Boyfriend’s reaction to surprise visit from long-distance girlfriend labelled a ‘red flag’

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 (@laurynmapusua/TikTok )
(@laurynmapusua/TikTok )

A boyfriend’s reaction to a suprise visit from his long-distance girlfriend has gone viral with many viewers labeling it a “red flag”.

In a recent video shared to TikTok, Lauryn, @laurynmapusua, could be seen walking into an apartment before seeing her partner, as Sam Smith’s Like I Can played in the background.

“I travelled from America to Sweden to surprise my long-distance boyfriend,” she wrote in the text over the video.

When her boyfriend saw her, he was lying on the couch and had a smile on his face. Lauryn leaned on top of him and started to playfully touch his arm.

As Lauryn got up, they both smiled and laughed at each other. She then pulled her boyfriend’s arm, in what appeared to be an attempt to get him to stand up.

She laid back down on him and gave him a hug, as he continued looking at her and smiled. The camera zoomed in on the boyfriend’s face.

Lauryn emphasised how her partner wasn’t expecting her arrival, as the caption reads: “Surprising him early.”

As of 23 May, the clip has more than 261,500 views, with TikTok users in the comments claiming that the boyfriend didn’t seem too excited to see Lauryn.

“Sis his energy did not pass the vibe check,” one wrote.

“Imagine getting on a plane and [travelling] to another continent for him and he doesn’t even move from his couch,” another said.

A third user added: “At that point you should’ve given him a high five, made yourself something to eat and went right back home.”

Other viewers said that they hoped their partner’s would have reacted differently if they came to see them, one of which said: “Man if my girl crossed the ocean for me ima be jumping like I won a car. His reaction was giving me, ‘Why didn’t you tell me you was coming.’”

Multiple TikTok users compared Lauryn’s boyfriend to Robert McCoy, also known as “couch guy,” who went viral on TikTok last September for his reaction to his girlfriend surprising him. In his girlfriend’s video, McCoy was sitting on the couch next to four women and took a moment to react to his partner walking into the room.

“Well TikTok, season 2 of couch boy has started,” one claimed. “Where is the team that takes apart the room to figure out what’s going on?”

“From the same creator or ‘couch guy,’ this summer: soffa guy, swedish edition,” another viewer jokingly wrote.

The Independent has contacted Lauryn for comment.

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