that is because of more than 670 people who are feared could be dead in this. The international organization for migration which is a U.N. agency there says the numbers, they're estimating 150 homes, more than that number, were buried by this massive landslide. You can see on the map where this happened. It's nearly 4,000 people live in the remote individual of yambali which is 6,000 kilometres northwest of the capital of port moresby. It buried dozens of homes. The earth and rubble is estimated to be 6 to 8 metres deep. You can see it there. Just a massive landslide compared to other ones they've experienced in that area. And it's also estimated to be between 3-4 soccer fields in size and actually blocked a local highway. Emergency responders have been working to move people to more stable ground, safer ground. And they also have set up evacuation centres on that stable ground and they're trying to bring people to those centres. >> Marianne: in looking at the images, you can see the challenge that rescueers have ahead of them, not just because of the remote area. >> A lot of unstable debris, unstable ground is complicating the efforts. And in addition to that, they've experienced a lot of rain in recent months which is fear of smaller landslides that could happen. On top of that, tribal clashes. They've been common lately in the province. Including one group that blocked an aid convoy that was actually delayed until the military was able to let it through. Here's one journalist who spoke to media. She writes for a newspaper in the country's capital. >> Papua new guinea rescue teams are on its way to the province. The location is hard to access. You can only have helicopters or choppers access the place. >> Reporter: the country's government is reportedly considering whether to request more international help in regards to the situation. The U.S. and australia have said they will assist here. I have reached out to global affairs canada about what aid they will send. Tt a large number of people are feared to have died, but it is feared that number of deaths could rise significantly. >> Marianne: you're going to keep on eye on that. Albert, thank you so much. That's the cbc's albert delitala this morning. >> Marianne: turning now to the war in gaza and a fresh push to get humanitarian aid into the south of the territory from egypt. A convoy of trucks is bringing in supply for the first time since israel stormed rafah this month. Irris makler tells us about the efforts and what went into making the deliveries a reality. >> Reporter: 200 trucks have been going in. They include food trucks and fuel trucks. And we have that from the head of the red crescent. I've seen footage from the egyptian television. The significance of this is these trucks were not getting in through the rafah border crossing. Egypt and israel blaming each other for that, but either way it took an intervention by the U.S. president joe biden. They called the egyptian president and they agreed that some of the trucks could be rerouted to the israeli border crossing and go in that way. That's great news because fresh food on the trucks was rotting.

nothing was getting through. Hundreds of trucks were just standing there. Now we see trucks. But there is a criticism for the U.S. agency on the ground about distribution. We heard from the head of unrwa and he said it's all well that it gets in, but how do we get it to the people who left rafah, the palestinians who fled rafah to avoid the fighting? They're on an area on the coast, sandy area, just tents. How do we get food safely to them for them and us? Any kind of delivery is hard in the war-time. Nevertheless, despite all that, we have to say this is an achievement today for washington and for the palestinian civilians in gaza. >> Marianne: the top court is seeking arrest warrant against benjamin netanyahu at the same time mike johnson is inviting him to speak to congress? >> That's right. What we're seeing is invitation issued friday by the republican U.S. leader in the congress. He has very good relations the number two -- I guess you call him benjamin netanyahu confidante, that is arranged. No date given. That's going to be given this week. And the american media is saying I it has to be before the august recess, so not much time. And there has been criticism inside israel of the timing, saying benjamin netanyahu should be in the country, gallivanting around the world for his own purposes, not enough for israel and other criticisms that he hasn't met the survivors of the october 7 attacks and is going overseas to meet international leaders. This is going to fraught with drama. >> Marianne: hundreds of people have attended the funeral of an israeli hostage whose body was recovered on friday. Michel nisenbaum was killed by hamas on the october 7th attacks and his body was then taken to gaza. He was retrieved with two others. Pressure is mounting on the government of benjamin netanyahu to get the last remaining hostages home. Protests have become commonplace across israel. Demonstrators are calling for new hostage release and fresh elections.

>>> A clock is ticking on the pro-palestinian encampment at the university of toronto. They have 24 hours to leave or potentially face legal action. They are scheduled to meet with administrators later today. >> U of t knows how to bargain. They bargain with unions all the time. We are currently preparing our counter-offer and hopefully we're able to discuss that at the 5:00 P.M. meeting. >> Reporter: the protesters say they won't budge until they get commitment that u of t will end investments with israel. >>> Now to russia's war in ukraine. Ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy is calling on the U.S. and china to join an upcoming peace summit in switzerland. Dominic valitis has the details. >> Reporter: well, marianne, this is highly produced prerecorded video message featuring zelenskyy which was filmed inside the burnt-out remains of a ukrainian printing press. It's a direct appeal, in english, to U.S. president joe biden and china xi jinping to attend next month's up coming peace summit in switzerland, which neither country has agreed yet to attend. But here he is. Take a listen. >> I am appealing to the leaders of the world who are still of the global effort. To president biden, the leader of the united states, and to president xi, the leader of china, we do not want the U.N. charter to be burnt. Burnt down just like these books. And I hope you don't want to either. Please show your leadership in advancing the peace, real peace, not just the force of the strikes. >> Reporter: now the wider context here, the background, of course, is the situation on the ground over the last couple of weeks or so russian forces have been making significant advances on the battlefield, especially of their new offensive north and northeast of kharkiv. In this video address as zelenskyy also claims that russia is now forming another grouping of troops near ukraine's northern border. Presumably preparing for a further offensive action there. Another sign zelenskyy says that putin doesn't want peace. Now russia, of course, hasn't been invited to next month's summit in switzerland and although dozens of other countries, including india will be there, there is still no word if the U.S. or china will attend. Ukraine especially wants china to be there because beijing has a certain amount of influence on moscow. It's also worth mentioning that the address comes just a couple of days after russian sources told the reuters news agency that putin was ready to stop the war in ukraine with a negotiated cease-fire that recognizes the current battlefield lines. But as mentioned earlier, they say that the russian actions on the ground proves he doesn't want police and any cease-fire he is reportedly offering is nothing more than an opportunity for moscow, for russia, to prepare for future offensive operations. Marianne. >> Marianne: in the meantime, what can you tell us about the air strike on kharkiv? >> Reporter: yeah, this is a terrible strike yesterday on a crowded hardware store in kharkiv. The city's mayor says around 120 people were shopping inside when two russian-guided bombs slammed into the building. And this morning ukrainian prosecutors gave an update on casualty figures. They're saying at least 12 people were killed in the strike while 14 others wounded. 16 people are still missing. Ukraine's president volodymyr zelenskyy condemned the attack overnight as another demonstration of russian madness, that someone only as crazy as putin would be able of committing such an act. >> Marianne: cbc's dominic valitis in london. Closing arguments are set to be >> Announcer: News you can trust, delivered when you want, where you want, with localCBC Radio Onelive to connect us closer to home on theCBC Newsapp. Download for free. Financial goals. Fidelity knows we've all got them. Maybe you want to own a home, or never own a home. Maybe you want to travel. Or have a kid. Or travel with your kid. Yours could be retiring early. Or never retiring at all.

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