Vladdy's day off: Blue Jays tape Guerrero Jr. to bench to prevent antics

Anybody who's ever tuned into a Toronto Blue Jays game knows that when he's not in the field, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. likes to keep things light in the dugout.

The presenter of Toronto's newly minted home run jacket, Guerrero Jr. knows how to have fun.

On Sunday, though, Guerrero Jr. received his first day off after being in the lineup for 161 straight games. Instead of taking the day to rest and relax, Guerrero Jr. kept itching to find ways to be involved.

Finally, though, his teammates had enough of his antics and came up with a creative way to keep the star player on the bench.

That's right. The squad taped Vladdy down to the bench.

In what looks like Springer's attempt to taunt a taped-up Guerrero Jr. with a dance, the first baseman wound up joining in with the outfielder.

A finally freed Vladdy emerged from the dugout later in the game to join fans in doing the wave.

Sunday's game against the Kansas City Royals ended up being a good day to rest Guerrero Jr., as Toronto breezed to a 5-1 victory thanks to newly-acquired pitcher Jose Berrios' six-inning shutout.

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