The best dog beds of 2023, tried and tested by canine experts

best dog beds 2023
Three Peaks, Tuffies, Earthbound, Baker & Bray, Lords & Labradors and Red Dog all made our list of the best dog beds

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Did you know, dogs sleep on average 11-14 hours a day, increasing as the dog ages? Studies show that dogs who sleep more during the day are happier, more relaxed and more receptive to training, so finding the best dog bed to ensure your pooch gets enough rest can make your life easier. But with so many available, how do you choose?

Qualified veterinary nurse and canine behaviourist Rachel Bean explains, “It’s really important that your dog’s bed offers plenty of space to stretch out and lie flat. Consider the size of your dog and whether they’ll have enough room to move around while they are on the bed. Round hard beds are not advised by veterinary physiotherapists because they force the dog to sleep curled up, which can cause back and joint issues”.

To help you pick the best dog bed, I’ve tested a selection on multiple dogs with varying needs, from puppies to rescues, elderly dogs and nervous hounds. You can read my reviews below, followed by some more advice from Rachel on how to choose the best dog bed. But if you’re in a hurry, here’s a look at my top five:

Which are the best dog beds in 2023? At a glance

Do dogs prefer beds with sides?

This is really a personal preference, Rachel says. Some dogs feel more secure in an enclosed space and a bed with sides can provide a feeling of being held and hidden. However, a bed with no sides, or a dog cushion, might be better for allowing your dog to fully stretch out.

How we tested the best dog beds

How we tested the best dog beds 2023
Oscar, Ginger and Remix test some of this year's new releases

As well as testing most of these beds at home with my own rescue dog Ginger (centre), I had dog-owning friends rate how much their pets seemed to enjoy them. We noted whether they helped with any specific issues such as arthritis or anxiety. I also rated how the beds have been designed to make life easier (are they waterproof, for example) and of course, value for money.

Best dog beds

1. Baker & Bray Eco Luxe Orthopaedic

£99, Baker & Bray

Best dog bed overall, 10 out of 10

We like: Orthopaedic, cooling and anti-anxiety features with a luxury feel

We don’t like: It’s not waterproof, so not the best for accident-prone pups

Baker & Bray Eco Luxe Orthopaedic
Baker & Bray: completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Eco-friendly fabric, made from recycled ocean-bound plastic bottles

  • 100 night guarantee

  • Available in 2 sizes

The Baker & Bray ticks more boxes and meets a wider variety of needs than any other bed we tested. Its unique geometric shape is designed to calm nervous dogs and the specially created memory foam cushion is designed to prevent overheating. Meanwhile, the beautiful Scandi aesthetic (available in multiple colours) means that humans can appreciate it too.

Every part is made from recycled materials, not just the fabric cover which has been woven using recycled ocean-bound plastic bottles (officially verified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). Even the mattress has been created using repurposed, premium-grade memory foam and the bolster is filled with surplus material from the textile industry. The patch is made out of vegan leather and every aspect is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Our doggy tester had three beds to choose from and this is the one she kept coming back to. She slept soundly throughout the day and night and seemed very happy indeed. Her owner loves that the cushion is easy to remove and wash. The 100-night money back guarantee is a bonus, too.


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Baker & Bray

2. Three Peaks Anti-Bacterial Dog Bed

From £31, Pets At Home

Best value dog bed, 8/10

We like: The cushion is treated with an anti-bacterial treatment to help reduce bacteria levels within 24 hours

We don’t like: The cushion cover can’t be removed

3 Peaks Anti-Bacterial
3 Peaks: comfy, wipe-clean and machine washable
  • Anti-bacterial

  • Fully machine washable

  • Available in 3 sizes

This cosy bed was tested by Remix, a small dog who had never wanted to use a bed before. Much to her owner’s surprise, she took to this one right away and seemed very comfortable.

For a low-cost dog bed, it comes with impressive features, including a non-slip base which makes it a good choice for excitable pups like her who like to leap into bed. But perhaps the most notable feature is the cushion which has been treated with anti-bacterial agent Reputex 48.

Remix’s owner noticed that, unlike other beds, it stayed fresh with minimal smell even after a couple of weeks of use and no washing. The fabric is wipe-clean. When you do machine-wash it,  the cover isn’t removable, so you have to put the whole cushion into the washing machine, which takes longer to dry than a cover alone.

Finally, for those concerned with helping save the planet, you’ll be pleased to read that the filling is recycled.


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3. Red Dog Classic Dog Bed

From £249, The Red Dog Company

Best orthopaedic dog bed, 9/10

We like: The veterinary-approved design for optimum joint support

We don’t like: That it’s not a raised bed, which can be helpful for older dogs

Red Dog Classic
Red Dog: warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Vet approved orthopaedic mattress

  • 100% wool fleece topper and filling

  • Moisture wicking

As dogs age, not only do they need more sleep, but they require extra support too. The Red Dog classic beds provide a vet-approved orthopaedic surface, not just on the base but all around the sides too, for your companion to get seriously comfy on.

Our tester was a blind, arthritic 13 year old pointer mix who is used to sleeping on her owner’s bed but can no longer jump up to it. No other dog bed has ever interested her, but the Red Dog bed was an instant hit.

The bed is firm all round for optimal comfort levels and support, which also gives it a very neat appearance. A waterproof liner is a useful addition to protect the mattress should any accidents happen. Our pointer’s owner was also impressed with the smart British tweed covering, made by a traditional family-owned weaving mill in the heart of West Yorkshire. The whole bed is made in Britain.

A great reason for choosing a wool bed like this is that it has excellent thermoregulating properties, meaning it will help your dog stay warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s also hypoallergenic and self-cleaning, but when you do want to give it a proper wash, the covers can be easily removed and chucked in the washing machine.

The only down-side to this bed is that there’s no option for it to be raised, which can be helpful for elderly dogs who struggle to get up and down. Raised dog beds also suffer less from damp and mould. However, the second point is dealt with by the water-resistant base and the natural antibacterial properties of wool.


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4. Get Laid Large Wooden Dog Bed

From £79, Get Laid Beds

Best dog bed for large dogs, 8/10

We like: The 11 year guarantee and elegant construction

We don’t like: the uncovered mattress is sold separately

Get Laid Large
Get Laid: big enough to sleep two
  • Fully customisable

  • Eco-friendly, made using wood from forests managed by the FSC & PEFC

  • Available in 3 sizes

This bed is hand-made using sustainable hard or soft wood from forests managed by the FSC & PEFC. You can choose from a range of 16 colours and four leg styles.

Although it comes in smaller sizes, we were impressed by quote how large the largest one is. A generous 185 x 75cm can provide a comfortable place to rest for even the largest dogs, or two smaller dogs curled up together. For owners who might be considering getting two beds, this makes the price even more reasonable.

Although not orthopaedic, the foam mattress offers a spongy yet firm surface and the extra large size gives them plenty of room to stretch out - something which can be hard to come by for very big dogs.

Our tester, a German Shepherd, certainly made the most of all that space. His owner found it nice to look at and very well made, with solid wooden slats and high quality materials. This will explain the company’s willingness to offer an 11 year guarantee.


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5. The Really Tough Tuffie

From £214, Tuffies

Best dog bed for puppies, 9/10

We like: the totally chew-proof construction

We don’t like: the high cost

The Really Tough Tuffie best dog beds
Tuffies: for destructive chewers
  • Very easy to clean

  • Waterproof

  • Optional soft covers

While some dogs will curl up and sleep soundly, others have somewhat destructive habits. Chewing and digging are two very common canine urges, particularly for puppies or stressed dogs - usually when the owner is absent. This can present a big problem when trying to find a bed that can withstand this abuse.

Fortunately, Tuffies have created the ideal solution with their incredibly durable ‘Really Tough Tuffie’, whose inner fabric can’t be ripped out and whose robust plastic surround can’t be grabbed by the side teeth. On top of this, every inch of the sturdy material is waterproof, so when it’s time for a clean all you have to do is hose it down and leave it outside to dry.

To really put this one through its paces, we decided to test this on a large and very energetic Labrador puppy, a breed known for destructive habits. As suspected, our tester did try to chew the bed, but to no avail. Just as advertised, the bed is seriously tough. But surprisingly comfortable too, with a supportive futon mattress hidden away underneath the waterproof cover.

It is undoubtedly pricey, but considering how much our Labrador’s owner has already splashed out on beds that were quickly destroyed, they think it’s worth it.


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6. Omlet Topology Dog Bed

From £80, Omlet

Best raised dog bed, 9/10

We like: The customisable look and firm, memory foam mattress

We don’t like: Slightly noisy bean-bag style topper (optional)

Omlet Topology Dog Bed best dog beds
Topology: customisable right down to the legs
  • Raised bed

  • Customisable

  • Available in 3 sizes

Topology beds are completely customisable, with a wide range of bases and toppers (from luxurious sheepskin to microfibre fleece). You can choose to have no legs, but we loved the look of the little wooden feet which gives it an armchair feel. There are a variety of other leg style.

Not only do the legs this make the bed very stylish, but are an aid to older dogs who struggle to get up and down: the slight elevation is better for dogs struggling with arthritis or other joint issues.

And as it turns out, it’s also attractive to dogs who have a penchant for nabbing your best chair. Our tester Jasper, a well-spoiled border terrier, was happy to give up his usual spot in lieu of his new Topology throne which had a sheepskin topper and an optional bolster.

Jasper’s owner found the Topology bed beautiful, thoughtfully designed and good value, considering what you get compared to similarly-priced dog beds.


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7. Earthbound Waterproof Flat Cushion Bed

From £40.99, My Pet Warehouse

Best washable dog bed, 8/10

We like: It’s heavy-duty, waterproof and light

We don’t like: It’s not eco-friendly

Earthbound Waterproof Flat Cushion Bed best dog bed 2023
Earthbound: low maintenance and machine washable
  • Machine washable

  • Maintains structure

  • Available in 2 sizes

If you’re looking for a sturdy, resilient dog bed that you can easily chuck in the car boot or use in the garden, this tough waterproof cushion is the one to go for. Unlike many other cushion beds, the filling is in three separate compartments to ensure the pillow maintains an even structure after washing. Usually the hollow fibre moves around inside, resulting in uneven support for your dog.

Since the cushion is made entirely from heavy-duty polyester, it can take a lot of scratching, gnawing, movement and mud. This was very appealing to the owner of our tester, Oscar the Staffie, who she describes as an ‘adventure dog’. They took the bed camping, onto the beach, into the garden and home again after a good rinse down. Of course, the bed isn’t immune to all filth, but both the removable cover and cushion are machine washable and designed to dry quickly.

Despite not being as luxurious as other dog beds, it provided plenty of comfort for Oscar the adventure dog and gave him loads of room to stretch out.


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My Pet Warehouse

8. Lords & Labradors Wooden Open Dog Crate

From £329.99, Lords & Labradors

Best dog bed for nervous dogs, 9/10

We like: It’s beautiful and functional, as well as being comforting for nervous dogs

We don’t like: It’s pricey and cushions are sold separately

Lords & Labradors Wooden Open Dog Crate best dog beds
Lords & Labradors: more than just a dog bed
  • Optional Drawer

  • Hand made from sustainably sourced FSC timber

  • Available in 3 sizes

This bed made the perfect, protective cave for brand new Romanian rescue dog Ginger, helping her feel safe and secure in a new environment. She was lucky enough to arrive (very nervous) to a selection of dog beds. While the others left her feeling exposed and frightened, this crate bed gave her a place to hide away until she felt ready to come out. There are other options available, too, which are even more enclosed and come with a sliding door, ideal for crate training.

Although expensive, you’re paying for a full piece of furniture here, not just a dog bed. This is perfect for smaller spaces, where the idea of having a dog bed taking up room is unappealing. With this, you’ve got the drawer and surface space on top, allowing the bed to fit seamlessly into your home and provide extra storage (which admittedly has ended up being used for dog toys, leads and treats).

This isn’t cheap material - it’s solid, wooden construction which arrives in five parts that easily screw together. There are a wiade range of cushions to choose from, all of which are waterproof underneath a removable fabric cover.


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Lords and Labradors

9. Cornish Beds Dog Day Bed

From £995, Cornish Beds

Best luxury dog bed, 9/10

We like: Custom made and utterly beautiful

We don’t like: It’s very heavy and very expensive

Cornish Beds Dog Day Bed best dog bed 2023
Cornish Beds: a handcrafted bed for a spoilt dog
  • Solid cast iron

  • Available in any colour

  • 11 bed designs

If you’re looking for the epitome of doggy luxury, look no further. This is a handcrafted, cast iron bed that is almost certainly more comfortable than many human beds. In fact, it’s made exactly the same as the company’s human-sized beds.

Other than the eyewatering price tag, it’s hard to fault this stunning product, with its hand-poured cast knuckle joints for solid construction, its brass detailing and all-natural upholstered base made from wood and coconut fibres. It’s really an heirloom. The dog and owner who got to test this one out couldn’t find fault, other than the fact that the mattress isn’t waterproof.

One fun aspect is that you can choose any colour for its powder coating paint finish. You can also order one of 11 designs that match their human bed range.

Despite the high price, unfortunately the mattresses are sold separately through the brand’s sister company, Naturalmat. These are not your ordinary mattresses of course, but organic, natural, sustainable mattresses handmade in Devon using the very finest non-toxic materials for extraordinarily pampered pooches.


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Cornish Beds

10. Wainwright’s Puppy Adventurer Self Warming Square Dog Bed

From £30, Pets At Home

Best dog bed for small dogs, 8/10

We like: The self-warming effect, for added comfort

We don’t like: It’s not very robust, so bad for chewers

Wainwright’s Puppy Adventurer Self Warming Square Dog Bed best dog bed
Wainwright's: with a self-warming mat
  • Reversible heat reflective lining

  • Super soft

  • Best for small dogs

An anxious dog needs somewhere they can feel held and warm. This self-warming dog bed provides a secure nest to help keep even the most nervous pup calm. The cushion has a layer of reflective material to retain body heat, along with a full fleece lining to make it super cosy.

It’s great for puppies (there’s actually a puppy-sized option, too) but beware, if your dog is a chewer this might not be the best choice. It isn’t the most robust of beds. We had it tested by a gorgeous little bulldog who really enjoyed slumping down in his new bed and moving it around the house with him. It’s very light and portable.

His owner also gave it the thumbs up for being totally machine washable and quick to dry, as well as being for how incredibly soft and squishy the fabric is. In the summer, you can flip the cushion to a cooler side without the heat-reflective layer.


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Pets At Home

Dog bed FAQs

Are orthopaedic dog beds worth buying?

Our expert, Rachel Bean, says yes, orthopaedic beds are well worth buying, “especially for older and arthritic dogs”. But what makes a mattress orthopaedic? It all comes down the material it’s made out of.

While regular mattresses are usually made of cotton or foam, orthopaedic dog mattresses are made using firm materials, such as latex. This helps hold the body weight evenly, rather than allowing areas to sag down and lead to a build up of pressure in a particular area - usually the neck, back and hips.

Memory foam mattresses are often passed off as orthopaedic since they mould to the shape of the body but, although more supportive than other materials, memory foam alone doesn’t tick all the orthopaedic boxes. In actual fact, the best orthopaedic mattresses are created using a combination of springs, memory foam, reflex foam and other fillings.

What type of bed is best for dogs?

As Bean says above, the first thing to consider is size. Dogs should be able to fully stretch out when they sleep, since lying curled up can cause back and joint issues down the line. If in doubt, size up.

Should I choose a hard or soft bed?

Dogs can sleep on a hard surface, but they prefer having somewhere cosy to lie down. However, too soft isn’t great for healthy joints, so try to find something that offers adequate support.

Are raised beds better for dogs?

Some dog beds are designed with feet, so they’re raised off the ground, and dogs do seem to prefer them. While not essential, there are a number of benefits to raised beds, including better temperature regulation, making the bed easier to get in and out of and preventing bugs, mould and damp under the bed.

How to clean dog beds

Most dog beds are machine washable but if not, vacuum first, then soak in warm, soapy water with some bicarbonate of soda (a mild alkali) or white wine vinegar (a mild acid) to remove pet odours. Then rinse thoroughly and drip-dry. Don’t use fabric conditioner or detergent, since these can irritate your dog’s skin and are harmful if ingested.