Bruins fans throw garbage onto ice after overtime loss to Blackhawks

After a decade of nearly unprecedented success across North America’s major professional sports leagues, one can see why some Boston sports fans believe basic fan conventions don’t apply to them.

It is a cardinal rule — and common sense, really — for fans not to throw objects onto the playing surface, but a faction of the Bruins fan base clearly missed the memo on Thursday night.

Squaring off against the Chicago Blackhawks, Boston trailed 3-0 entering the third period, but submitted a valiant comeback effort as Joakim Nordstrom, Chris Wagner and Torey Krug all got on the board to force the game to overtime.

Jonathan Toews ultimately won the game for Chicago, and Bruins fans, perhaps shocked by the notion of losing for the first time in weeks, couldn’t keep it together. It was Boston’s first loss since Nov. 16. The club hasn’t been defeated in regulation since Nov. 8.

In any event, it’s a rather puzzling reaction to a run-of-the-mill regular season game in December, although perhaps Bruins fans still harbour hard feelings towards the Blackhawks as a result of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals.

The mood wasn’t completely ugly, however, as the Blackhawks made their mothers, who are currently travelling with the team, very proud.

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