Canucks players in 'tough situation' with Bruce Boudreau stuck in limbo

Canucks defenceman Tyler Myers was candid when asked about the mood around the team in his post-game media availability.

Bruce Boudreau was visibly emotional as fans serenaded him with
Bruce Boudreau was visibly emotional as Canucks fans serenaded him with "Bruce, there it is" chants on Friday. (Reuters)

With talk of Bruce Boudreau’s precarious future with the Vancouver Canucks reaching a fever pitch, it was really only a matter of time before the players had something to say.

Following a 4-1 loss Friday night to the Colorado Avalanche, emotions from within the dressing room finally boiled over, as Tyler Myers spoke following the drubbing to the defending Cup champs.

“Kind of seems like the mindset and the mood (surrounding the team) got to us tonight,” he candidly told reporters post-game. “You can tell guys are down, it’s not easy times right now, a lot going on.”

Myers continued, adding that this stretch was undoubtedly the most unique that he’d been a part of, particularly astonishing given his spot on the historically bad 2014-15 Buffalo Sabres, who actively stripped their team down to the core in the hopes of landing a young Connor McDavid.

“It’s the most noise I’ve experienced in my career,” he said. “It’s not easy for a lot of people, but we all have a job to do.

“Can’t sugarcoat anything, it’s a tough situation (with Boudreau), it’s tough on a lot of people. You take it in stride and do the best job you can in the meantime.”

Meanwhile, in the visiting dressing room, Andrew Cogliano, who played under Boudreau with the Anaheim Ducks for parts of five seasons between 2011-2016, shared a similar sentiment on his former skipper’s treatment.

“I have my thoughts on what’s going on here with him on a personal level and I don’t think it’s warranted,” Cogliano said. “He’s done a good job throughout the league. We had a lot of success in Anaheim and I attribute a lot of my success in the league to him. I love him.”

Cogliano added that he felt given his standing around the league as not only a good coach, but as a good person, Boudreau would ultimately weather the storm and land on his feet when all was said and done.

Throughout the night at Rogers Arena, Canucks fans also did their part to make their stance known loudly and clearly, especially following Elias Petterson’s 19th goal of the season midway through the second period. The Vancouver crowd even engaged in the iconic "Bruce, there it is" chant in the third period, appearing to make the bench boss emotional as he subtly placed his hand over his heart in appreciation.

“It was nice,” Myers said with a chuckle at the absurdity of it all. “Like I said, it’s a tough situation.”

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