NORTH BATTLEFORD, Sask. — The head of Saskatchewan's R-C-M-P major crimes unit says officers were certain Tiki (TEE-kee) Laverdiere (LA'-ver-deer) was killed weeks before they found her body in a pond near North Battleford.

Superintendent Joshua Graham says key witnesses had told investigators early on about how female gang members tortured and killed the Edmonton woman.

The case was one of Saskatchewan's largest homicide investigations and took nearly five years to prosecute in court.

Ten people have been sentenced for their roles in her killing, with the last case completed in April.

Publication bans were also lifted.

Graham says intel from witnesses led officers to crime scenes, including the three homes where Laverdiere was tortured for hours.

He says the brutal natural of the attack caused witnesses to be more forthcoming with police.

Laverdiere's family says the woman leaves behind two sons, and they will never have true closure.

The Canadian Press