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one of the terms includes providing up to 200,000 dollars. >> We are track a story in toronto. The investigation began after report of a bullet hole in the window of the bais chaya mushka school for girls. A vehicle pulled up in front of the school and discharged a firearm towards it. There have been no reports of injuries. Police are investigating. >>> It's a day many have waited a very long time for. The remains of an unknown soldier who served in royal newfoundland regiment are returning home. These are some of the scenes from a ceremony this morning in beaumont-hamel france. The party of canadian armed forces personnel accepted the casket. Premier andrew furey was also in attendance. Our cbc team in st. John's spoke to people today to hear their thoughts on the soldier's return. >> I think it's amazing. I can't believe I'm here when it's happening. I'm from saskatchewan and just happened to be here at the same time this is happening. Had no idea. That's pretty cool. >> I think it is absolutely amazing that this is takes place today. I'm quite moved by it today. >> Certainly a proud moment for the province. Premier has mentioned newfoundland and now newfoundland and labrador was not part of canada at that time, so it's a very distinct, very important time for the province. >> I think it's a really good idea knowing that he's back home and buried in a spot where even if he didn't have direct descendants, relatives of his can now go and see where he is and pay their respects. >> Oh, just had a moment as you asked me that question. It means so much. I have a great uncle who died during world war I and he is buried in france. [ ] [dramatic] Announcer:What's new? What's breaking? What's really going on? Cbc News Network. [buzzing] ( ) Get that ojo Feeling with all the latest slot and live casino games plus exclusive games you won't find anywhere else. ( ) feel the fun play ojo Our hero Paul lovesto help others.But today, ...he's helping protecthimself... ...against pneumococcalpneumonia, which can put you in the hospital. He got the Prevnar 20 vaccine. Yes, even heroes... ...should think protection. Ask about Prevnar 20 today. Ram Power Days are here.The power to choose fromthe most awarded truck brand over the last five years. Like Ram Classic.As versatile as it is capable. Ram 1500, voted bestlarge pickup in Canada. Or Ram Heavy Dutywith a no-charge Cummins. And you don't pay for 90 days. The power is yours.The time is now. Get 20% off msrp on Ram Classic for up to $14,200 in discounts. Plus get 4.99% financing. How can you protect yourself from continually rising health care costs not covered by your government health insurance? With SureHealth from Green Shield Canada. My SureHealth plan helps to protect me and my family from a lot of routine medical expenses. Host: Like prescription drugs, dental care and vision care. And many unexpected expenses I could face, if I have an accident or get a serious illness. Like physiotherapists, chiropractors, home care, emergency medical travel expenses, and more. And for most plans, your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health exam and no medical questions when you apply. If you're self-employed, don't have health coverage at work, are recently retired or retiring soon, get SureHealth now and protect yourself and your family from rising health care costs not covered by your government health plan. Call or visit now for your free, personalized SureHealth info package. That's Welcome to Canmore, Alberta. This will be your toughest day yet. -Get back up! Boom! -Don't eavesdrop. -i can't shut my ears off. Well then shut your mouth off. Announcer: Canada's Ultimate Challenge. Watch free onCBC Gem.

>> Linda: there are strong hints that new cease-fire talks are on the horizon involving israel and hamas. A hamas official is raising questions claiming no date has been set. Word of the new diplomatic push began to leak out as israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu said his country's military would openly defy a U.N. court order issued yesterday and press on with its offence in rafah. >>> With the conflict now in the 4th week, pressure to reach a truce and get the last remaining hostages home is growing on the netanyahu government. This is the scene in tel-aviv this hour as thousands of protesters, including families of those in captivity call for a deal and fresh government elections. Journalist irris makler is in jerusalem tracking developments around new talks and she says there is optimism that negotiations will go ahead next week despite the doubt cast by >> Well, at the moment it's just talks about talks, but it is significant, linda. What we have seen is an announcement in the past few hours that there were these meetings in paris between the C.I.A. chief of staff, the mossad chief, israeli chief, the qatari prime minister and they say that talks will resume. Next week there is going to be talks between the same three parties and also egypt and then hamas will be brought in. So that is I suppose optimistic because we haven't seen any talks on this issue for more than two weeks. It's significant also because of the i.c.j., the international court of justice, order to israel to stop fighting and particularly to protect the civilians in gaza and because that order was some 24 hours ago and in that time we have seen continued fighting. Israel says it's finding more weapons of militants and the hamas-run health ministry in gaza says in that period there has been dozens more casualties, dozens more deaths of palestinians. So if there were to be talks and there was another way to hold this issue, it would be welcome. >> Linda: providing aid was central to the court's ruling against israel. What can you tell us about advances there? >> Reporter: there has been a breakthrough brought about after our conversation between U.S. president joe biden and the egypt president abdel fattah el-SISI. Aid will be able to enter in the israeli crossing point of kerem shalom. That's significant because usually that goes in from rafah, but in the past 19 days since israel entered rafah, no aid has been going in. Israel and egypt blame each other for that, but in a way it's not significant who is to blame. What is important is that there are hundreds of trucks lined up on that border at the moment, aid is not getting in. Fresh food is rotting there. There is huge advance. The important thing will they -- once the aid gets in, will it be distributed and distributed to the 900,000 people moved out of rafah to a small area on the coast, they do need that humanitarian aid and I guess that's the aim right now. >> Linda: irris makler in jerusalem. Joe biden was in new york to deliver the commencement address at the west point military academy. He touched on both the cars in gaza and ukraine. Biden said the U.S. continues working to secure an immediate cease-fire that brings hostages home and provides humanitarian aid to palestinians. He also talked about the efforts of the american military personnel in supporting ukraine in its war against russia. >> President Joe Biden: training ukraine how to use himars, tanks. And they're sharing lessons in tactical combat, casualty care with medics and surgeons. There are no american soldiers in war at ukraine. I'm determined to keep it that way, but we are standing strong with ukraine and we will stand with them. >> Linda: pope francis keck kicked off the catholic church's kickoff to a children's soccer match. It was part of a celebration.

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coming. >> It's usually -- >> I understand their frustration. And I can tell them we share this frustration. I think there is no one more disappointed, frustrated than our players, because the one thing is to come to this event, the other thing is to be understated. >> Reporter: the whitecaps will still make it a special one, by hosting a large street party and offering in-stadium food and drinks at half price. 55,000 people are expected at saturday's match. [ ] >> Linda: would you have moves like that into your 80s? Well, mick jagger is still performing. He turns 81 this year. He still has moves like jagger. Here he is in new jersey where they're playing this weekend. They're still touring 60 years after their first album. Let's take a little bit more of the rolling stones. You're watching cbc news network. [ ] Michael j. Fox:From feeling the pressure of 16 black belts in her family to knowing they always have her back. - -[crowd cheers] Parrots are incredible animals. [Parrot] Another overdue bill! Yeah. They're also extremely intelligent. [Parrot] Forgot to pay again! They also repeat things they hear a lot. The new bmo eclipse rise Visa card rewards you with points for paying your bill on time every month to help build a routine. [Parrot] Rewards you with points! And you get 5x the points on things like groceries, dining and recurring bill payments. [Parrot] For paying your bill! —But also you can... — [Parrot] Every month! —And just remember. —[Parrot] Build a routine! [Parrot squawking] He is a talker. When a bank helps you make real financial progress. That's the bmo Effect. Bmo ( ) In here... you can expect to find... crystal clear audio... expansive display space... endless entertainment... and more comfort for everyone... But even with all that... we still left room... for all the unpredictability... spontaneity.. and unexpected things... you'll find out here... Jeep. Grand Cherokee. The most awarded suv ever. Looking for a natural health product to reduce your joint pain. Try Genacol® Pain Relief. This clinically proven joint care formula contains AminoLock® Collagen and Eggshell Membrane These two ingredients help reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Thanks to Genacol® Pain Relief, you can start to feel results in just 5 days! Add Canada's #1 Selling Joint Care Supplement to your daily routine and feel the difference! Genacol® Makes me feel so good! (Horn honking) Hi, Dad! (Vehicle departing) How's your visit with Noah going? He took out my Jag! (Chuckle) But he doesn't know how to drive stick. He doesn't? (Tires screeching, thud) Ah, f... Fix Auto! The first words that should come to mind after an accident. I'm lost in love... (Electronic chime) So lost in love with you Get started for free on eharmony. (Giggling) Must be 18 or older to join. Get who gets you. eharmony. [rock] go hard go wild Woman: And the crowd goes wild! you fear the blood the sweat the tears

We fight the best we can. Man: We build our own legacy. Arena announcer: She scores! Newfoundland prepares to welcome home the remains of an unknown soldier who served in a world war. >> We do not plan on leaving until our depends are met. >> Trespass notices go up on the grounds of the largest university in toronto. Demonstrators an important sight for the regiment because this is where they suffered catastrophic losses during the battle of the somme, july 1, 1916. Today this area is a park honouring those lives lost and no better place than to hold that transfer ceremony. The unknown soldier is going the airport under a police escort where there will be a ceremony again loading him into an airplane. Once he's back on newfoundland soil, there will be another ceremony where he'll be back on newfoundland ground for the first time in over a hundred years. Then he'll be taken past places he once visited. Pleasantville where the regiment trained and that is where fellow members of the regiment will stand guard and pay respects to the soldier as he drives by. Then, later next month, the unknown soldier will lie in state at the province's legislature before his full military funeral on memorial day. That's july 1st. Where then he'll be put in the tomb with remembered permanently. >> Deana: to the latest in the war in gaza. There are strong hints that cease-fire talks are on the horizon. They say it could happen as early as next week, but hamas is claiming no date has been set. Word of the new diplomatic push began to leak out as benjamin netanyahu said his country's military would defy a court order issued yesterday and press on with the offensive in rafah. With a conflict now into its 4th week, pressure to reach a truce and get the last remaining hostages homes is growing. This is tel-aviv earlier as thousands of protesters, including families of many of those in captivity call for a deal and fresh government elections. Journalist irris makler is in jerusalem tracking developments for us around any new talks. She says there is optimism that negotiations will go ahead next week despite the doubt by hamas. >> Reporter: what we have seen is an announcement in the past few hours that there was -- there were these meetings in paris between the C.I.A. chief, the mossad chief -- that's israeli chief and the qatari prime minister. Next week there will be talks between the same three parties, egypt and then hamas will be brought in. That is optimistic, because we haven't seen any talks on this issue for more than two weeks. It's significant also because the i.c.j., the international court of justice -- ordered

israel to quit fighting and protect the civilians. That order was 24 hours ago and in that time we have seen continued fighting. Israel says it is finding more tunnel, finding more weapons of militants and the hamas health run ministry in gaza says there has been dozens more casualties of palestinians. If there were to be talks and if there was another way to solve this issue, this deadlock, it would be very welcome. >> Italy is the latest country to restore funding to the U.N. main aid agency for gaza and the middle east. [ ] >> Deana: the announcement came during a visit to rome by the recently appointed prime minister of the palestinian authority, which governs the west bank. The bulk of the $38 million package will go to unrwa. Canada was among the countries that ended contribution to the agency. Ottawa has since resumed funding. >>> The U.S. military humanitarian mission to gaza has fallen foul of the weather. Four vessels have broken free of the mooring in heavy seas. No injuries reported and the israeli navy is helping to refloat the vessels. The pier has been received deliveries just over a week. >>> School officials at the university of toronto are waiting for a response after issuing a trespass notice to pro-palestinian protesters. Students set up an encampment more than three weeks ago protesting the war in gaza. Albert delitala has the latest. >> Reporter: protesters now have until monday morning to either leave campus or potentially face a five-year suspension or expulsion. It follows three weavings the encampment on the university grounds. Weeks of -- calling for the war between israel and hamas to end. In the offer, the university said it would not end partnerships with israel universities as was demanded, but it also invited students to attend a board of governing council meeting next month to present their dementsdz. It -- demands. They had until 4:00 to accept, but they didn't. Rerejected that offer. They said that the university was essentially trying to offer them a process that already exists and they wanted commitments from the university instead. Here's one protester who says they remain resolute on their demands. >> We do not plan to leave any time soon and I also want to come back to the reason that they issued us this notice. They put out their first offer to us yesterday. More of an ultimatum that they are framing as the final offer. They bargain with unions on campus all the time. The first written offer cannot be the final offer. So we're currently preparing our counter-offer and hopefully we're able to discuss that sunday. >> Reporter: a representative for hill ellis troubled they are talking with the protesters. He says there has been anti-jewish messaging over the past few weeks. >> Jewish students deserve to be able to go to a university free of harassment. And the university has a responsibility to ensure the safety of jewish students and all students. They haven't been doing that. >> Reporter: now the clock clicks toward that meeting later tomorrow and, of course, that 8:00 A.M. local time deadline for students to leave kamsz. Albert delitala, cbc news, toronto. >> Deana: McMASTER university in hamilton, ontario, has had a different approach from many other universities in handling its pro-palestinian encampment. It has not filed an injunction, issued a trespass notice or called on the police to intervene. Instead, protesters and school officials spoke and agreed to terms. Today, protesters are breaking up the encampment as agreed after the talks. One of the terms is providing up to $200,000 in support for qualified palestinian academics and students.

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