Brazilian soccer fan gets intricate full-sized tattoo of favorite team's jersey on his torso

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There are casual sports fans.

There are dedicated sports fans.

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There are hardcore sports fans.

And then there’s Brazil’s José Maurício dos Anjos.

While some fans get artistic tattoos dedicated to their favorite team and others commemorate big moments, like this ink of a famous Super Bowl play, dos Anjos decided to show his love of Brazilian soccer team Flamengo by getting a full-sized, intricate replica of its jersey tattooed on his torso.

Vice Sports spoke with dos Anjos about his tattoo, which was recently completed after 32 sessions and 90 hours that took a year to finish.

It’s complete down to every detail other than sponsor logos.

The back received as much attention as the front.


That patch over his left shoulder is his daughter’s newborn footprint, which he told Vice he plans to redo somewhere else.

“Having the sacred mantle on my body is a dream come true,” dos Anjos told Vice.

He told Vice that he had personal issues with the original tattoo artist that who started the work and moved to another when the ink was about 30 percent completed. After selling his motorcycle and finding a friend to help pay for the rest of the ink, he finally got the work finished last week.

As for the rest of the kit, dos Anjos told Vice he’s going to pass on using tattoo needles below the belt.

Probably a good call.

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