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>>> We are tracking a developing story in toronto. Police are looking for two suspects after locating evidence of gun fire at a jewish elementary school. The investigation began after a report of a bullet hole in the window of the base high enlab city-wabushka school for girls. Tt the video shows two occupants pulled up in front of the school and discharged a firearm. There is no reports of injuries. Both the toronto police hate crime unit and guns and gangs task force are investigating. >> This is day many have waited for. The remains of an unknown soldier are now returning home. [ ] these are some of the scenes from the ceremony in beaumont-hamel france. The personnel accepted the casket. Premier andrew furey was also in attendance. We spoke to people today to hear their thoughts on the soldier's return? >> I think it's amazing. I can't believe I'm here when it's happening. I'm from saskatchewan and just happened to be here at the same time this is happening. I had no idea, so that's pretty cool. >> I think it's absolutely amazing this is taking place today. I'm quite moved by it today. >> Certainly a proud moment for the province as the premier has mentioned. Newfoundland and now newfoundland and labrador was not part of canada at that time, so it's a very distinct, very important time for the province. >> I think it's a really good idea knowing that he's back home and buried in a spot where even if he didn't have direct descend ants, ants, relatives can pay respects. >> I had a great uncle who died in world war I and Hey, let's go, man. [laughter] You're one of my favourite interviewers. Announcer: q with Tom Power. Available now onCBC Listen or wherever you get your podcasts. Tap into BetMGM Casino and you're entering a huge library full of exclusive games. Games you won't find anywhere else. Looking for jackpots? Right this way. You'll always find someone ready to give you a hand. Or some dice. Your favorite games waiting for you... On BetMGM Casino. ( ) Ever wonder what's around the next corner? ( ) ( ) Past the trees. ( ) Over the mountains? ( ) That's where adventure lives... ( ) Take a Nissan suv and go find it. ( ) Let's go for a skate, and a little chat. Because retirement today is not what it used to be. The good news is we're living longer and more active lives, but planning for that longevitycan come with some challenges. Thankfully as a Canadian homeowner aged 55 and better, you have options. The chip Program allows you to access the value of your home without selling it. So you can live retirement on your terms. If you're 55 or older call now for your free no obligation chip Reverse Mortgage Guide. With chip you get up to 55% of your home's value in tax free cash take only what you need in a lump sum or over time with no monthly mortgage payments required. Call (number on screen) Maybe it's time for you to consider chip too! Call now for your free no obligation guide. Call (number on screen) or visit chip dot ca. Call chip today and live retirement your way. Rosemary:Every week the issues that matter to Canadians. -These are acts of desperation. Rosemary:Connecting politics to people. -We will always protect and defend all nato allies. -Some people have lost everything. Rosemary:Sundays, join me for Rosemary Barton live.

>> Linda: there are strong hints that new cease-fire talks are on the horizon involving israel and hamas. A hamas official is raising questions claiming no date has been set. Word of the new diplomatic push began to leak out as israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu said his country's military would openly defy a U.N. court order issued yesterday and press on with its offence in rafah. >>> With the conflict now in the 4th week, pressure to reach a truce and get the last remaining hostages home is growing on the netanyahu government. This is the scene in tel-aviv this hour as thousands of protesters, including families of those in captivity call for a deal and fresh government elections. Journalist irris makler is in jerusalem tracking developments around new talks and she says there is optimism that negotiations will go ahead next week despite the doubt cast by hamas. >> Well, it's at the moment just talks about talks, but it is significant, linda. What we have seen is an announcement in the past few hours that there was -- there were these meetings in paris between the chief, the mossad chief and there will be talks between the same three parties and egypt and then hamas will be brought in. That is, I suppose, optimistic because we haven't seen any talks on this issue in more than two weeks. It's significant also because of the international court of justice ordered to israel to stop fighting and particularly to protect the civilians in gaza, because that order was some 24 hours ago and in that time we have seen continued fighting. Israel says it's finding more weapons of militants and hamas says there has been dozens more casualties, dozens more deaths of palestinians. If there were to be talks, it would be very welcome. >> Linda: providing aid was central to the world court's ruling against israel. What can you tell us about any advances there? >> Reporter: there has been a breakthrough brought about after a conservative between joe biden and the egyptian president abdel fattah el-SISI. It has now been agreed that aid will enter from egypt via the israeli crossing point of kara shalom. That's significant, because it usually goes in through rafah. But no aid has been going in. Tt it's not significant who is to blame, what is important is that there are hundreds of trucks lining up on that border at the moment, aid is not getting in, fresh food is rotting there. This is a huge advance. The important thing will be once the aid gets in will it be able to be distributed and distributeed to the some 900,000 people to be estimated that have moved out of rafah to tents, a small area on the coast. Very cramped. They need the humanitarian aid and that's the aid right now. >> Linda: irris makler in jerusalem. U.S. president joe biden was in new york today to deliver the commencement address at the west point military academy. He touched on both the wars in gaza and ukraine. Biden said the U.S. continues working to secure an immediate cease-fire that brings hostages home and provide humanitarian aid to palestinians. He also talked about the effort of american military personnel in supporting ukraine in its war against russia. >> President Joe Biden: training ukraine how to use the best weapon systems, like himars and tanks. There are no american soldiers at war in ukraine. I'm determined to keep it that way, but we are standing strong with ukraine and we will stand with them. >> Linda: pope francis kicked off the catholic church's first world children day. The pope who is a keen soccer fan provided a symbolic kickoff to a children's soccer match. The game was part of celebration

FOR THE VATICAN-HOSTED FESTIVAL. HE APPEARED IN HIGH SPIRITS GREETING CHILDREN FROM MORE THAN A HUNDRED COUNTRIES. HE MET CHILDREN FROM WAR-TORN COUNTRIES SPREADING A MESSAGE OF HOPE. WE'RE BACK IN JUST A MOMENT. [ ] >> Adrienne Arsenault: You are constantly on the move, and so are we, making sense of the moments that matter, together. >> I really like the good ideas that come out of these conversations. >> Adrienne: With you, and for you. >> Are you OK? >> Been quite a day, to be honest. >> I'm Adrienne Arsenault. This isThe National. ( ) Ever wonder what's around the next corner? ( ) ( ) Past the trees. ( ) Over the mountains? ( ) That's where adventure lives... ( ) Take a Nissan SUV and go find it. ( ) Salonpas, makers of effective pain relief patches for 89 years believes in continuous improvement, like rounded corners that resist peeling, with an array of active ingredients and sizes to relieve your pain. Salonpas. It's Good Medicine. Hisamitsu Canadian summers just hit different with Tims. ("Steal My Sunshine" by Len) Introducing two new Sparkling Quenchers... made with natural flavours and colours. Memories are made with Quenchers. It's time for Tims Woman: My grandson can choose to be anything he wants to be. Which reminds me: I've got a few choices to make of my own. Welcome to Seniors Choice. How can I help? Hi, I'd like a quick quote, please. If you're a Canadian Resident aged 50-80, you can choose the right amount of coverage for you and your family up to $250,000. That kind of money would help a lot. You can choose to apply over the phone now in just minutes, with no medicals or blood tests, just a few health and lifestyle questions. Wow. That easy? Depending on the coverage you choose, it would be as little as $14.88 a month. That's just 49 cents a day. That's less than I thought. And that money could help my family cover my funeral costs, support my husband's retirement planning or even pay off the loans. I'll do it. Seniors Choice are the #1 Direct Choice for Canadians over 50. To get a free, no-obligation quote, call one of our trusted insurance advisors today at 1-844-834-2722. Or visit

>>gy to the games, it's like 30 to $60 you know, but after lionel messi not showing up, they should refund people money. >> I understand their frustration and I can tell them we share the frustration. As I said before, I think there is no one more disappointed, frustrated than our players, because the one thing is to come to the vent. The other thing is to be understated at this event. >> The whitecaps say they'll still make the game a good one for fans, by offering food and drinks at half price. A record 55,000 people are expected at saturday's match. Michele morton, cbc news, vancouver. [ ] >> Would you have moves like that in your 80s? Well, mick jagger is still performing. He turns 81 this year. He still got moves like jagger. Here he is. This is rolling stone band mates in new jersey where they're playing this weekend. They're still touring 60 years after their first album. Let's take a little bit more of the rolling stones. You're watching cbc news network. [ ] Happy birthday, big guy. Your old minivan? Your old minivan. It still runs? Like new! And thanks to Fountain Tire's trusted, reliable service, you'll be driving this for a loooong time. Never getting rid of this baby. Great. And of course! Quality tires. Why's that guy there? Because honey. Wherever you go, Fountain Tire's right there with you. You finally have a friend. I have friends, Dad. Your very first buddy. ( ) Kevin and Sarah have one of the world's largest collections of souvenir plates. [crash] They also have a teenager, so they got their plates insured. But they don't have life insurance. Kevin's worried his diabetes will make it hard to qualify, and Sarah does not like medical exams. So we got them some new plates to tell them about Canada Protection Plan. Canada Protection Plan hassolutions for both the healthy and hard to insure. With no needles or medicalexams required on most plans. You'll get great coverageat a price you'll love and there are no paymentsin your first month. Anybody between18 and 80 can apply and there are greatmember benefits including rewards for activeliving and giving back. As part of the Foresters family,your coverage is backed by our excellentfinancial strength. Contact your advisor or call now to get a no-obligation quote in minutes. Canada Protection Plan. Protecting what matters most... you. [crash] The all new GoDaddy Airo helps you get your business online in minutes with the power of ai... with a perfect name, a great logo, and a beautiful website. Just start with a domain, a few clicks, and you're in business. Make now the future at We know you care. But if this is all too real for you and your loved ones. Make the call. Because we care too. Home Instead. To us, it's personal. Michael j. Fox:When Hugo lost his brother in a tragic accident, he could have easily given up on his dreams. But he chose the hard road instead. [intense] - -[crowd cheers] [ ] >> Linda: hello. >> Linda: hello. You're watching cbc news network. I'm linda ward. Canada's last hope in this year's stanley cup playoffs is back on the ice tonight. The edmonton oilers are in dallas to take on the stars looking to build on their overtime victory in game one. Freelance journalist ed klajman explains. >> The dallas stars are going to be a real tough opponent. They're as deep and balanced a team as you're going to find in the national hockey league. So I think for edmonton, it comes down to two things they've got to m myself in terms of how they play. One, they've got connor McDAVID and leon draisaitl, by far the

best one-two punch in the national hockey league and they have to be the best two players on the ice. Maximizing how much time they're out there and getting the chances. They just have to make sure those two guys are in the centre to create the action. The other key thing is the other end of the ice. Stuart skinner struggled against vancouver in the middle of the series, so much so that he got benched and had to be replaced. They brought him back and he was exceptional and carried the great form into the next game. He needs to continue playing well for them to have a chance. I expect another close game like the last one and I expect to be a long series. So entertaining. Tight, nervous times for oilers fans and for sure, this should be a good game and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. >> Linda: that was ed klajman in toronto. Our next guest has a unique way to prepare for the oilers' game. It involves spending a good amount of time and effort on his appearance. Is appearance before heading to the arena to support the team. Dale style joins us today from dallas. He's an edmonton oilers super fan. The super fan of super fans. Thanks for joining us today, dale. >> Yeah, absolutely, thanks for having me on, good times. >> Linda: you're in dallas for tonight's game, already to go, how are you feeling as we head into the next matchup? >> Really good. The boys were buzzing around there on thursday. They were looking good. Edmonton kind of coming to the series as an underdog, it was good we pulled out game one. Looking forward to it. >> Linda: I have to ask you the story about your outfit. I understand it is quite the ensemble beyond what we can even see on screen and weighs quite a bit as well. Can you tell us what makes up the super fan attire and how long it takes to get ready for a game like tonight? >> Yeah, so I go by my alias, banjo guy. It's like my alternate personality. [laughter] I got my overalls, custom-painted cowboy boots. Bunch of lights. Chains. My sombrero is custom, too. Lights bling blinking around. The overalls them self-s, they probably have 350 lapel pins and patches. It comes in at 35 pounds and then everything else on top of it. The face painting takes about two and a half, three hours before every game to start getting ready. >> Linda: that is commitment. Why did you start dressing up like for this for the games? >> Yeah, two playoffs ago our season tickets showed up for game one as a normal fan. Me and the wife went to the game and they ended up losing game one. So I kind of poked at my wife candace, observation, I'm going to start painting my face, my spirit. My spirit animal came out a little bit heavy, little overkill, but tonight is the 102nd different face paint we've done. Ride the wave. It's a lot of fun. >> Linda: amazing. You receive a lot of attention from the fans when you go to the games, but I'm sure especially when you are not on home turf? >> Yeah, so luckily, I've been able to go to los angeles for round one, vancouver for round two and now we're here in dallas. Yeah, sometimes it can get a little hostile. Enemy territory they say, right? But the fans here in dallas have been really welcoming. I don't think they've kind of seen anything like me before, right? So kind of take it to the next level for hockey, especially being a canadian. They looked at me a little different, too, right? So it's a lot of fun. >> Linda: do you have to tone it down when you're there in enemy territory? >> No, I like to turn it up a little bit to be honest. I'm kind of by myself which is a little dangerous, but it's pretty fun. >> Linda: as a super fan I have to ask you, you know, about the team's success, which I'm sure has added some more sort of inspiration to what you're doing here. To what do you put down their success this season? >> Yeah, like I know -- yeah,

people haven't really given them much of a shot, right, because last year colorado swept us -- no, two years ago colorado swept us in the western final. It was bust at the start of the year and the rough start until the middle of november, it was looking bleak to start the season. But the boys and everyone sure turned around. Yeah, if they can get through here, it will be unbelievable. >> Linda: three games -- three wins really, until that stanley cup final. So what do you think they need to do if they're going to do that? >> Well, special teams has been kind of their specialty of this playoff. The penalty-kills are mid 90s. Power plays 30, 40%, so they have to stay out of the box when they can. They have to score when dallas is in the box. Even stuart skinner, he had a phenomenal game one, he got thrown under the bus with vancouver, but again, the boys have been turning it around. They're starting to look like a solid unit, working as a whole unit is pretty good. >> Linda: okay, fingers and toes crossed for tonight and we're going to leave it to you to bring the style to the arena there in dallas. Daily steil, thank you for joining us today. >> Thanks so much for having me. Go, oilers, woo. >> Linda: we're going to turn to a story we've been following for a few weeks now. The ongoing tensions on but it also invited students to attend a board of governing council meeting next month to present their demands. It also offered to make a working group to consider options around disclosure and increasing transparency of their investments, another key demand of the protesters. They had until 4:00 P.M. to accept. But they didn't. They rejected the offer. They said the university was essentially trying to offer them a process that already exists and they wanted commitments from the university instead. Here's one protester who says they remain resolute on their demands. >> We do not plan to leave any time soon and I want to come back to the reason they issued us this notice. They put out their first offer to us yesterday, more of an ultimatum that they are framing as the final offer. U of t knows how to bargain. The first written offer cannot be the final offer. We're currently preparing our counter-offer and hopefully can discuss. >> Reporter: a member of the halal says there has been anti-jewish messaging. >> Jewish students like every other student deserve to going to university on a campus free of harassment and intimidation. And the university should ensure the safety of jewish students, all students, and they haven't been doing that. >> Reporter: the clock ticks to the meeting tomorrow. And, of course, the 8:00 A.M. local deadline for students to leave campus. Albert delitala, cbc news, toronto. >> Linda: McMASTER university in hamilton, ontario, has had a different approach from many universities universities. It has not filed injunction, issued a trespass notice or called on police to intervene. Instead, protesters and school officials spoke and agreed to terms. Today, protesters are breaking up the encampment as agreed after those talks.

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