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this is like "cannonball run" meets "looney tunes". This is remarkable. That scene took eight months to film. Eight months. Anna taylor joy talked about being so happy when she got to the part of the scene when she was on top of the truck 'cause she spent weeks at the bottom of the truck. If it was just vehicular mayhem that would be superficial but what makes it so special, look at that gaze. It is the performance of anna taylor joy who is almost in this film a silent movie actress. She has only 30 lines of dialogue. She doesn't need words. She has those eyes. She has her own fuel source, high occitan revenge. You -- high octane revenge. You tack her and hemsworth -- take her and hemsworth, two souls in a wasteland. What a horrible place. I can't wait to return. My rating: almost perfect. We're going to give it four and a half stars out of five. >> Travis: oh, wow. That is a good review. >> It's an amazing ride and an amazing film. Please enjoy. >> Travis: you don't often give 4.5. >> Evenly when deserved. >> Travis: got to go check this out. Eli glasner with his friday film review. Might be one you want to check out this weekend. >>> Plenty more ahead here on "canada tonight" including your top stories. We're back after this. [dramatic] Announcer:What's new? What's breaking? What's really going on? Cbc News Network.All the news. Live. The words in your head, you're the only one that can hear them. Say it! Yes I can, Yes I must. Watch me! Start your 30—day home trial at Terms apply. Canadian summers just hit different with Tims. ("Steal My Sunshine" by Len) Introducing two new Sparkling Quenchers... made with natural flavours and colours. Memories are made with Quenchers. It's time for Tims The Jeep No Limits Eventis here.Which means more trailsto blaze. More challenges to meet. And right now enjoyno payments for 90 days. Get into a Jeep Compass. With best-in-class horsepower. Or Jeep Grand Cherokee,the most awarded suv ever. ( ) Jeep No Limits is here. Time to test your limits. Get up to 10% off msrp for up to eighty sevenhundred dollars in discounts. And no payments for 90 days. ( ) ( ) Our hero Paul lovesto help others.But today, ...he's helping protecthimself... ...against pneumococcalpneumonia, which can put you in the hospital. He got the Prevnar 20 vaccine. Yes, even heroes... ...should think protection. Ask about Prevnar 20 today. I'd do anything Welcome to the new PetSmart Treats rewardsTM. Ready go Collect points with every purchase. And save big on their favourite services. Anything for you PetSmart. Anything for Pets. Parrots are incredible animals. [Parrot] Another overdue bill! Yeah. They're also extremely intelligent. [Parrot] Forgot to pay again! They also repeat things they hear a lot. The new bmo eclipse rise Visa card rewards you with points for paying your bill on time every month to help build a routine. [Parrot] Rewards you with points! And you get 5x the points on things like groceries, dining and recurring bill payments. [Parrot] For paying your bill! —But also you can... — [Parrot] Every month! —And just remember. —[Parrot] Build a routine! [Parrot squawking] He is a talker. When a bank helps you make real financial progress. That's the bmo Effect. Bmo Inside every Splenda product is a mission... to make it easier for people to cut sugar from their diet. With a delicious, sweet taste, and quality you can trust, we take pride that every day millions say "i use Splenda." ( ) ( ) In here... you can expect to find... crystal clear audio... expansive display space... endless entertainment... and more comfort for everyone... But even with all that... we still left room... for all the unpredictability... spontaneity.. and unexpected things... you'll find out here... Jeep. Grand Cherokee. The most awarded suv ever. [ ] >> Travis: it is 5:00 in campbell river, 6 p.m. In regina and 8:00 in thunder bay. This is "canada tonight." this hour the university of toronto issues a press pass notice for pro-palestinian encampment saying that students have until monday

morning to leave. Plus, a U.S. judge dismisses alec baldwin's motion to have a criminal charge against him dropped, opening the way for a trial of the hollywood actor a.little later on I sit down with the first person ever perceived elon musk's brain device neuralink after he suffered brain injuries. Students at the pro-palestinian encampment on. U of t. They remain firmly entrenched. Isa was at the campus earlier today and has more on the reaction from protesters. >> Travis, the students say at the are going to stay put. They are remaining steadfast really. They want their demands met and they do not want to leave until that is a done-deal. Now they say they would like to continue, you know, speaking to university officials. They're open, you know, to negotiating but essentially they are asking for three things, and let me just tell you what they are. The first is they want university of toronto to disclose its financial dealings. They also, number two, want the university to divest from any kind of financial dealings at that have any ties to funding the israeli military. Finally they want the university of toronto to cut ties with israeli academic institutions that are operating inside the palestinian occupied territories. Now I spoke to several of the protesters. One of them today said look. The university of toronto has divested, you know, from oil projects before. They've divested from south african companies and organizations during apartheid and they do feel that they can, again, divest on, you know, this very issue. I also spoke to another protester that said, you know, they have rejected the university's offer but that should not be the end of negotiations. They are open and willing to talk. Take a listen. >> Not planning to leave any time soon. And I also want to come back to the reason that they issued us this notice. They put out their first offer to us yesterday. More of an ultimatum that they are framing as the final offer. U of t knows how to bargain. They bargained with unions on campus all the time. The first written offer cannot be the final off and so we are currently preparing our counteroffer and hopefully we're able to discuss that at the 5 p.m. Meeting on sunday. >> Travis: ok. So they're preparing a counteroffer here. The students did reject the university's first offer. We'll see if there's a second offer from the university. More what more can you tell us about what the school is saying tonight and how they're responding? >> Idil: yeah. Well so far, you know, we know that the school has said that they will not, you know, cut ties with, you know, israeli universities. Now they did say that they are open to speaking with the students, particularly on june 19th. They said that they would like them to meet with officials and, you know, to discuss some of their demands but we do know that, before that meeting that there will be a meeting this weekend on sunday at 5:00. So things could progress but the university says it's open to talking to students. They also say that they are creating a working group that's going to consider options for disclosure and increased transparency when it comes to their financial dealings. That's not quite what the university students are asking for. The university's president says he's in a tough bind. He has to, you know, palance, you know, the right of these students to protest, you know, against the safety of some of the other students. He says some students are not feeling safe on campus. He spoke to the CBC's david common on "metro morning" earlier today. Here's some of what he had to say. >> The tensions that have been generated by the tipped presence of the encampment have reached a point where we feel now is the time to end the encampment. The students have had ample opportunity to exercise their right of freedom of expression and right of protest. They will be able to continue to do that but through other means. >> Idil: so u of t president this, meric gertler, the university says there have been 38 reports of harassment and discrimination and, quote, hateful speech and hateful actions as a result of the encampment. That is one of the main reasons the university said it wants to see this encampment shut down. Travis? >> Travis: idil mussa on our top story from university of toronto's downtown campusment joining us now is jay sullivan. He is the chief advancement officer for halal, ontario a group that advocates on behalf of jewish students including at the university of toronto. Jay, thanks for being here. Appreciate it.

>> Thanks for having me. >> Travis: if the encampment doesn't clear by monday, what do you hope to see from the u of t? >> Well, you know, jewish students on campuses at u of t and certainly across the province as well over the last number of weeks have really been suffering. They have been suffering from intimidation and harassment. They have been suffering at the hands of these unlawful occupations that have been going on now for far too long, and it will be interesting to see what the u of t chooses to do come monday at 8 a.m.. >> Travis: what do you make of the fact that the university has been in serious negotiation here for weeks with students over this? >> Yeah. I mean it's challenging for me that they're even negotiating with this group. This is a group that, for weeks now, had been displaying hateful anti-semitic anti-jewish imagery including pro hamas rhetoric, including signs that say heil hitler and chants that say heil hitler including signs and chants that call for zionists to to be removed from campus. Of course we all know zionist is another word for jew. The fact that the university is even negotiating with a group so offside with canadian values is deeply challenging. >> Travis: I mean university administration has said at that they don't want to see what's happened at some other university campuses, where police go in and there's violence. Would you like to have seen police go in? >> What I'd like not to see is I'd like not to see violent imagery targeting jews on a campus in ontario or canada or united states or really anywhere else. Jewish students, like every other student, deserve to be able to go to university on a campus free from harassment and intimidation and the university has a responsibility to follow its policies and procedures to ensure the safety, as I said, of jewish students and of course all students. They haven't been doing that over the course of the last number of weeks. Universities have I'm sure many tools at their disposal that they should be using. Frankly they haven't been. >> Travis: I don't have to tell you that not all jewish students have the same views on this. There are also jewish students at the encampment. What do you think about that and how much weight does that carry for you? >> Like every community, the jewish community is not monolithic. There are people with different perspectives. I can tell you the overwhelming majority of canadians and the overwhelming majority of canadian students are zionists. They believe at a fundamental level that the jewish people should have a right to a jewish state just like any other people should. So are there jewish people in the encampment? You have to ask them. I can assure you they are not representative of the main stream jewish perspective. >> Travis: protesters continually insist they have zero tolerance policy to anti-semitic statements and say some people are making anti-semitic remarks, well they've been kicked out of these encampments. If that is the case, would it be fair to categorize all these protesters as, you know, intimdaters? >> You'd have to ask them about, you know, what they've been saying and what they've been doing but the pictures and videos speak for themselves. There have been pro hamas posters shown at the university of toronto. There have been chants for zionists to be removed from campus at these unlawful occupations all across the province and indeed across north america. That is andthy thet cal to canadian values and deeply challenging and deeply disturbing for jewish canadians, jewish students on campus, their parent, their families. As I said jewish students like every other student deserves to go university in a place free from intimidation and harass many. I'll also say these unlawful occupations are threatening graduation and commencement for students who already their high school graduation and commencements disrupted by the covid-19 pandemic. It's shameful that a university would allow anti-israel activists to threaten to do that again to the same cohort. >> Travis: we're almost out of time here, jay. But I do want to ask you. At this point, what will it take for the campus to be a safe space for both sides of this debate to engage in free expression about it? >> Well, that's certainly something that we at hillel strive for. I can tell you we track anti-semitic incidents across the province. This year, we have seen over four times the number of reports of anti-semitism that we've seen over last year or frankly any other year that we've been tracking over the last six years. Jewish students on campus want to have a peaceful, welcoming campus for them, for their friends, for their families and even those on the other side. You know, as I said, our community doesn't have one set of beliefs. Ultimately what we want is we want peace. We want coexistence and we

want to be able to study and learn and live and work on a campus with everybody. And unfortunately, these unlawful occupations have brought intimidation and hatred to campuses and it's time university leaders across the province and across the country and our government leaders and well-meaning canadians stand up and say enough. >> Travis: jay, appreciate your perspective on this. That was joe solomon, the chief advancement officer for hillel ontario, a group that advocates on before of jewish students. In montreal, we are waiting on a ruling by the quebec superior court on an injunction request by the university of quebec in montreal or uqam. The school wants to restrict pro pal continue -- palestinian protesters from setting up within 3 metres the building. Accused demonstrators of blocking access to the university, damaging surveillance cameras and vandalizing property. School officials said some protesters have been seen with iron bars and gas canisters. An injunction is -- decision on the injunction is expected monday. A ruling on the israel-hamas war. It is calling on israel to immediately stop its offensive in rafah. Julia chapman tells us why the court is urging israel to let U.N. personnel into gaza. >> Under the genocide convention. Israel must immediately halt its military offence and any other action in the rafah. >> Reporter: as well as ordering israel to cease operations in rafah, the international court of justice called for the rafah border crossing to be reopened. It's been closed since coming under israeli control earlier this month, sparking warnings from aid groups that the main route for supplies had been cut off. Israel has also been ordered to allow access for investigators to enter gaza and make their assessments. The icj judges said new measures were necessary because the situation in gaza had deteriorated, describing it as disastrous. The court also found that israeli evacuation orders left palestinians vulnerable. The united nations says at least 800,000 people have been displaced from rafah since those orders were made. Living in temporary shelters, many of them don't have access to clean water or sanitation. South africa, which brought the case against israel, has welcomed the ruling, calling it groundbreaking and much stronger than previous judgments from the icj. It says it will urge the U.N. security council to take measures to uphold it, although any such efforts are likely to be vetoed by the united states. The palestinian authority, which governs the west bank, says the judgment represents an international consensus to end the war in gaza. Hamas says the ruling should have gone further but it has promised to cooperate with any investigators that enter gaza. Israeli officials have reacted strongly to the news, with spokesperson david menser saying stopping the war against hamas would be suicide. Israel has already vowed to ignore any international court orders that call for an end to fighting. It argues its offensive is aimed at rooting out hamas and protecting israeli security. Julia chapman, cbc news, london. >> Travis: israel's military says the bodies of another three hostages have been recovered from gaza. >> It is with a heavy heart that I share that, last night, israeli special forces in gaza rescued the bodies of our hostages hannania blanca, michel nissenbaum, lyon hernandez. >> Travis: israel's military says the men were killed in the hamas led attack october 7th and their bodies taken into gaza. The israeli government says finding and freeing the remaining hostages is key for the ground offensive that is pushing into rafah. About 130 hostages are believed to be in gaza right now, but israel acknowledges that many of them are dead. [ ] breaking news to bring you now. A judge has just rejected actor alec baldwin's motion to dismiss the criminal charge against him in the shooting on a set of a movie called rust. The ruling upholds the indictment charging baldwin with one count of involuntary manslaughter in the death of cinematographer halyna hutchins. Following the latest developments on this story for us. Steve, good evening to you. What more can you tell us about the judge's decision? >> Reporter: well, the judge heard the arguments last week, very contentious arguments. This was focusing on the grand jury proceeds. Defence attorneys for a, like, baldwin argue that the government, the prosecutors were acting in bad faith withheld evidence from the grand jury. The judge rejected that.

let's listen to some of the arguments made last week before the judge. >> The story doesn't work, doesn't check out, doesn't pass the -- test. Of course she cuts them off. And if you look at all the cuttings off, 20. 20 times. Don't answer that one. No, not that one. Not that one. It's always, it's always in one direction. She doesn't cut off anybody saying I don't like alec baldwin, that's for sure. Always in one direction. This is a whom side case. Prosecutors are required to do better than this. Indictment should be dismissed. >> I'm not going to sit here and be called a liar. I absolutely have -- I did everything that I have told the court that I did today. He's right, I didn't reach out to mr. Halls' attorney and I didn't tell the court today that I did. Let's be clear. Mr. Spiro is intentionally trying to misrepresent and mislead this court right now. >> Reporter: and in the end, the judge agreed with the prosecution's argument that it did not act in bad faith, that it did not withhold vital information from the grand jury. Listen, grand juries are always a bit in favour of the prosecution. They're the ones presenting the case but alec baldwin, the prosecution was arguing, wanted to make it like trial. Now some of the evidence that was not heard by the grand jury can be presented in the trial and obviously if the trial does go ahead we will hear some of that evidence from alec baldwin. For the moment, he does face still the charge involuntary manslaughter. The trial's scheduled for july. >> Travis: so, steve, let's talk about what will happen next here in this case. >> Steve: again, if there are no more appeals which of course there will be, this is men -- american court he has very high priced and very good attorneys, alec baldwin. >> The trial will proceed but there will be other challenges. First of all this ruling can be challenge today a higher court but alec baldwin's attorneys have other challenges that they are trying to use to dismiss the case. They say that some of the evidence was mishandled. Some of the evidence was destroyed so they are going to make every argument they can to try to get this dismissed but, for the moment, he does face the trial. By the way involuntary manslaughter if you're found guilty does carry a maximum sentence of 18 months in prison and we should point out that an earlier trial with the armourer in the case, hannah gutierrez reed, she was found guilty and much of the same evidence that was presented in her trial will be presented in alec baldwin's case. Not identical cases but there are common threads in both. She was found guilty. Alec baldwin would obviously prefer not to go to trial and there's always the possibility, always the possibility of some sort of plea bargain agreement where alec baldwin could plead guilty to a very minor charge and then the whole case would go away. >> Travis: steve futterman with the breaking news in los angeles. The truck driver who caused the deadly crash involving the humboldt broncos junior hockey team has been ordered to be deported. The immigration and refugee board of canada announced its ruling earlier today. Eric collins has more. >> Reporter: today's news was not a surprise for jaskirat singh sidhu or his legal team. The deportation order issued today, more process than anything else. Sidhu's lawyer says his client isn't done fighting to stay in canada. Sidhu was behind the wheel of the truck that ran into the humboldt broncos' team bus in april 2018, killing 16 people. Sidhu, a permanent resident, was convicted of dangerous driving causing death the next year, sentenced to eight years in prison. Those two facts to do not being a canadian citizen and his vicks for a serious crime made today's deportation order mandatory and one that can't be appealed. >> It doesn't matter if this they're a career criminal or one momentarily lapse like my client. It doesn't matter if they arrived yesterday or if they've been here for ten years, like my client, and are well established. Family ties are irrelevant. My client has a canadian wife and a canadian child. >> Reporter: but sidhu's lawyer says his client isn't done trying to stay here. He will now reapply for permanent residency status on humanitarian grounds because sidhu would be separated from his wife and child if deported. >> I think they're very, very compelling, compassionate considerations here. And we would hope that, you know, we get that kind of consideration. I'd like to see compassion triumph here. >> Reporter: families of the people who died in the humboldt broncos crash are divided on the issue. Some want to see sidhu removed from canada. Others say they're ok if he stays. It's unclear how long that permanent residency application will take. It could be months or even years and sidhu could be deported before a decision is even made. Erin collins, cbc news, calgary. >> Travis: a high-risk sex offender who sparked a

canada-wide warrant last year has been sentenced to 29 months in prison. Randall hopley pleaded guilty to two counts of breaching his long-term supervision order and one count of failing to appear in court. Hopley sparked an intense police manhunt when he walked away from his vancouver halfway house and cut off his electronic ankle monitoring bracelet. The convicted sex offender was found guilty of kidnapping a 3-year-old in 2011. Hopley is also under a long-term supervision order meant to monitor his movements. In total he was missing for ten days before turning himself in because he was cold. Hopley will get credit of 11 months for time already served. That means he will remain in jail for another 18 months. When we come back, we will take you behind the liberals' strategy to court young voters one viral video at a time. "canada tonight", back after this. Hey, let's go, man. [laughter] You're one of my favourite interviewers. Announcer: q with Tom Power. Available now onCBC Listen or wherever you get your podcasts. Ram Power Days are here.The power to choose fromthe most awarded truck brand over the last five years. Like Ram Classic.As versatile as it is capable. Ram 1500, voted bestlarge pickup in Canada. Or Ram Heavy Dutywith a no-charge Cummins. And you don't pay for 90 days. The power is yours.The time is now. Get 20% off msrp on Ram Classic for up to $14,200 in discounts. Plus get 4.99% financing. At Pet Valu, we treat your pet like our pet. Well, Georgie, it's time for adult food. And there's a lot of great options to choo... too choose from. They grow up so fast. I know... I do this like ten times a day. Okay, and root beer to drink? No. [gasping] What? He didn't get root beer? I'm getting frozen root beer. Oh! Try frozen a&w root beer with sweet cream. Let's go for a skate, and a little chat. Because retirement today is not what it used to be. The good news is we're living longer and more active lives, but planning for that longevitycan come with some challenges. Thankfully as a Canadian homeowner aged 55 and better, you have options. The chip Program allows you to access the value of your home without selling it. So you can live retirement on your terms. If you're 55 or older call now for your free no obligation chip Reverse Mortgage Guide. With chip you get up to 55% of your home's value in tax free cash take only what you need in a lump sum or over time with no monthly mortgage payments required. Call (number on screen) Maybe it's time for you to consider chip too! Call now for your free no obligation guide. Call (number on screen) or visit chip dot ca. Call chip today and live retirement your way. Rub a535 will go anywherein the name of treating pain. Whether it's injury pain. Youch. Or muscle and joint pain. Whatever the pain, there's a rub a535 for you. When you live with diabetes,confidence comes from knowing your glucose levels and where they're headed. Manage your diabeteswith confidence with Dexcom g7. ( ) ( ) The infiniti qx60 exemplifies modern luxury. With powerful suv performance, three rows of comfort, and a sleek-yet-daring design. ( ) Lease a 2024 qx60 from 0.99% apr for up to 24 months. Visit ( ) Announcer:Tonight onThe National...Want to avoida retirement home? -Hallelujah. I paid way more in rent than I pay per month nowto be here. Imagine that. Announcer:The "aging in place" movement and how it's helping seniorslive the way they want. That's tonighton Canada's newscast. >> Andrew Chang: So you want to watchCBC News Explore, a new kind of news channel. Here's how to find us. We're on theCBC Newsapp, onCBC Gem, and on your smart tv. Stream any time. It's always free. Cbc News Explore. . [ ] >> Travis: younger voters came out in record numbers in 2015 to help justin trudeau win a majority government. But since then, their support for the liberals had stated millennial and gen z

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