Caitlin Clark Was Supposed to Take ESPN Anchor’s ‘White Bitch’ Comment as a Compliment, Obviously


On the one hand, it’s great that the dudes on ESPN are finally talking about women’s sports. On the other hand, they have simply got to find a way to talk about women’s sports in a way that isn’t astonishingly gross. Yes, I am talking about Pat McAfee referring to Caitlin Clark as a “white bitch” in a rant that was supposedly intended to support her.

“I would like the media people that continue to say, ‘This rookie class, this rookie class, this rookie class.’ Nah, just call it for what it is—there’s one white bitch for the Indiana team who is a superstar,” McAfee said in his June 3 show. A statement that manages to be at once misogynistic toward Clark and racist toward the nonwhite members of the WNBA’s rookie class such as Angel Reese. A true masterclass in mask-off white male chauvinism.

Following the inevitable, ruthless backlash, McAfee apologized for calling Clark a “white bitch” but stood behind his assertion that Clark is being discriminated against because she is white. “I shouldn’t have used ‘white bitch’ as a descriptor of Caitlin Clark,” he wrote on X. “No matter the context.. even if we’re talking about race being a reason for some of the stuff happening.. I have way too much respect for her and women to put that into the universe.” He added that he meant it as a compliment, but “a lot of folks are saying” that it didn’t come across that way. Well, sure, because what professional doesn’t love being complimented in sexist, derogatory terms?

“Everything else I said… still alllllll facts,” the sports commentator concluded, with the hashtag #Journalism.

Well, I certainly don’t have any further questions.

Originally Appeared on Glamour