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NAT124 – (US-Election-2024-Haley)
WASHINGTON. x–17s. Former U-S Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley says this November, she’ll be voting for her ex-boss and opponent, former American president Donald Trump. The one-time U-N Ambassador under Trump built a campaign around wooing independents, moderates and anti-Trump Republicans. Speaking before the conservative think-tank the Hudson Institute, Haley criticized U-S President Joe Biden’s handling of Israel, Ukraine, the border, the economy and more, saying that’s why she’s backing Trump
(“..with him.”) (SOURCE:ABC)

TAG: Haley shuttered her own bid for the Republican nomination two months ago but didn’t immediately endorse Trump, having accused him of causing chaos and disregarding the importance of U.S. alliances abroad. She also questioned whether Trump, 77, was too old to be president again.

The Canadian Press broadcast team, ABC