All About Caitlin Clark's 2 Siblings, Blake and Colin Clark

Caitlin Clark's brothers Blake and Colin are athletes just like the University of Iowa basketball player

<p>Caitlin Clark/Instagram</p> Caitlin Clark with her parents and brothers

Caitlin Clark/Instagram

Caitlin Clark with her parents and brothers

Caitlin Clark comes from a family of athletes.

The superstar University of Iowa basketball player, who dominated during March Madness, grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, alongside her parents Brent and Anne Nizzi-Clark and two brothers, Blake and Colin.

Caitlin's mom and dad come from an athletic background, with Brent formerly playing both basketball and baseball at Simpson College in Iowa and Anne’s father being the former football coach at Dowling Catholic in Des Moines, and her siblings are just as sporty.

“We were always involved in sports and at home we were always around sports,” her brother Blake previously told The Gazette about their family’s love of athletics. “We watched sports at night, whether we would go to Drake and watch basketball games, or watch cousins play their basketball games or tournaments. When you’re just around something that much, it’s what you do, too.”

When they’re not busy with their own athletic careers, they’re cheering each other on from the sidelines, like they did when Caitlin played in the NCAA championship in April 2024, though she ultimately ended up losing the game that would be the last of her college career.

Here’s everything to know about Caitlin's brothers.

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Blake played for Iowa State University’s football team

Caitlin's older brother Blake went to Iowa State University. While Caitlin has made a name for herself on the women’s basketball team at the University of Iowa, recently making history as the all-time leading scorer in NCAA women's basketball, her brother played football in college.

During his time at Iowa State, he was also a member of the Student-Athlete Experience Committee and served as vice president and president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council, according to the school’s website. He studied industrial engineering and was selected as an outstanding graduating senior in December 2022.

Colin was a multisport athlete in high school

<p>Caitlin Clark/Instagram</p> Caitlin with her brother Colin

Caitlin Clark/Instagram

Caitlin with her brother Colin

The youngest of the Clark siblings, Colin is no stranger to sports either. Before graduating from Dowling Catholic High School in 2023, Colin participated in track and field and basketball, per a previous feature on the family in The Gazette.

When talking with the publication about her children, Anne noted that Colin receives a tremendous amount of support from his siblings. “I think Blake and Caitlin are always watching him online and following him, too,” Anne said. “That is probably even more special to watch, and take the time to come back and watch him and support him, and beat up on him a little bit, too. That part has been amazing.”

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Caitlin and Cole look up to Blake for advice

During an interview with The Gazette, Brent described his oldest child Blake as an “old soul,” while Anne noted that her son is the “the boss” among his siblings.

“Blake has the answers to everything and they kind of defer to Blake, just about their life and what they’re doing,” Anne said about how her children look up to Blake. “Blake is always going to give his opinion.”

Brent added that Blake is a real role model for his younger siblings. “His perspective, I think his patience, receptivity to others ideas and his ability to listen are all real positive traits that I think both Caitlin and our youngest son, Colin, probably certainly notice and probably try to model as best they can,” Brent said.

Blake gives Caitlin feedback on her games

<p>Matthew Holst/Getty</p> Caitlin Clark's parents and brothers cheering her on

Matthew Holst/Getty

Caitlin Clark's parents and brothers cheering her on

After playing basketball throughout his childhood and during high school, Caitlin told The Gazette she really values Blake’s feedback on her games.

“He knows the game really, really well,” she told the publication. “I think that’s always something I can lean on him whenever I have a tough game or things aren’t going my way. He usually always watches if it’s on TV, or we have Big Ten+ and he pays to watch it, but I think he’s really honest, but I know it’s in the best interest of myself.”

Caitlin noted that she’s really close with her older brother, talking to him practically every day. “Even if it’s not about football or basketball, we stay in touch a lot,” she added. “Just seeing what’s going on in each other’s lives. He’s always someone I can lean on, even if it’s about school or just something in life, he’s always there for me.”

Blake is close friends with Brock Purdy

His younger sister isn’t the only star athlete Blake is close with. He’s also good friends with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy! Ahead of the 2024 Super Bowl, Purdy opened up about his friendship with Blake, whom he went to Iowa State University with.

“Blake Clark is a great friend of mine, he's going to be at my wedding," Purdy told reporters, per the San Francisco Chronicle, "He's the man, yeah I love him, he was one of my best friends for four years at Iowa State."

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