Caleb Williams will not take medical exams at NFL Combine

Quarterback Caleb Williams already announced he would not be working out at the NFL Combine this week. Now, it looks like he won’t partake in any medical exams with teams, either. CBS NFL insider Jonathan Jones is reporting that Williams is skipping the medical examinations with teams. Jones is also reporting Williams will not sign off on having his medical records shared with all 32 NFL teams. Williams is still in Indianapolis attending the combine, however, and plans to meet with a handful of teams. He has already met with the Chicago Bears, who currently hold the No. 1 overall pick.

While it’s not uncommon for quarterback prospects to skip the workout portion of the combine, Williams’ refusal to partake in the medical exams is rare and possibly unprecedented. Jones says Williams could be the first prospect to attend the combine and not take part in the medical exams. He will, however, submit medical records to select teams individually, according to ESPN. Williams confirmed that when he met the media on Friday morning. “I’ll be doing the medical stuff, just not here in Indy,” Williams said. “I’ll be doing it at the team interviews. Not 32 teams can draft me, there’s only one of me. The teams that I go to for my visit, those teams will have the medicals and that will be it.”

The likely No. 1 overall pick has put up jaw-dropping plays on the field during his three seasons in college, including his sophomore year, which resulted in him winning the Heisman Trophy with 4,537 yards, 45 touchdowns, and five interceptions. But criticisms have mounted for Williams as well, from his emotional outbursts on the sidelines while playing for USC to his father’s perceived involvement behind the scenes. Williams plans to work out for teams on March 20th at USC’s Pro Day.

Story originally appeared on Bears Wire