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NAT096 – (Ont-Grassy-Narrows)
TORONTO. x–10s. A new study suggests industrial discharge from a paper mill in northern Ontario is making mercury contamination worse in a river system along a First Nation that’s been plagued with mercury poisoning for decades. Researchers from the University of Western Ontario say while the wastewater from the Dryden, Ontario mill doesn’t contain mercury, the sulphate and organic matter in it contribute to the elevated production of methylmercury in the Wabigoon River. Researcher Brian Branfireun (bran-fah-ROON’) says the mill’s operations are delaying the recovery of the system and its fish.
(“..still high.”) (SOURCE:The Canadian Press)

TAG: The mill is upstream of the Grassy Narrows First Nation, a community of fewer than one-thousand people near Ontario’s border with Manitoba.

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