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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. x–14s. Bill Walton, who starred for John Wooden’s U-C-L-A Bruins before becoming a Hall of Fame centre for his N-B-A career and one of the biggest stars in basketball broadcasting has died. He had a prolonged fight with cancer and was 71. In a May 1993 Associated Press interview Walton said getting into the Hall of Fame was the highlight of his career.
(“..playing more.”) (SOURCE:The Associated Press)

TAG: He was the N-B-A’s M-V-P in the 1977-78 season, a two-time champion and a member of the league’s 50th anniversary and 75th anniversary teams. That followed a college career in which he was a two-time champion at U-C-L-A and a three-time national player of the year.

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