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NAT125 – (Hydrogen-BC)
NORTH VANCOUVER. x–24s. A North Vancouver hydrogen company is getting a 337-million-dollar loan from the Canadian Infrastructure Bank for a plan to build a network of hydrogen fueling stations in B.C., and federal Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson says the plan is part of Canada’s path toward a net zero future. Wilkinson says investing in clean hydrogen projects is one of the economic opportunities presented by climate change, and North Vancouver’s H-TEC is getting the money to develop an interprovincial network of fueling stations. Wilkinson says it’s a critical time to invest in projects to curb emissions from the transportation sector to fight climate change.
(“..climate change.”) (SOURCE:The Canadian Press)

TAG: Wilkinson, along with Premier David Eby and others were in North Vancouver today at H-TEC’s hydrogen facility for the announcement of the company’s plan to build up to 20 hydrogen refueling stations in B-C and Alberta.

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