Bruins competed through a predictably long list of injuries, including concussions

Justin Cuthbert
The Boston Bruins packed up their gear on Friday. (Getty)
The Boston Bruins packed up their gear on Friday. (Getty)

Meeting with the media for the final time after two ultimately fruitless months of postseason competition, basically each and every member of the Boston Bruins had a story to share.

The list of injuries that the Bruins dealt with on their path to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final was predictably long, but also particularly ridiculous.

Among them:

  • Noel Acciari played through a broken sternum suffered in Round 2 versus the Columbus Blue Jackets, without a missing a game. He had a foot issue as well.

  • Zdeno Chara had wires and plates holding together a jaw fractured in multiple places. He also had a lower-body injury.

  • Brad Marchand had groin, abdominal and hand issues.

  • David Pastrnak re-aggravated the thumb injury he had surgery to repair during the season.

  • Patrice Bergeron had a groin problem.

  • John Moore is slated for surgery after breaking his humerus on the final day of the regular season. He dressed in 10 postseason games.

  • Matt Grzelcyk and Jake DeBrusk had concussions.

While all somewhat troubling in their own right, the final two take the cake for sure — particularly DeBrusk’s situation.

DeBrusk essentially admitted that he was dealing with symptoms from a concussion suffered way back in the second game of the first round after an incident involving Nazem Kadri. That means — without missing a single game — DeBrusk either ignored symptoms or instructions, or was failed by the protocols intended to prevent players from suffering the harmful effects associated with serious head injuries.

While the incredible list of issues the Bruins dealt with raises legitimate questions over the merits of disregarding health to compete for a championship, the procedures should have at least been in place to prevent a player like DeBrusk from risking long-term health problems on a near bi-nightly basis for two consecutive months.

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