Australia v Fiji LIVE: Result and reaction from thrilling Rugby World Cup clash

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Fiji threw the outcome of Rugby World Cup Pool C wide open with a 22-15 win over Australia, in the first upset result of the tournament in France.

Fiji, who had lost narrowly to Wales in their opening game, are now in line for a spot in the knockout stages, leaving Australia needing to beat the Welsh and setting up the prospect of a nail-biting tussle to decide the top two places in the pool.

Simione Kuruvoli kicked four first-half penalties to give Fiji, better known for their running rugby, a 12-8 lead at the break and a Wallaby defensive error allowed Josua Tuisova to score a try early in the second half.

Fiji opened up a 22-8 lead with 12 minutes left before Suli Vunivalu reduced the deficit with a try for Australia, for whom Mark Nawaqanitawase also scored a first-half try, but Fiji held on for a first win over the Wallabies since 1954.

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Australia vs Fiji latest updates

  • Fiji beat Australia 22-15 with superb performance to keep their quarter-final hopes alive

  • The Wallabies lost to Fiji for the first time since 1954 and now face a crunch fixture against Wales.

  • FULL-TIME! Australia 15-22 Fiji

  • 68’ - TRY! Vunivalu squeezes over to narrow Australia’s deficit (AUS 15-22 FIJ)

  • 43’ - TRY! Tuisova pounces as Wallabies let a box kick bounce (AUS 8-19 FIJ)

  • 32’ - PENALTY! Kuruvoli kicks his fourth penalty of the game to extend Fiji’s lead (AUS 8-12 FIJ)

  • 23’ - TRY! Nawaqanitawase’s quick-thiking leads to first try (AUS 8-6 FIJ)

FULL-TIME! Australia 15-22 Fiji

18:50 , Luke Baker

Pool C is wide, wide open. Who do you fancy to get through now? Wales vs Australia next Sunday is absolutely huge.

FULL-TIME! Australia 15-22 Fiji

18:45 , Luke Baker

Wow! What a brilliant 80-minute display from all 23 men in the Fiji squad. They fully deserved that win - they controlled the game, dominated the breakdown with turnover after turnover and took their points through the exquisite kicking of Simione Kuruvoli.

Then, when they had the opportunity, snatch a try through Josua Tuisova and that ultimately proved enough.

A first win over Australia since 1954 and keeps their hopes of reaching the World Cup semi-finals very much alive

FULL-TIME! Australia 15-22 Fiji

18:42 , Luke Baker

Lomani misses the penalty but it’s hard enough to go dead. FIJI WIN!

What a performance!


Australia 15-22 Fiji, 80 mins

18:41 , Luke Baker

Oooh, interesting call. Fiji going for the posts to try and deny Australia a losing bonus point.

It’s on the 10-metre line, so if Lomani misses he has to make sure it goes dead so the Aussies can’t return it.

Australia 15-22 Fiji, 80 mins

18:40 , Luke Baker

HUGE HUGE SCRUM! Fiji splinter the Wallaby front row and win the penalty! Massive roars from the crowd.

Australia 15-22 Fiji, 80 mins

18:39 , Luke Baker

Knocked on! Australia will have a scrum as the clock ticks red. Last play and they need a converted try to draw.

Australia 15-22 Fiji, 79 mins

18:39 , Luke Baker

Australia deep in their own 22 so have to clear. Good kick towards halfway.

This time Fiji win the ball on their own throw! They set up the maul. 30 seconds to kill.

Australia 15-22 Fiji, 78 mins

18:38 , Luke Baker

Scrum is good this time. And Fiji on the attack!

Waisea Nayacalevu slips between defenders towards the 22, throws a pass out wide right to Vinaya Habosi and there’s green space in front of him but great scramble defence across by Australia to force him into touch.

Australia 15-22 Fiji, 78 mins

18:37 , Luke Baker

A scrum wheels but Andrew Brace determines it has gone straight up, so just a reset. Fijian put-in on halfway.

Australia 15-22 Fiji, 78 mins

18:36 , Luke Baker

Into the final couple of minutes... Fiji are agonisingly close to their first win over Australia since 1954. But there’s still work to be done.

Australia 15-22 Fiji, 76 mins

18:35 , Luke Baker

Finally Fiji win a lineout! And they maul into Australian territory but a loose pass sets them back 20 yards so they kick clear.

A spell of kick tennis but why aren’t Fiji calling mark when they catch the ball in the 22? Surely an opportunity to slow the game down?

Eventually Fiji come out on top as a Wallaby clearance goes out near halfway.

Australia 15-22 Fiji, 74 mins

18:33 , Luke Baker

This is turning into a rinse-repeat situation! Fiji lose their own lineout on halfway, Australia carry into Fijian territory and then turn the ball over. Cleared towards halfway again.

Australia 15-22 Fiji, 73 mins

18:32 , Luke Baker

TURNOVER! Once again, Australia get into the 22 and turn the ball over - incredible work at the breakdown by Semi Radradra this time as he jackals successfully for a penalty.

Fiji clear up to halfway and can build from there.

Australia 15-22 Fiji, 71 mins

18:30 , Luke Baker

Fiji’s lineout is wilting under the pressure. A fourth lineout turnover but the tap-back from the Wallabies goes into touch. Ikanivere has another go but another turnover!

Australia pinch it and come forward. Big carry by Rob Valetini with space on the right. They’re into the Fiji 22.

Australia 15-22 Fiji, 71 mins

18:29 , Luke Baker

This is where Test matches are won and lost. Who will keep their cool in crunch time?

TRY! Australia 15-22 Fiji (Suliasi Vunivalu, 68 mins)

18:27 , Luke Baker

Well, well, well. It’s not over yet! Suliasi Vunivalu squeezes through the gap for a try!

A decent lineout sets up good position and after a couple of phases, Vunivalu spots a gap at the base, picks up and squirts through it, stretching out for the try.

Donaldson makes no mistake with the conversion and the Wallabies are back within seven points as we head into the final 10 minutes.

Australia 8-22 Fiji, 68 mins

18:26 , Luke Baker

Samu Kerevi subbed off now. Eddie Jones looking ahead to future tests to come? There’s still plenty of time to get back intot his, to be fair.

As if to prove that, they win a jackal turnover as Lalakai Foketi gets over the ball and they’ll kick this penalty down to the corner. Foketi the man on for Kerevi incidentally.

A slow trudge off from Josua Tuisova who has put his body on the line today, Vilimoni Botitu on for him.

PENALTY! Australia 8-22 Fiji (Frank Lomani, 66 mins)

18:24 , Luke Baker

After the stoppage, it’s a Fiji penalty in front of the posts, outside the 22.

Frank Lomani steps up and this time he makes no mistake to extend the lead to 14 points. Fiji are starting to put this game out of reach...

Australia 8-19 Fiji, 65 mins

18:23 , Luke Baker

An immediate stop in play here as Jordan Uelese catches his head on the wrong side of Tevita Ikanivere and goes down in nasty fashion. Good work by Andrew Brace to stop the game. Thankfully Uelese is back on his feet but will obviously go off for a HIA.

Matt Philip on for Richie Arnold in the Wallaby second row

Australia 8-19 Fiji, 64 mins

18:20 , Luke Baker

Good maul defence by Fiji and then once again, a turnover at the breakdown! Tuisova makes immediate amends for his high tackle as he gets over the ball and wins the penalty!

Five penalties they’ve won on the ground now. It’s been really poor by Australia’s pack at the breakdown.

Australia 8-19 Fiji, 63 mins

18:18 , Luke Baker

The Fiji lineout isn’t functioning well though, a Tevita Ikanivere overthrow gives the ball immediately back to the men in gold.

Referee Andrew Brace then has a word with Tuisova about a high tackle. Another chance for the Wallabies in the opposition 22 though...

Australia 8-19 Fiji, 60 mins

18:16 , Luke Baker

Good scrum by the Wallabies - Fiji are punished for letting it wheel and Australia can kick up to the 22.

Ball secured at the lineout but yet again, it’s a Fiji turnover. Their breakdown work has been amazing. Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta gets over the ball and jackals it away. Superb!

Australia 8-19 Fiji, 58 mins

18:12 , Luke Baker

The Wallabies have lost a lot of experience and know-how with White and Slipper exiting proceedings.

They’ve got a decent platform to work off here though. It’s scrappy with the ball hitting the ground but going backwards. Marika Koroibete then makes a few yards.

BUT IT’S A TURNOVER! Great work five metres out by Tuisova to get over the ball and Fiji can clear. Superb breakdown work again.

Australia 8-19 Fiji, 56 mins

18:10 , Luke Baker

A couple of Australia changes as Issak Fines-Leleiwasa is on at scrum half for Nic White and James Slipper is off for Zane Nonggorr.

Fiji changed their entire front row a short while ago as well.

Australia 8-19 Fiji, 55 mins

18:09 , Luke Baker

The Wallabies finally with a bit of territory and they secure a lineout just outside the Fijian 22. The Fiji defence up quickly to limit the yards they can make though.

Then they counter-ruck and think they’ve secured a turnover but Semi Radradra knocks on as he tries to pick up the ball they’ve secured.

WATCH: Tuisova pounces as Wallabies watch the ball bounce

18:05 , Luke Baker

Here was Tuisova’s try that has put Fiji in control. Question marks surrounding the Australia defence.

Australia 8-19 Fiji, 51 mins

18:04 , Luke Baker

Ah, missed opportunity for Fiji! They surge forward and go wide to the left but Botia’s skip pass is just too far in front of Radradra.

He had space in front of him if it went to hand... Fiji piling the pressure on though.

MISSED PENALTY! Australia 8-19 Fiji, 49 mins

18:01 , Luke Baker

An immediate test for Frank Lomani’s kicking after replacing Kuruvoli... Uh oh. He drags the penalty wide of the left post. IT was eminently kickable, just outside the 22, although left of centre. Hmmm...

To be fair, we don’t know whether Kuruvoli was actually injured or just had cramp but if he could’ve stayed on and that was a tactical substitution, then Fiji may live to regret it.

Australia 8-19 Fiji, 46 mins

17:58 , Luke Baker

A big change for Fiji. Goal-kicker extraordinaire Simione Kuruvoli taken off to be replaced by Frank Lomani. I wonder if Kuruvoli limping after that bit of cramp has anything to do with it?

He’s kicked like a dream today, although Lomani is probably the more explosive scrum half in the open field. How will his kicking be?

Australia 8-19 Fiji, 45 mins

17:56 , Luke Baker

Kuruvoli now down with cramp - it’s not easy putting your team on your back to be fair... He looks ok to continue.

Australia haven’t had sustained possession for a while but are set up in the Fiji half here after a great lineout steal.

TRY! Australia 8-19 Fiji (Josua Tuisova, 43 mins)

17:52 , Luke Baker

Oh my word! Out of nowhere - Josua Tuisova scores!

Simione Kuruvoli sticks up a box kick and, inexplicably, Carter Gordon, Mark Nawaqanitawase and Nic White all let it bounce between them. Tuisova says thank you very much, scoops up the loose ball and races over down the left for the score!

Gordon probably should have been the one to take control as he was coming forward for it but Fiji don’t care. And then THAT IS BRILLIANT from Kuruvoli, as he nails the touchline conversion for a 19-8 lead! His kicking today has been exemplary.

Australia 8-12 Fiji, 42 mins

17:51 , Luke Baker

Ooof! No subtlety there from Levani Botia as he just runs straight at Jordan Petaia and Carter Gordon. Petaia in particular did well to wrap him up.

Bad news for Fiji though as winger Jiuta Wainiqolo gets his leg caught at the bottom of a tackle. He looks in pain and is forced to hobble off, with Vinaya Habosi on instead. Hopefully he’s ok

KICK-OFF! Australia 8-12 Fiji

17:49 , Luke Baker

Back underway. a huge 40 minutes upcoming.

HALF-TIME! Australia 8-12 Fiji

17:46 , Luke Baker

A physical, bruising first half

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
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(Getty Images)

HALF-TIME! Australia 8-12 Fiji

17:39 , Luke Baker

A couple of highlights from that compelling first half.

HALF-TIME! Australia 8-12 Fiji

17:34 , Luke Baker

Safely won and Australia kick into the stands for half-time.

What a compelling first half! Physical, as you would expect, but Fiji’s kicking for the tee has been exquisite through Simione Kuruvoli.

They lead 12-8 at the break, although the only try came for the Wallabies from the quick thinking of Mark Nawaqanitawase. What a second half we have in store.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Australia 8-12 Fiji, 39 mins

17:32 , Luke Baker

One last chance for Fiji before the break, with ball in the Australian half. Matavesi spins his way up to the 22.

Tela tries a kick through and it just goes into touch. One last defensive lineout for Australia to get to half-time.

Australia 8-12 Fiji, 38 mins

17:30 , Luke Baker

Again, the execution of the lineout isn’t there from Fijian hooker Samuel Matavesi and Nick Frost gets up to knock it back to the Australian side.

Carter Gordon hammers clear. Great lineout defence by the Wallabies. Botia then knocks on after another lineout move. Head in his hands, he looks distraught.

Will they regret turning down those three points?

Australia 8-12 Fiji, 37 mins

17:28 , Luke Baker

Lineout gets stolen by the Wallabies but they’re immediately pinged. This time Fiji turn down the points and kick to the corner!

Australia 8-12 Fiji, 35 mins

17:26 , Luke Baker

Good rush defence by Australia to force the Fijians back from halfway but a couple of penalties for offside undo the good work.

Teti Tela bangs a kick down into the Australian 22. This is a good platform for the Pacific Islanders

PENALTY! Australia 8-12 Fiji (Simione Kuruvoli, 32 mins)

17:24 , Luke Baker

No problem for Simione Kuruvoli! This is simply brilliant kicking - straight between the uprights and the lead is extended. This is almost an English gameplan rather than a Fijian one!

Australia 8-9 Fiji, 32 mins

17:23 , Luke Baker

Oh hello! A driving maul from Fiji from a lineout on halfway, it marches forward and Australia illegally prevent the ball coming back.

Kuruvoli will have another pump at the posts here but it’ll be his toughest kick yet - out on the left, on about the 10-metre line.

Australia 8-9 Fiji, 30 mins

17:21 , Luke Baker

The Wallabies with a sustained spell of pressure just outside the Fiji 22 but Botia with great work at the breakdown, Nawaqanitawase holds on to the ball and they can clear their lines.

Botia is world-class over the ball at the breakdown and showed his value there again.

WATCH: Mark Nawaqanitawase’s quick-thinking leads to opening try

17:20 , Luke Baker

Here’s that first try - the quick brain of Mark Nawaqanitawase paying dividends.

PENALTY! Australia 8-9 Fiji (Simione Kuruvoli, 27 mins)

17:19 , Luke Baker

A kicking masterclass from Simione Kuruvoli so far. From out on the right, he curls a penalty just inside the right upright. These are vital points.

Australia 8-6 Fiji, 27 mins

17:17 , Luke Baker

We’ve got a TMO check for a potential high tackle by Nic White. Replays show there is neck contact from the Wallaby scrum half but the carrier is being dragged down at the time, plenty of mitigation, so just a penalty.

Kuruvoli will go from the posts again out to the right.

Australia 8-6 Fiji, 26 mins

17:16 , Luke Baker

Here’s an idea of the physicality of the game so far

TRY! Australia 8-6 Fiji (Mark Nawaqanitawase, 23 mins)

17:13 , Luke Baker


After that knock-on in contact by Fiji, the loose ball went to Nic White who banged a 50:22 down into Fiji territory.

The Wallabies then race down, Mark Nawaqanitawase is alert enough to take the quick lineout to Samu Kerevi, he passes back to Nawaqanitawase and the winger dives over in the corner! Brilliant quick thinking.

Donaldson’s conversion attempt from the touchline is wide but Australia lead.

Australia 3-6 Fiji, 23 mins

17:12 , Luke Baker

Powerful carries in the tight from Fiji and Josua Tuisova then keeps his legs churning to make an extra 10 metres in Wallaby territory. Chants of “FIJI, FIJI” from the crowd but they knock on and turn the ball over.

PENALTY! Australia 3-6 Fiji (Simione Kuruvoli, 21 mins)

17:11 , Luke Baker

Really nice kick by Kuruvoli. Their kicking from the tee was a weakness against Wales but the No 9 (starting instead of Lomani) is steadying that ship.

Fair to say it’s not a strength of fly half Teti Tela.

Australia 3-3 Fiji, 20 mins

17:09 , Luke Baker

There’s still an element of these sides feeling each other out as we reach the midway point of this first half.

Samuel Matavesi and Levani Botia with powerful carries before a penalty at the breakdown. Kuruvoli will go for the posts from long range - 44 metres out, slightly left of the posts

Australia 3-3 Fiji, 18 mins

17:08 , Luke Baker

Fiji always happy to spread the ball wide, even from set-pieces deep in their own half. It makes for fantastic rugby to watch.

A spill on halfway gives Australia decent position but Nic White with a wry smile as his chip over the top just bounces out the side of the in-goal area. Millimetres away from that bouncing out on the other side of the corner post and being a lineout on their own line for Fiji.

Australia 3-3 Fiji, 16 mins

17:05 , Luke Baker

A couple of scrum resets but eventually Fiji win the ball and Radradra takes them into the Wallabies half as they spread the ball left.

BOOM! Great hit by Samu Kerevi on Radradra stops him in his tracks though and they win the penalty at the breakdown.

Rob Valetini then knocks on in contact though. Plenty of turnovers in the early going due to the physicality of the hits.

Australia 3-3 Fiji, 13 mins

17:02 , Luke Baker

BANG! Fiji prop Eroni Mawi lays a huge hit on Australia fly half Carter Gordon - no room down the blindside there, Carter...

The ball squirts free and gives Fiji a scrum on their own 22. Good defensive hit from Mawi.

PENALTY! Australia 3-3 Fiji (Simione Kuruvoli, 11 mins)

17:00 , Luke Baker

Fiji earn a penalty, fairly central, on about the ten-metre line. Without starting 10 Caleb Muntz, they have struggled from the tee but scrum half Simione Kuruvoli is the man on duty today and that’s a great start as he bangs it over.

Australia 3-0 Fiji, 10 mins

16:58 , Luke Baker

Mark Nawaqanitawase and Semi Radradra compete in the air for a high ball. Advantage Radradra as Nawaqanitawase knocks on. That’s a battle to watch.

A second scrum and Fiji solid on their own ball, although a wheel means a reset. Solid enough again and a Jiuta Wainiqolo takes them into Australian territory

Australia 3-0 Fiji, 7 mins

16:55 , Luke Baker

A patented one-handed carry from the captain Waisea Nayacalevu . The crowd stir when he gets up to speed.

Fiji attacking the wide areas and making some early ground but they’re pinged for a forward pass. on the ten-metre line. First scrum of the day upcoming.

Australia 3-0 Fiji, 5 mins

16:53 , Luke Baker

First bit of ball in hand for Fiji. They look to win collisions with their physicality and Australia are happy not to contest the rucks for the time being.

It’s a good defensive set and the ball is spilled after some overly-ambitious offloads. It squirts out for a Fiji lineout on halfway however.

PENALTY! Australia 3-0 Fiji (Ben Donaldson, 3 mins)

16:50 , Luke Baker

Good physicality in the early carries from Australia. A second high tackle from the Fijians and the Wallabies have a penalty bang in front of the posts.

Ben Donaldson takes his time lining it up but a simple kick and 3-0 to the Aussies. Perfect start from them

Australia 0-0 Fiji, 2 mins

16:49 , Luke Baker

Carter Gordon hit hard after taking a high ball - Fiji laying down a physical marker immediately. But they stray slightly high on a subsequent tackle and the Wallabies can kick into the 22 and build from the lineout

KICK-OFF! Australia 0-0 Fiji, 1 mins

16:47 , Luke Baker

I’m excited for this one - could be the game of the World Cup so far! So much on the line. Referee Andrew Brace gets us underway

Australia vs Fiji

16:44 , Luke Baker

A final bit of pre-match viewing. Australia coach Eddie Jones has been interviewed on ITV - some good stuff in there

Australia vs Fiji

16:40 , Luke Baker

The teams are out on the pitch. This should be an absolute belter of a match. Can Fiji keep their quarter-final hopes alive?

Fiji team news

16:37 , Luke Baker

Simon Raiwalui makes four changes after Fiji’s narrow defeat to Wales. There are changes on both wings as Selestino Ravutaumada and Vinaya Habosi miss out, with Jiuta Wainiqolo coming in on the right wing and Semi Radradra moving out of the midfield and onto the left,with Josua Tuisova replacing him at inside centre.

Elsewhere, Simione Kuruvoli is preferred to Frank Lomani at scrum-half, while Levani Botia replaces Albert Tuisue in the back row.

Fiji XV: 15-Ilaisa Droasese, 14-Jiuta Wainiqolo, 13-Waisea Nayacalevu (c), 12-Josua Tuisova, 11-Semi Radradra, 10-Teti Tela, 9-Simione Kuruvoli; 1-Eroni Mawi, 2-Samuel Matavesi, 3-Luke Tagi, 4-Isoa Nasilasila, 5-Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta, 6-Lekima Tagitagivalu, 7-Levani Botia, 8-Viliame Mata.

Replacements: 16-Tevita Ikanivere, 17-Peni Ravai, 18-Mesake Doge, 19-Temo Mayanavanua, 20-Albert Tuisue, 21-Frank Lomani, 22-Vilimoni Botitu, 23-Vinaya Habosi.

When is Australia vs Fiji and how can I watch it?

16:31 , Luke Baker

When is Australia vs Fiji?

Australia vs Fiji is due to kick off at 4:45pm BST on Sunday 17 September at the S Stade Geoffroy-Guichard in Saint-Etienne.

How can I watch it?

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch the match live on ITV1, with coverage on the channel from 4:15pm BST. Registered users can also stream the action via ITVX.

Is Australia vs Fiji on TV? Channel, start time and how to watch Rugby World Cup

16:25 , Luke Baker

Australia look to cement their position at the top of Pool C but they face a tricky encounter against Fiji.

Eddie Jones’s side ended their five-game losing streak in convincing fashion as they beat Georgia 35-15 on the opening weekend of the Rugby World Cup. Jones is in his second stint managing the Wallabies and will be keen to build on that opening-weekend momentum against the Pacific Islanders who they are unbeaten against since 1954.

Fiji, however, will provide a stern test as they look to bounce back from their heartbreaking 32-26 defeat to Wales in Bordeaux last weekend and keep their hopes of reaching the quarter-finals alive.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Australia vs Fiji on TV? Channel, start time and how to watch Rugby World Cup

Australia team news - captain Will Skelton ruled out with a calf injury

16:17 , Luke Baker

Australia captain Will Skelton has been withdrawn from today’s crunch World Cup clash against Fiji with a calf strain after failing to prove his fitness.

Hooker Dave Porecki will lead the Wallabies in the Pool C match in his absence, while Richie Arnold will take his place in the second row and Matt Philip comes in as cover for the locks on the bench.

Skelton’s injury is a second blow for Australia this week as they prepare for a match at Stade Geoffroy-Guichard which could all but earn them a place in the quarter-finals. Tighthead prop Taniela “Tongan Thor” Tupou will miss the match after sustaining a hamstring strain also described as minor by team officials.

Team: 15-Ben Donaldson, 14-Mark Nawaqanitawase, 13-Jordan Petaia, 12-Samu Kerevi, 11-Marika Koroibete, 10-Carter Gordon, 9-Nic White, 8-Rob Valetini, 7-Fraser McReight, 6-Tom Hooper, 5-Richie Arnold, 4-Nick Frost, 3-James Slipper, 2-David Porecki (captain), 1-Angus Bell

Replacements: 16-Jordan Uelese, 17-Blake Schoupp, 18-Zane Nonggorr, 19-Matt Philip, 20-Rob Leota, 21-Issak Fines-Leleiwasa, 22-Lalakai Foketi, 23-Suliasi Vunivalu

Australia vs Fiji

16:04 , Luke Baker

Ok, with that huge South Africa win in the books, we’ll be turning our attention to Australia vs Fiji very shortly. It’s arguably the biggest game of the weekend with serious implications in the race for the quarter-final places in Pool C.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

South Africa 76-0 Romania

16:02 , Luke Baker

Here was one of Makazole Mapimpi’s three tries today. A superb performance from the flying winger

FULL-TIME! South Africa 76-0 Romania

15:49 , Luke Baker

And that’s it! All over in Bordeaux as South Africa do exactly what’s expected of them - they thump Romania 76-0, very impressive.

Reinach and Mapimpi with hat-tricks and they now turn attention towards Ireland. A huge game

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

South Africa 76-0 Romania, 80 mins

15:48 , Luke Baker

Makazole Mapimpi named player of the match. He’s scored a hat-trick, so it’s fair enough, but Kwagga Smith deserves a serious nod for his breakdown work and turnover count.

Scrum in midfield, free-kick to South Africa as the clock turns red. We’re gonna reset with a Springbok put-in this time. Final knockings.

South Africa 76-0 Romania, 78 mins

15:46 , Luke Baker

Some, frankly ineffectual, phases and the Oaks then knock on in contact. Probably a fitting summary of their day - they’ve been outclassed here, completely understandably I hasten to add.

South Africa 76-0 Romania, 77 mins

15:45 , Luke Baker

Into the final couple of minutes. Romania have a lineout on the 22. Can they get anything from their day?

TRY! South Africa 76-0 Romania (Willie le Roux, 74 mins)

15:44 , Luke Baker

And another! Willie le Roux has his first World Cup try. Remarkable really, given what a great player he’s been and that he’s at his third tournament.

The Springboks have played an expansive game in this second half, they go from left to right, Le Roux has Mapimpi outside him but slides through a gap himself and runs over the line. De Klerk’s conversion hits the post

South Africa 71-0 Romania, 72 mins

15:40 , Luke Baker

Desperate scramble defence from Romania. Steven Kitshoff lowers his shoulder and smashes defenders out of the way down the right flank, rumbling forward.

He’s eventually hauled down metres from the line, Hendrikse picks and goes for the corner but two defenders just drag him out short of the line.

South Africa 71-0 Romania, 70 mins

15:39 , Luke Baker

Another Romania attack ends with a penalty. 17 penalties conceded this match by the Oaks - there’s been no cohesion from them.

Van Staden, who hasn’t played hooker since his school days, faced with a lineout but it’s nicely executed. Won easily by the Springboks.

TRY! South Africa 71-0 Romania (Makazole Mapimpi, 67 mins)

15:37 , Luke Baker

And now a hat-trick for Makazole Mapimpi. A lineout just inside the Romania half drives forward to give front-foot ball.

It’s then spread out to the left, Le Roux perfectly times his pass to Mapimpi to stretch his legs and go over in the corner.

Nice conversion by De Klerk from out wide. 70 points up and going at more than a point per minute as we enter the final 10.

TRY! South Africa 64-0 Romania (Makazole Mapimpi, 63 mins)

15:33 , Luke Baker

Two tries in as many minutes for the Boks. They go from their own 22 to a try in a matter of seconds.

Good awareness by De Klerk on a turnover, the ball is spread along the line out to Makazole Mapimpi on the left wing, he bursts into space, steps the defender and then races away for the try.

Too easy really but pure gas from Mapimpi - a winger in full flight is a great sight. His eighth World Cup try in seven matches.

TRY! South Africa 59-0 Romania (Grant Williams, 62 mins)

15:31 , Luke Baker

Another attacking scrum and another try for South Africa.

The scrum steadily marches forward, the ball is flipped to Faf de Klerk in the 10 channel by Hendrikse, he pops it back inside to an onrushing Grant Williams who has run a great line and bursts across the whitewash. Lovely first-phase move.

De Klerk now on kicking duty and he adds the extras

South Africa 52-0 Romania, 60 mins

15:27 , Luke Baker

South Africa showing more innovation as Marco van Staden, wearing No 6 on his back and having played the first hour in the back row, steps up to hooker at this scrum.

Thinking outside the box to solve their hooker woes. The first scrum is solid and the Boks are well into the 22.

South Africa 52-0 Romania, 59 mins

15:24 , Luke Baker

Romania captain Cristi Chirica makes a few metres on an overlap down the left flank to take the Oaks into opposition territory.

For the first time, they’re making inroads as Damian Stratila keeps his legs turning to reach the 22 but again, the green wall steps up. Kwagga Smith over the top and steals the ball at the breakdown for maybe the third or fourth time this match - he’s been brilliant today.

The Springboks probably should score on the counter as they stream forward but Moodie goes outside rather than in towards his support and Le Roux then forward passes.

TRY! South Africa 52-0 Romania (Grant Williams, 55 mins)

15:20 , Luke Baker

Wow! The pace and class of Grant Williams on full display for try number eight!

A lovely scissors move as Williams runs a hard line to the outside, he skips past Nicolas Onutu and accelerates away from everyone else for the try. Conversion added and the Boks are past 50 points.

PENALTY TRY! South Africa 45-0 Romania, 53 mins

15:18 , Luke Baker

Still a scrum to South Africa though as they had advantage coming and it leads to a penalty try!

The Springboks pack march the scrum towards the line, the Oaks are pinged as it collapses and it would’ve have been a try so Matthieu Raynal raises his arm and runs under the posts. Try number seven in the books

NO TRY! South Africa 38-0 Romania, 52 mins

15:16 , Luke Baker

South Africa on the attack once more. Calmly going through the phases and eating up ground in the 22.

And then Damian Willemse goes over! Gorgeous step off his left foot to slide between defenders and touch down!

TMO check though. Did Canan Moodie block off defenders? Yes he did, show the replays so it’s chalked off. Willemse denied his second try of the game

South Africa 38-0 Romania, 49 mins

15:11 , Luke Baker

Adrian Motoc cleanly takes the lineout and they maul for a couple of metres before being stopped. Now time to go through the phases.

They keep it tight with the forwards but Andre Gorin penalised for sealing off the ball by going off his feet and South Africa win the penalty. Boos from the crowd.

South Africa 38-0 Romania, 48 mins

15:10 , Luke Baker

Romania’s lineout have been devastatingly poor this afternoon. This one isn’t straight and turns the ball over in a good position.

The scrum does better though! They win the scrum penalty and then kick to the corner. A five-metre lineout, can they get this one right and score their first points? The crowd roar them on.

South Africa 38-0 Romania, 46 mins

15:09 , Luke Baker

Romania get a bit of ball in Boks territory and Iulian Hartig powers into contact. But a couple of phases later, they turn the ball over trying to offload.

Willemse’s attempted flick then doesn’t find Williams and bounces into touch.

Hat-trick hero Cobus Reinach comes off, with Jaden Hendrikse on at scrum half.

TRY! South Africa 38-0 Romania (Deon Fourie, 43 mins)

15:07 , Luke Baker

The Boks immediately down into Romania territory and it’s a five-metre lineout. Same result as the first half, the inexorable driving maul rumbles towards the line and this time it’s Deon Fourie to touch down.

Fourie immediately picking up this hooker lark! The 37-year-old, who was 35 when he made his international debut, finds Snyman at the lineout and then directs the maul over the line where he can flop down on the ball.

Willemse misses his first conversion since the opening try as he pushes it wide of the right upright.

South Africa 33-0 Romania, 42 mins

15:05 , Luke Baker

A couple of half-time changes for the Springboks as Deon Fourie and RG Snyman come on. Fourie playing hooker for the first time in years as South Africa protect Bongi Mbonambi - their only specialist hooker left after the injury to Malcolm Marx. Snyman playing his normal position of lock

KICK-OFF! South Africa 33-0 Romania

15:03 , Luke Baker

Second half underway in Bordeaux and I’m pleased to say the rain has stopped

HALF-TIME! South Africa 33-0 Romania

14:56 , Luke Baker

So far, so straightforward for South Africa.

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HALF-TIME! South Africa 33-0 Romania

14:49 , Luke Baker

And that’s half-time. Pretty much a perfect half for the Springboks who have dominated and blown Romania away with five tries.

The game is over as a contest - what positional experiments will Jacques Nienaber and Rassie Erasmus try in the second half?


South Africa 33-0 Romania, 39 mins

14:48 , Luke Baker

I don’t have any real desire to sit here and talk about refereeing decisions but Jean Kleyn can consider himself very lucky the TMO didn’t take another look at that tackle. It looks high, shoulder makes contact with the head and the ball carrier didn’t appear to be falling... He could’ve been in real trouble.

Anyway, it’s just started to absolutely pelt it down. Biblical levels of rain which will make handling interesting...

South Africa 33-0 Romania, 37 mins

14:46 , Luke Baker

Things getting a shade untidy from the Springboks, becoming a bit loose in possession.

A high tackle from Jean Kleyn then penalised (although the TMO doesn’t take a look despite it being a shoulder to the head...) and the Oaks kick to the corner.

This is their best chance to score and they secure the lineout but the Springboks win the penalty as Kwagga Smith gets over the ball and Adrian Motoc is turned over.

South Africa 33-0 Romania, 35 mins

14:42 , Luke Baker

It’s not often that Grant Williams loses a foot-race but on this occasion, the ball just wins as Willemse’s grubber through that the winger/scrum half chases, just bounces dead.

Cursing the small in-goal areas here in Bordeaux, I’m sure.

South Africa 33-0 Romania, 34 mins

14:41 , Luke Baker

Another Romania lineout stolen - it’s fallen to pieces here. But when they get the ball back on their own 22, centre Taylor Gontineac makes a break from the base of a ruck and makes 25 metres.

The Springboks scramble back to cover though.

South Africa 33-0 Romania, 32 mins

14:39 , Luke Baker

Good defence by the Springboks, driving ball-carriers backwards at the collision. Eventually, the ball is knocked loose, the Oaks are pinged at the breakdown and Willemse boots miles clear.

Solid defensive set, that

South Africa 33-0 Romania, 29 mins

14:37 , Luke Baker

Oooh, a rare Le Roux error as he fumbles a fairly aimless Simionescu kick. It has started to rain in Bordeaux, so the ball may be getting slippy.

The Oaks have a scrum on the Boks 22. Can they get on the scoreboard here?

South Africa 33-0 Romania, 28 mins

14:35 , Luke Baker

A couple of scrum resets but it ends with the Springboks having controlled the set-piece and having an attacking base to build from.

Great clearance kick by Marius Simionescu though, when Willemse probes with a grubber through.

TRY! South Africa 33-0 Romania (Cobus Reinach, 24 mins)

14:31 , Luke Baker

And Cobus Reinach does complete his hat-trick. The scrum absolutely pulverises the Romanian pack and the scrum half picks up at the back and dives over the line.

Easy peasy. Reinach does what he did against Canada in Kobe four years ago, albeit a few minutes slower this time.

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