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>>> Next up, a piece of history found off the coast of florida. >> American mastodon tusk, Announcer:Closed captioning forthis program is brought to youin part byTour Watch all three episodesofCome and Say G'Day, a paid content series byTourism Australia,onCBC gem. ( ) Ever wonder what's around the next corner? ( ) ( ) Past the trees. ( ) Over the mountains? ( ) That's where adventure lives... ( ) Take a Nissan suv and go find it. ( ) [buzzing] ( ) Get that ojo Feeling with all the latest slot and live casino games plus exclusive games you won't find anywhere else. ( ) feel the fun play ojo Bleeding gums? Hold on. It could be a sign of gingivitis. Listerine mouthwash contains antibacterial essential oils that kill up to 99.9% of germs and fight plaque and gingivitis. Listerine. Trusted for generations. With 125 years of germ-killing power. Inside every Splenda product is a mission... to make it easier for people to cut sugar from their diet. With a delicious, sweet taste, and quality you can trust, we take pride that every day millions say "i use Splenda." ( ) Okay, and root beer to drink? No. [gasping] What? He didn't get root beer? I'm getting frozen root beer. Oh! Try frozen a&w root beer with sweet cream. Gnarly! Back in my day, I used to call this the 180 Spice Bomb. Watch this. (Grunt, thud, car horn honking) That was awesome! Oh, f... Fix Auto! The first words that should come to mind after an accident. When arthritis pain makes the stairs feel like a summit... There's Tylenol Arthritis. With 2 layers of pain relief, one acts fast, one lasts for up to 8hrs and it's gentle on your stomach. Tylenol Arthritis: made for everyday moments. When you live with diabetes,confidence comes from knowing your glucose levels and where they're headed. Manage your diabeteswith confidence with Dexcom g7. Financial goals. At Fidelity, we know that everyone's got them. And they're all different. But the one thing we share? We all want to get to them sooner. ( ) (Opening Mnemonic) (music throughout) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) [ ] >> Erica: you're looking at a couple of divers holding a prehistoric fossil, a tusk that belonged to an american mastodon, a distant relative of the elephant. The tusk was discovered by one of the divers just off the coast of florida, and his rare finding makes our "moment." [ ] >> Out of the corner of my eye, like, up against the scree, I saw what looked like a piece of tree bark. I pulled it, and it just came up out of the sand in one piece. It's a tusk from an american mastodon. Tusks in florida are, especially ones that size and in that good of shape are incredibly rare. I called my parents and showed them, and they said hey, that's a piece of wood. I said no, that's a tusk. Our kids will inherit this tusk, our grand kids. It's, like, a piece of the family, and hopefully nobody sells it. >> Erica: you get the house, you get the car, and you get an american mastodon tusk, which apparently was about four feet long and about 60 kilos.

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at theCanadian Screen Awards. [beep] I mean, I can't tell you how excited I am to host the awards. That is the main and most important thing. [ ] >> Erica: tonight, cbc news has learned charges have been laid in connection with a deadly wrong way crash on canada's busiest highway. >> Oh, my god! >> Erica: that passenger in the u-haul van chased by police was out on bail. >> You shouldn't be out on bail. Multiple times, you shouldn't be out on bail. >> Erica: what we learned about the decision that sparked the dangerous pursuit. >>> And canadians will be have more place -- will have more places to buy liquor, but it comes at a cost. >>> And a new look at growing old. We breakdown the challenges and potential solutions to help canadian seniors age in place. [ ] >> Erica: good evening and thanks for joining us. Ian is away. >>> We're learning new details about the cascade of events that led to a police pursuit the wrong way down a busy ontario highway, and now, charges have been laid. Court documents obtained by cbc news show the passenger in that u-haul van running from police robbed a liquor store. It was that event that ended up with the suspects running from police and killing four people in a head-on impact. >> Reporter: in that u-haul van racing down the highway in the wrong direction, two men were fleeing durham police. >> There's a psycho in a truck driving the wrong way. >> Reporter: the high-speed chase ending in a fatal crash that killed a two month old and his two grandparents. The driver of the u-haul died, and now, newly obtained court documents show that his passenger, manpreet gill, recently robbed a liquor store. He and the driver were both out on bail at the time of the crash. >> If he's out on bail, you shouldn't be out on bail. Multiple times, you continue to do the same thing. >> Reporter: it was a close call for this woman and her husband. >> He was coming right at us. All I saw was headlights. He was just flying. We didn't have any warning besides those westbound police. >> Reporter: investigators say it all started with a robbery at this liquor store. Here's what ontario provincial police were told in radio communications that evening. >> There was a male inside the lcbo trying to rob the store. He pulled a knife on an off duty officer. >> Reporter: ontario's police watchdog is looking into the chase and the deadly crash, but the new charges provide new insight into what happened. Durham's police chief hasn't said what happened even when asked. >> Those events are not separated. That is one event that happened, and I'm going to let the S.I.U. complete their investigation. >> Erica: and thomas, the whereabouts of gill, the van passenger, are not entirely clear right now. Why is that? >> Reporter: yeah, he was scheduled to appear in court yesterday on these new charges. He didn't show up. He may well still be in hospital. He was taken to hospital with serious injuries, but it's not known. In recent years he was charged with a series of offenses including being possession of a stolen vehicle and robbing another liquor store in the toronto area. He's expected to appear in court by video link on these new charges. >> Erica: cbc reporter thomas daigle.

>>> The truck driver responsible for the deadly humboldt broncos bus crash has been ordered out of the country. Manpreet gill was responsible for the crash that killed 16 people and injured 13. It could take months or years before he's deported. His lawyer says he plans to fight the decision on humanitarian grounds. >>> Israel has received a clear order from the international court of justice: stop the assault on the city of rafah. Israel has already said no power on earth can stop it, and the court has no power to enforce it, but as sasa petricic explains, it does add to the international pressure. >> Reporter: the international court of justice their orders are direct. >> Israel must immediately halt its rafah offense and any other actions by the israel government. >> Reporter: the palestinians welcome the order. But it's not that simple. Though the order is legally binding, the court has no way to enforce it, and israel has vowed to carry on. A statement from prime minister benjamin netanyahu says israel is defending itself consistent with its moral values and consistent with international law. The outrage is shared on the streets of tel aviv where the feeling of the attacks on october 7 is more evidence. Within hours of the ruling, bombs were dropping on rafah once again. America has to pressure israel, says this man, but it won't. The U.S. responded by pointing to its long opposition to israel's rafah offensive. As for canada -- >> Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: the I.C.J.s proposals are binding, and we expect everyone to follow them as a matter of international law. >> Reporter: even if israel ignores it, observers say the pressure has now grown significantly. >> Israel will not able to remain a part of the democratic world if it will go on ignoring the most important institutions of the international community. >> Reporter: and not just this one. Another tribunal, the international criminal court, is considering arrest warrants for netanyahu and his defence minister for alleged war crimes, accusations he has dismissed. Sasa petricic, cbc news, toronto. >> Erica: pro-palestinian protesters at the university of toronto encampment have been given a new deadline to leave and a warning. The university says it will take all legal steps to clear out the protesters if they aren't gone by monday and also threatened students with fines and suspensions. It comes after students dismissed the university's offer to set up a committee to study their demands as too vague.

>>> People in ontario will soon be able to buy alcohol in a lot more places. Premier doug ford and the provincial government is rolling out an expansion on booze sales starting this summer, and as nisha patel explains, it comes 1.5 years earlier than scheduled. >> Reporter: for this small convenience store, selling beer and wine is a big opportunity. >> So yeah, I think there will be a boost in the sales, as well. >> Reporter: a more open marketplace is one reason ontario's premier says the province is accelerating its expansion of where alcohol can be sold. >> Our plan will create new opportunities for local breweries, wineries, retailers, and small businesses. It's going to give people more choice and convenience. >> Reporter: starting august 1, grocery stores in ontario, which already sell beer and wine, can sell ready-to-drink cocktails. By october, grocery stores and convenience stores will join the mix. That could add up to as many as 8500 new retailers. >> Just having the opportunity to be able to grabbing it wherever makes sense. >> I actually like the law of it being in separate stores. >> Reporter: alberta is looking into the possibility of expanding liquor sales, but to bring in these changes, ontario will have to pay up to $225 million in taxpayer money to end a ten-year agreement that have given the privately owned beer store a near monopoly. In change, the beer store will keep hundreds of locations keep as well as the recycling programme. Local beer makers, though, toasted the move. >> The fact that beer will be in big box, beer will be in costco, beer will be in corner stores, it's great. The more distribution the better for us craft brewers. >> Reporter: nisha patel, cbc news, toronto. >> Erica: some daycare providers are threatening to pull out of the government's national child care programme as costs are soaring and wait lists are, too. >> Reporter: sherry reiger's daughters are on many wait lists. The family, like many, are struggling to find a licensed care provider. >> Some are saying they won't have a space for two or three years. >> Reporter: the government spent tens of millions of dollars to create more spots and cut the amount that parents pay to $10 a day. >> As child care has become more affordable, we hear from patients parents that access it that we need more spaces. >> Reporter: daycare providers are already struggling to afford the spots they already have, but costs are soaring as well as inflation is affecting a liveable wage. As part of the deal, daycares can't raise their fees, an option they had in the past to offset costs. Some private care centres in ontario who access those public dollars have threatened to pull out of the programme altogether unless they get more money. >> It is not convinceindental that the only ones playing this game of chicken are the private daycare providers. >> The funding is great. It's a great incentive to get us mums back out to work, but again, if I can't access it, what is the point? >> Reporter: to add to sherry's anxiety in finding daycare, she's expecting her third child this fall. That baby doesn't have a name yet but it's already on a wait list. Marina von stackelberg, cbc news, ottawa. >> Erica: a change to the rcmp's dress code is being criticized by some indigenous communities. Ribbon skirts, symbols of identity and strength, will be an optional part of the ceremonial uniform. Cameron mcintosh shows us the praise and the push back. >> Reporter: this week, the

dress uniform of the rcmp got an addition. A ribbon skirt featuring four colours representing four directions after a push by female indigenous members and elders, including judy pelle. >> It really signifies how we have pride in our womanhood, how we're matriarchs of our communities. >> Reporter: many indigenous women see it as a symbol of their identity. For the rcmp deciding to adopt it makes it insulting to some. At this march in winnipeg for residential school survivors, strong feelings. >> We need to focus on the justice and the truth and reconciliation which I don't believe the rcmp has done today. >> I think that's an insult to our people. >> Reporter: but not everyone feels that way. >> It represents the woman and how we're just growing stronger. >> Reporter: the push for an rcmp skirt came after rcmp officers gave one to a young saskatchewan girl shamed at school for wearing hers. Pelle is the girl's grandmother. In a lengthy instrument, the rcmp says it consulted indigenous staff and advisors. The rcmp also allows I thinkndigenous officers to take an oath on an eagle feather and wear indigenous sashes. >> The rcmp doesn't own the ribbon skirt, it's owned by the members that wear it. >> Reporter: the rcmp says there are about 300 indigenous members of the force eligible to wear the skirt as conversation around it underscores the complexities of reconciliation. Cameron mcintosh, cbc news, winnipeg. >> Erica: tonight, louisiana's governor signed a controversial new law designating two commonly used abortion pills as dangerous controlled substances. It's believed to be a first of its kind. If someone is found to be in possession of the drugs without a prescription they could face fines or even prison time. Louisiana already bans abortions in most cases. Doctors say it will make it harder to prescribe the pills which are used for treating miscarriages and inducing labour.

>>> A landmark settlement in the U.S. could change the landscape of college sports. It paves the way for future and college athletes to be paid, a change many say is long overdue. Alison northcott has more on the payment and what's still up in the air. >> Reporter: some of the biggest names in sports started here in college. U.S. athletes in college sports have long been considered amateurs, but a settlement on a lawsuit would see athletes paid directly. This attorney sued the ncaa, alleging it violated antitrust laws by restricting athletes' access to compensation. The ncaa denied wrongdoing. >> For ten years, the athletes will be entitled to share revenue including lucrative broadcast, ticket sales, and media deals that the schools and conferences have. >> Reporter: the settlement includes $2.8 billion in back pay for thousands of former college athletes. The ncaa called it an important step in the continued reformation of college sports. >> It's the biggest development since the ncaa was founded in 1906. >> We have coaches paid $70 million to $100 million, and athletic directors making over $100 million, but the athletes who generate this get zero. >> Reporter: there are questions whether canadian athletes in the U.S. would be eligible. International visas restrict opportunities for contracts with sponsors which their american teammates have been able to do since 2021. >> If canadian athletes cannot, like name, image, and likeness, we may see some canadian athletes choosing to stay home. >> Reporter: athletes could be getting paid as soon as the 2025 fall semester. Alison northcott, cbc news, washington. >> Erica: documentary film maker morgan spurlock, best known for his film "super size me," has died. >> I think I'm going to have to go super size. >> Erica: for the film, spurlock ate only McDONALDS for 30 days to illustrate the harms of a fast-food diet. His other work touched on issues like corporate power and the U.S. war in afghanistan. He died of cancer at his home in new york. He was 53.

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