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NAT131 – (Ont-UofT-Encampment)
TORONTO. x–18s. The University of Toronto has issued a trespass notice to those participating in a pro-Palestinian encampment that has been set up on campus for weeks, vowing to take all necessary legal steps if the protestors don’t clear out by Monday morning. The notice comes after the university made an offer to the protestors yesterday — with a 24-hour deadline — aimed at ending the protest. Encampment spokesperson Erin Mackey says university administrators have agreed to meet on Sunday at 5 p-m for continued negotiations.
(“..demand divestment.”) (SOURCE:The Canadian Press)

TAG: The encampment was set up on May 2nd to call on the university to cut its ties with Israel, divest from companies profiting from Israel’s offensive in Gaza, and terminate partnerships with the country’s academic institutions deemed complicit in the war.

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