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I believed to be possible in the past. So many people thought I couldn't do it. They doubted me. I felt like I like, ripped my whole heart out. I didn't realize how formative 25 to 30 would be. I have to kind of repress my own self doubt. You're one of my favourite interviewers, so, I was pumped. Get out of here. Announcer: Q with Tom Power. Available now onCBC Listen or wherever you get your podcasts. [GPS locator beeping] Okay, right this way. [Suzuki] Dr. Lana Ciarniello and field assistant Taylor Greene track a mortality signal from the GPS collar worn by Raven, one of the rewilded grizzly triplets that recently emerged from hibernation. [Ciarniello] There's more there. Like, look at all this hair. There's the hair there, there's the hair there. There's clumps of it everywhere. There, there. [Suzuki] They have come across a trail of bear fur. [Ciarniello] Let's follow it. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh... [exhales] There's a dead bear right there, I see it. Yeah, I see it, it's a dead bear. [Suzuki] The condition of her remains makes it clear... [Ciarniello] She's been hammered by another bear. [Suzuki] ...that Raven was likely predated on by an adult bear. [Ciarniello] Bears eat each other, and one of the things that's typical of bear kill is that they invert the hide. They peel back-- it's like peeling open a banana. The hide is actually turned inside out. That is typical bear. Well, Raven, you fed someone. [camera shutter clicks] I was really happy for these bears. They passed the first level of success, but you know, if they die, then that's data, too. And so... when I found Raven, like, I didn't feel sad. I'm sorry, I sorta felt, like, um, okay... this was her fate. I'm really happy that we were able to find out her fate. It's information that we can now use to put to a better cause. Like, the study is on survival and what we think happened... ...and I think we have pieced this together as absolutely best we can. I think we're done. [Suzuki] Now there's one more collar to locate. It's right down here. [Suzuki] Just before Arthur hibernated, his collar broke apart... Yeah, it rotted off. [Suzuki] ...and recently, Isa's collar has stopped transmitting. I'm getting absolutely nothing from Isa. [Suzuki] There's now no remote means for Lana to track Isa and Arthur, the last two surviving bears in her grizzly-rewilding study. Where we're at is confusing right now. Are we going to try to somehow recollar them and get them back online, or are we going to let 'em go? It just looked like a chunk of log until its head lifted. [Marriott] My goal coming here is trying to see if Arthur or Isa are still surviving. That's really key to knowing if this rehab has continued to be successful. If we're lucky enough to spot either Arthur or Isa, I will just be thrilled to see them doing something wild. You know, eating sedge grass, grabbing some barnacles or some mussels, anything like that, just some natural behaviour. I just want to lay eyes on them, and be able to go, "Oh, my gosh! I saw them!" [Suzuki] When grizzlies move into to the estuaries in the spring, it's a prime time for boat-based bear-viewing. [Marriott] We've been going 10, 15 kilometres back and forth and back and forth... No sign of Arthur, Isa. [Marriott] ...scanning all these different estuaries and sedge flats. [Suzuki] Because spring has just passed, John may have come a little too late. Hey, bear! [Marriott] We came out here hoping that the bears were still going to be eating sedge grass in the estuary. Hey, bear! [Marriott] We found fresh salmon berries all along the river and in the forest. Well, that's not good. Salmon berries are totally ripe, so that means that the bears are probably going to be in here eating salmon berries instead of out in the estuary where we can see them eating sedge grass. That's not good for our chances. I'm not going to lie. It's a long shot that we're even going to find these bears. [Suzuki] At dawn the next day, John heads out on one last search. [Marriott] We headed towards the first estuary, took a look... ...and there was nothing, and then sort of just slumped down and was sort of half paying attention. [whispers] Oh, my gosh, is that him? Okay, he's up on the grass.

Ah, he's running away from us. Dang. You know, I'm pretty sure its Arthur just from colour alone, like, he's such a distinct-looking bear. Oh, oh, I just saw him again, there. [whispering] There he is up on the log. Oh, look at that. [camera shutter clicking] Okay, I can clearly see his ear tag. Arthur looked amazing. Beautiful size, he had a bit of plumpness to him. He's obviously doing a good job of being a bear. He just picked up a dead bird of some kind. [Marriott] As we came in closer, there were a couple times where he looked out at us, and we were still pretty far away, you know, 250 metres, and he would look out, and he'd watch us for a little while. [camera shutter clicking] He's so occupied. Let's see if we can creep in just a bit more. As we crept in a bit closer where he slowly just decided, you know what, I have had enough of you humans, and he immediately turned and started walking away. He then started to run, just like a wild bear would, and to me, that was a really great sign to see that he is acting exactly like a bear should be acting. [Angelika] When I saw the photo of Arthur, I literally screamed with joy. My husband came running, and was all concerned what had happened. It was such a good feeling to see him there, and looking good, having gained weight from the last time that we saw him. Seeing Arthur after this length of time, it's a big step in the program, and gives it more weight to be considered by others. [Griujs] Let's move her over. Can you grab her hand? [Suzuki] The rewilding team prepare to release the next batch of yearlings, building on the lessons learned from Muwin, Cedar, Raven, Isa, and Arthur. [Angelika] Oh, I think the study is hugely helpful. Not only has it given us some strong data, but it also gives us, in the scientific community, a footprint that others can work on and go forward from. Long-term survival is still the one that we don't know about, and that we still have to work on. [Ciarniello] It would be really nice to have long-term data, that's what the project was set up to get. So, I would love to be able to re-collar Arthur and Isa so that we can monitor them until their end survival point. I know it seems heartless and a bit emotionless, but I really just want to get to the truth of whether rewilding works or not. Then, we can look at how to tweak it and make it better, or we can look at the fact that, okay, we're doing this because, as humans, it makes us feel good. [Griujs] After two years of this rewilding project, we're still learning with every bear we put out there, and even the ones that don't make it, it will only give us more motivation to do better next time, and see what we can do to make them more successful out there. [Angelika] The incident with Muwin last year that cost her life was very upsetting to all of us, and we immediately set about to find different ways of releasing the bears safely. [Suzuki] The yearlings are now tranquilized just once at the shelter, then transported fully awake in newly-designed crates. These can be slung directly to the release site, then remotely opened. [door mechanism whirring] [Angelika] They're right there, bright and alert, and ready to go out into the world. We still know that these bears face numerous challenges out there. We still know that some of them, or a percentage of them, will not make it out there... ...but it's an incredible feeling to set a healthy animal free... ...and giving them that chance.

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>> Maybe don't eavesdrop. >> I can't shut my ears off. >> Well then shut your mouth off. >> I love it. >> Announcer:Canada's Ultimate Challenge, watch free onCBC Gem. [ ] >> Deana: newfoundland welcomes . >> Deana: newfoundland welcomes home the remains of an unknown soldier who fought in world one war. >>> Trespass notices go up at university of toronto. Protesters there have until monday to clear out or face consequences. >>> Toronto police and the hate crime forces unit are investigating after a shot early saturday morning at a jewish girls' school. [ ] >> Deana: hello. I'm raywat I'm I'm deana sumanac-johnson. We begin in newfoundland and labrador where a casket arrived from beaumont-hamel, france where he was killed in 1916 in the battle of the somme. >> I'm from saskatchewan, and I had no idea this was happening. I think it's pretty cool. >> I had no idea this was happening. It's a very proud moment. >> Reporter: newfoundland, and now newfoundland and labrador was not part of canada at that time, so it's a very distinct very important timetor the province. >> I think it's -- for the province. >> I think it's good that people here now have a place to go and pay their respects. >> I just had a moment during your question. I actually have an uncle who died in world war I and I'm buried in france. >> Deana: and in the war in ukraine, ukrainians are dealing with a russian guided missile strike in a crowded hardware store. Ukrainian officials say two russian guided bombs hit the store, killing two people and injuring dozens more. Several more people were injured in a missile strike in a residential area. Ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky called it another demonstration of russian madness. Zelensky offered his sympathies to the victims' families and says ukraine needs help from western leaders to beef up air defence systems which has been the target of russian attacks for weeks. Russian officials say there was also an attack by ukraine inside their borders. >> There's a lot of attacks that are going to take place physically and diplomatecally. >> Reporter: there's a summit next month in switzerland that russia will not be present. >> Both sides are positioning themselves into a better negotiating position, if you will. >> Reporter: the international conference in june is set to be in sweden, but russia's --

russia says any talks without ukraine present is a waste of time. >> Deana: word of a new diplomatic push in the israel war with hamas began to leak out when prime minister benjamin netanyahu said his government would defy a court order and press on with the war in gaza. Now with fighting in its 34 week, pressure is growing on the netanyahu government domestically. This was the scene in tel aviv as many people, including family members of those in captivity, say new negotiations need to take place. >> Reporter: what we've seen the last few hours is there were these meetings in paris between the C.I.A. chief, the israeli mossad chief, and the qatari prime minister. Next week, there's going to be talks between the same parties and egypt, and then hamas will be brought in. It's significant also because of the i.c.j., the international court of justice of israel to stop fighting and particularly -- particularly in gaza. The health ministry in gaza, hamas run, they say there's been dozens more deaths of palestinians, so if there were to be talks and if there was another way to solve this issue, it would be very welcome. >> Deana: journalist irris mackler in jerusalem.

>>> Students at the university of toronto in pro-palestinian encampments have been issued a warning to leave by monday at 5:00 p.m., but students say they are going to stick around. >> U.F.T. knows how to bargain. They bargain with unions on campus all the time. The first win offer cannot be the final offer, so we're preparing orur counteroffer so hopefully we'll be able to present that at the next meeting on sunday. >> Deana: protesters that don't leave by 5:00 P.M. on monday could face consequences, including a five-year suspension and expulsion. >>> Meanwhile, some pro-palestinian university encampments are coming to an end. On saturday, students in hamilton packed up after reaching a deal with McMASTER university. >> This morning, we are disbanding the camp and pack up. >> Reporter: this university student didn't want to reveal his full name out of fear for being retaliated against for those who aren't in favour of the encampment. >> If they weren't willing to hear us out or if we weren't willing to negotiate, none of this would have happened. >> Reporter: McMASTER has made several concessions, including inviting students to a meeting about its investment strategy and annual disclosure of all investments. >> We're going to make sure we hold the university responsible to stay responsible for the demands they committed to. >> Deana: in graduation ceremonies, valedictorian speeches are part of the ceremony, but one speech garnered viral reaction on-line. Remarks by a university of manitoba med school graduate are at the heart of this story. Dr. Gem newman urged graduates to speak out on the israel-hamas war as well as the actions of israel in gaza. Those condemning the remarks were earnest rady, the donor of the largest donation in the university's history. He called the speech "hate and lies." . Newman responded by saying it's ironic that demanding a ceasefire and calling for the rights of humans is considered hateful. >> Universities have faced major cutbacks from the public sector over the last couple of decades and are increasingly reliant on these things, and that's why they're taking this position. I think it's not particularly controversial to call for a ceasefire, and the donor has the right to withdraw that contribution. The problem is there's a power imbalance here and that the university really requires the funding, and so the honour gets more priority in this conversation. >> Deana: toronto police are looking for two suspects after finding evidence of gunfire at a jewish elementary school. The investigation began after a report of a bullet in the window for the jewish school for girls. Just after 5:00 a.m., two occupants in a vehicle pulled up and fired a gun towards it. >> The integrated task force is

the lead investigator on this, however, we have the support of the hate crimes unit, as well. One of the questions that people are asking is, is this a hate crime or is this a terrorist act? What I'm going to say is it's too early to saw that. We're not going to ignore this and what the target of the shooting was, but at the same time, it would be premature to react to that at this point. >> Deana: the prime minister has put out a statement, calling this a despicable act of cowardice. >>> Microgroups and their supporters protested saturday in montreal. They're demanding a faster pace by the federal government on its commitment to regularize the status of undocumented workers. >> Reporter: outside justin trudeau's riding office, community groups gathered, criticizing the federal government's work to regularize the status of undocumented workers. >> We want to stay here. >> Reporter: the federal liberals pledged in 2021 to explore ways of regularizing status of undocumented workers, but that study is on going. In the meantime, they say, immigrants are suffering. >> They work below minimum wage, sometimes working 50, 60, 70 hours a week. Sometimes they face even not being paid. [speaking Spanish language] >> Reporter: in a statement sent to cbc news, immigrations, refugees can't refugees canada says it's looking at the situation. >> On the behest of, like, a faucet, when we need more healthcare workers when we need more construction workers, when they need, but actually, on the basis of human values and solidarity. >> Reporter: canada's immigration marc miller has said that he's on track to present a proposal from his-- to his fellow cabinet members next month. >> Deana: a town in northeastern saskatchewan has declared a state of emergency and people there are unable to leave. Heavy roads and washed out the only road to and from the village. The mayor says essentials like milk, bread, baby formula, and prescription medications are in short supply. Community leaders are calling for emergency meetings with the provincial and federal governments.

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