OTTAWA — Experts say they are seeing an increase in hateful content created by artificial intelligence.

Generative A-I systems can create images and videos with just a simple prompt.

That means images that previously might have taken hours to create can now be generated in just a few keystrokes.

A-I can also create or alter videos, like a clip of Adolf Hitler speaking English that recently went viral on social media.

B'nai (BEE'-nay) Brith Canada flagged the issue of A-I-generated hate content in a recent report.

It says there was an unprecedented rise in antisemitic images and videos created using A-I last year.

Experts say there's no doubt it's a problem but it's been hard to quantify it.

The Liberal government says it has legislation in Parliament that punishes online hate and requires A-I content to be watermarked.

The Canadian Press