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NAT124 – (Hydrogen-BC)
NORTH VANCOUVER. x–23s. A North Vancouver hydrogen firm is getting a massive cash injection to build a network of fueling stations, and Premier David Eby (EE’-bee) says it’s crucial to invest in clean tech to fight climate change. Eby says a 337-million-dollar loan to North Vancouver’s H-TEC from the Canadian Infrastructure Bank will help create a network of fueling stations to support the transportation sector. Eby says B-C is on the forefront of climate change, and it would be a mistake not to seize opportunities to invest in clean technologies.
(“..of hydrogen firms.”) (SOURCE:The Canadian Press)

TAG: Eby was joined by federal Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson and others for the announcement in North Vancouver today, which will see the construction of 20 hydrogen fueling stations, 18 of which will be in B-C.

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