Bobby Orr on Don Cherry: 'He's not a bigot and he's not a racist'

One of the greatest joys of Don Cherry’s career was coaching Bobby Orr and the Boston Bruins legend came to his former boss’ defence once again on Thursday.

Cherry was fired by Sportsnet on Monday after making an anti-immigrant rant during Saturday’s broadcast, then refusing to apologize.

Orr stated his vehement opposition to Cherry’s dismissal Thursday during a radio appearance on WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni and Fauria.

“I know Grapes better than anybody. He’s not a bigot and he’s not a racist. This guy is the most generous, caring guy that I know. What they’ve done to him up there is disgraceful, it really is,” Orr said.

Cherry served as Orr’s coach during the three-time Hart Trophy winner’s final two seasons with the Bruins. During the course of his career, both during Coach Corner’s and as a public figure, Cherry has frequently labeled Orr as the greatest player of all-time, ahead of Wayne Gretzky.

The partnership between Cherry and Orr extends beyond their shared tenure with the Bruins, frequently coaching against each other at the CHL Top Prospects game.

It’s clear that Cherry’s unabashed adoration for Orr has been reciprocated, but it’s too late for the decision to be reversed.

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